Aimin Singapore began its humble operations in December 2001. Due to the overwhelming response of the public, we have expanded our operations to include new centres in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (March 2003) and Bangkok, Thailand (June 2003). The second centre in Singapore opened in May 2003.

Using the unique "Shi" weight-loss acupuncture technique originating from Tianjin Aimin Fat Reduction Hospital in China, we are able to help our customers bring down their weight and ultimately, attain a healthy life. During the treatment process, we are also able to help them overcome weight-related illnesses and conditions such as hypertension, high blood sugar, gout, sleep apnea etc. which are commonly found in people who are overweight.

A new classification developed by the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) states that Asian individuals with BMI of 23 and above as overweight and over 25 as obese. As such, the number of overweight Asians has risen to a new level; largely due to sedentary lifestyles, over-indulgence in food, stress and alcohol consumption.

As people are becoming more conscious about their health and physical appearance, Aimin provides the opportunity to help anyone who wants to make health maintenance a priority in life. Our professional consultants will guide every one of our customers step by step throughout the treatment. Also, our qualified physicians and acupuncturists will use our signature acupuncture technique to perform the treatment for them. Every member at Aimin plays a role in helping one achieve weight loss.

Ultimately, with our proven track record, we have confidence in helping one achieve better health through our weight-management program. Upon attaining good health can one then feel beautiful and good, both inside and outside.

At Aimin, our motto is to help one achieve better health through weight management. Our treatment focuses on healthy and gradual weight loss.

Here we strive not only to help one lose excess body fat, we also advocate the importance of healthy living through changes in dietary habits and the involvement in regular exercises.

What acupuncture does in the weight-loss process:
Increases the metabolic rate
Helps burn excess fat effectively
Regulates the endocrine system (hormones)
Improves obesity-related illnesses
Suppresses appetite

The Principle of Weight Reduction by Acupuncture

Obesity is mainly caused by the intake of food which is converted into energy being greater than the actual energy required by the body. Through acupuncture treatment, the nerve and hormone functions are regulated. On one hand, acupuncture can reduce food intake by suppressing the customer’s appetite, and decrease the stomach’s digestion and absorption of nutrients into the body; on the other hand, acupuncture increases the metabolism of fat which becomes energy for body’s consumption. By meeting the above, we can have an effective weight reduction.

Acupuncture regulates the customer’s nervous and endocrine systems in order to decrease energy intake and increase energy consumption.

Recent researches have shown:

The functions of the sympathetic nerves in decreasing the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and its secretions are stimulated through acupuncture. The functions of the parasympathetic nerve in promoting peristalsis in the gastrointestinal tract and its secretions are reduced. This proves that the problem of excess activity in the digestive tract can be reduced, thus energy intake is also reduced.

Through the influence of some active medium by acupuncture, we can increase the breakdown of fat which oxidize and becomes ATP (energy). People doubt the effect of acupuncture on breaking down of fat because they cannot see, touch, and feel the process. However, over a period of time, the effectiveness of acupuncture is obvious. Our customers during the weight loss phase do not suffer low blood glucose, lethargy, dizziness, or excess perspiration. This shows that the fat in the body is constantly breaking down, releasing energy, in order to meet the energy demand of the body. The above matches the WHO's requirement in healthy weight reduction without lethargy, diarrhea, or anorexia.

There are two phases to Our Treatment Program.

Weight-Loss phase
This is the first phase of the program where one loses weight gradually. In combination with acupuncture treatment, one needs to adhere to a diet plan which is customized according to individual’s health condition and body needs. Exercise should also be incorporated at this time to achieve maximum results from the treatment. Ear acupuncture is also applied at this time. It involves the application of herbal seeds plastered on the ear to stimulate acupoints which assist in weight-loss.

The diet is designed to provide sufficient nutrients for normal daily functioning. One is advised to stay away from high sugar, certain foods which contain high or bad carbohydrates, bad fats, and high sodium content foods. This diet is to be adhered to only during the weight-loss phase. We advocate light exercises which one could do even at home.

Stabilization phase
Upon attaining one’s ideal or targeted weight level, one proceeds to the next phase of the treatment – stabilization phase.

One still goes through acupuncture treatment at this phase. However, one will start reintroducing whatever one has cut off from one’s diet during the weight-loss phase. Stabilization ensures that one’s weight remains at the new level without regaining the lost weight, whilst reverting to normal diet.

Treatment Course

We offer one initial standard course of 30 sessions. First 3 visits are to be done in consecutive days (with maximum of 1 day lapse). Following visits are once every 2-3 days i.e. twice a week. The course of 30 sessions should be completed in about 4 months. Each session lasts 30 minutes.

Ladies should avoid treatment during their menstrual period.

The amount of weight loss in each course of treatment varies across individuals, due to difference in body systems.

Comments from our customers

“Acupuncture treatment has helped improve my health, including blood pressure and blood glucose. I feel much more energetic now than before.”
GAHNI, 43 years, Admin Exec

“The staffs are friendly, approachable, caring & attentive. I enjoy my treatment sessions. Through the treatment, I have learnt about health and proper nutrition. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the results.”
WING KWONG, 25 years, Student

“I had tried many slimming pills and diet but all of these were not as effective as Aimin Acupuncture. I lost 10kg in a month. The staffs there are friendly and I have learnt a lot of things there such as how to control my diet etc.”
KOK WEI, 19 years, Student

“Aimin’s program has a reasonable diet that isn’t too difficult and with the treatment gets fast and effective results. The attention and care from their specialists is well worth the money.”
EVAN ROBERTS, 34 years, Sound Designer & Composer

“The very first time I stepped into Aimin, with the professionalism shown from the consultants and doctors, I believed this treatment will work for me. I felt amazed as I managed to lose 900g on my first treatment, and this motivates me further. I used to be afraid of taking overhead bridge as my heart will beat very fast. I used to have digestive problems and feeling lazy. But now, after losing 11.4kg (in 2 months), I have no problem taking overhead bridge, my digestive system improves tremendously and I’m very active now. I really feel good.”
VANESSA DOAN BICH VAN, 32 years, Psychology Student

“Aimin has helped me regain my confidence and vitality through its comprehensive acupuncture programme.”
SHUNG BOON, 25 years, Civil Servant

“I joined Aimin when I was 104kg and I was on medication for blood complication. At present I am 80kg and I feel great. I have been taken off all my medication. I have also dropped from size 22 to size 16 in clothes. I have tried several different type of slimming courses and this is the only one that has really worked for me.”
PAULINE HAMID, 57 years, Housewife

Age: 21 years old
Country of residence: China, Harbin
Date of commencement of treatment: 17 June 2000

I was 1.79m tall and weighed 265kg when I was first admitted to hospital. Because of my weight, I was often teased at school such that I stopped attending classes altogether. Coming from a poor family, I could not afford to go to any commercial slimming centres to lose weight.

When I found out about Aimin in Tianjin, China, I made a phone call to the hospital to ask for help. The hospital then sent a doctor over to Harbin to analyze my situation. Taking pity of my situation, the hospital decided to fully sponsor my treatment and re-located my parents and I to Tianjin. The hospital even took care of our living expenses whilst we were in Tianjin.

On my first day of treatment, after going through a medical examination, the hospital found out that apart from being severely obese, I was also suffering from heart disease, acanthosis nigricans (hyperpigmentated, warty lesions of the axillae and perianal body folds), erysipelas (infectious skin disease characterized by redness, swelling etc.) and fatty liver.

Following 30 days of treatment, my weight reduced to 216.8kg.

On 24 September 2000, I was awarded in Shanghai the Guinness Record for having lost the most amount of weight in the shortest span of time. To date, I lost a total of 80kg in 100 days.

On 3 April 2001, I weighed 128.9kg. On top of that, the medical conditions that I had showed signs of improvement.

On my 1st anniversary since being admitted to hospital, I weighed 105kg.

By 30 September 2001, I was officially discharged from hospital having then weighed 90kg. Also, I have either fully recovered from all the medical conditions which I suffered from, or all signs and symptoms were now indicating normal levels.

To date, my weight still maintains at the 90kg level. During the treatment, I have learned the importance of watching how much and what I ate and doing exercise. I believe the reason why I am able to now still maintain at this weight level is because I am able to watch what I eat and exercise regularly.

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Fax: +65 6346-5106
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