Naturopath is an orally ingested product for beauty and health. Almond pollen fish (APF) protein is 100% extracted from natural health products. It utilises top-grade fish protein from the USA combined with selected rare Chinese herbs. It minimises skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays and reduces wrinkles.

APF protein provides the skin with sufficient nutrients and promotes beauty by working on the fundamentals of beauty, to bring about beauty from inside out, rejuvenating the skin, reducing wrinkles, increasing the skin luster and maintaining youth and vitality. It’s also an anti-oxidant (to fight against free radical).

The Physiology Of Naturopath Almond-Pollen Fish (APF) Protein capsule:Beauty And Health Enhancement Cycle

Naturopath APF Protein capsule –
We Are Diferent From Others

1. APF Protein combines the traditional with modern medical sciences. Our product beautifies from the interior to the exterior of the person. Health and Beauty is treated by treating the root cause.

2. This capsule is easily taken orally. It is good for blood circulation and the organs. It supplies sufficient nutrients to the skin, and prevents aging. Its dual function is beautifying your skin and enhancing your health. It improves body resistance.

3. It is good for all age groups and gender. Rough skin corns and pigmentation in men and women can be treated with APF Protein. Can use this as a daily health and beauty product.

4. All ingredients are natural. It has no known side effects.

Results after taking APF Protein

First Stage (After 15 days)If faithfully taken, you will notice that facial wrinkles, lines around the eyes and freckles becomes lighter and less obvious.

Second Stage (After One Month)You will discover the following changes. The first stage is enhanced. Skin becomes more radiant, supple and fairer. Elasticity has returned to your skin. Skin is no longer dry or does not crack easily. Your skin is more resilient. You will be able to sleep better. General constitution improves, and blood circulation is better.

Third Stage (After taking for 3 months)
Skin becomes more radiant, supple and shinier. Your skin feels tight, firm and toned. Your complexion is more youthful and rosy. The spots and pigmentation are less noticeable. Generally, you feel more energetic, positive and fresh. Your skin will radiate natural beauty.

Final Stage (Long term usage)Consolidation of a healthy body and look, hence permanent 'beauty' radiating from within the body.


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