An herbal remedy for hemorrhoids makes all the sense in the world.

Hemorrhoids are a very stabbing condition that inflates the veins of the anus and rectum. I wish I had an herbal remedy for hemorrhoids when I had an itching, intense burning pain and bleeding.

It is also necessary to address the consideration of the occupational disease. No sense taking any herbal remedy for hemorrhoids if you are not going to pursue the causes of this disease as well.

The most detrimental cases for the disease are constipation and straining when you defecate. A poor intake of dietary fiber is often a major culprit that increases the risk of development of hemorrhoids. Some rampant factors that can contribute to hemorrhoids involve sitting or standing for extended times, lifting huge objects, dehydration, obesity and lack of exercise.

Isn't it interesting that no animal other than human beings has ever be known to exhibit hemorrhoids. This can be seen as a major indication that something is misguided with our diets and improving the diet can relieve this condition dramatically, however an herbal remedy for hemorrhoids can often provide immediate relief as well as being effective for the long term treatment of this very stabbing occurrence.

An herbal remedy for hemorrhoids can relieve the pain fast... Whether taken internally or applied externally.

An Herbal remedy for hemorrhoids list..

Aloe Vera gel - the fresh pulp can be applied directly on the anus to provide pain relief and alleviate any burning sensations.

This herbal remedy for hemorrhoids has been used throughout history. Butcher's Broom - Has treated hemorrhoids and varicose veins. When looking for preparations of Butcher's Broom, try to find those that include a small number of 9-11% of ruscogenin content, which is the active ingredient. 100 mg should be taken three times daily.

Pilewort - Piles are another name for hemorrhoids and this herb was named for its capability for this ailment. It sends a message to the blood vessels and curtails the bleeding. Pilewort may be taken internally as a tea or alcohol-based tincture and it can also be applied externally as an ointment. This herbal remedy for hemorrhoids has worked wonders.

Pine Bark and Grape Seed - these plant extracts have proanthocyanins and anthocyanins which are substances that improve the structural integrity of the veins and in fact the entire circulatory system. It is also possible to obtain these extracts by increasing consumption of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and cherries.

Witch hazel - this herb aid in stopping the bleeding and inflation associated with hemorrhoids. It is applied externally as an ointment, or the liquid can be applied openly to the area with a sterile cotton pad. Use three times daily until relief is present.

Fiber - a low fiber diet increases the risk of straining during bowel movements and increasing fiber intake may actually be a very competent simple measure that can improve hemorrhoids. Increasing fruit and vegetable intake is a must, however there are also a wide variety of fiber supplements available, such as those containing Psyllium husk or Slippery Elm Bark that can soften the stools and reduce straining.

It is very important to ensure that water intake is increased when taking fiber supplements.

An herbal remedy for hemorrhoids can greatly assist in reducing the problem. However in very dangerous cases surgical treatment may be necessary. In such instances the herbal remedy for hemorrhoids can be used post operatively as a safety precaution.

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