Now that the public are becoming more interested in enhancing their physical features through cosmetic surgery, more doctors and even non doctors do and offer cosmetic services to unsuspecting clients. Deciding to have a particular cosmetic procedure done is a major decision but choosing the right surgeon is the most important decision you have to make. We encourage you to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon. Since any licensed physicians perform cosmetic surgery in the Philippines without legal impediment. Cosmetic surgery is very fulfilling for both the patient and Plastic Surgeon when it is done in a manner that is safe, sound, and realistic.

Give time and effort to know your doctor抯 academic and training profile. Your surgeon must be able to provide you information of his formal training in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. At present, there are still quite a number of cosmetic surgery procedures that are being performed by non-qualified doctors (physician without adequate formal training in Plastic Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery). It takes six to eight years of formal training after medical school to produce a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.

With the objective of enhancing your physical appearance, the quality and final outcome of the procedure must be your main priority. Do not scout for the least expensive or the cheapest doctor. Don抰 be swayed by marketing hype of some surgeons. Ask your friends and the previous patients about his quality of care. Be skeptical about drugs or prosthetics that are the less expensive or the so called cheaper versions. Take the quality of the drug or material into consideration more than its cost. And lastly make sure that their cosmetic center or clinic is equipped and certified. Needless to say, there are cosmetic operations that are safer when performed in the hospital. Your surgeon must be knowledgeable as to which procedure should be performed at the Out Patient Clinic and procedures that require hospital admission.

To ensure the best results for the surgery you are considering, choose an authentic Cosmetic/Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon with the proper training and experience that is essential for the success of your surgery.

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Dr Peregrino R Lorenzo VII 
Plastic Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Certified and fully trained Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, with 6 years of formal training in the field of Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Burn Plastic Surgery.

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