Aromatic House started its first establishment in early 1998, thereafter, through the years it expanded to reach a total of three outlets. These outlets are located in easily accessible and heavily populated areas like Orchard, Serangoon Gardens and Holland Village.

Its well-trained and professional employees have expanded quite substantially to spearhead and run the operations of different

outlets with dedicated efforts. As such, customers are treated to an unforgettable and positive experience each time they patronize the outlets.

Aromatic House Pte Ltd, a Day and Therapeutic Spa, carry the finest, well renowned treatments from exotic Asian countries like massages, body wraps, body scrubs, bath rituals, facials and even weight management programs.

Our premier “under one roof concept” marks a distinguished differentiation from our competitors as we carry many different treatments & services to cater to the needs of different customers in varying stages of their life cycle.

In particular, our exotic Traditional Royal treatments are very much well liked by our members and customers. Some of these treatments include: Javanese Lulur from the ancient Java Royalties, Balinese Boreh, Traditional Thai Herbal Heat Compress and Ayurvedic Holistic Treatment. Each treatment possess its own unique goodness & benefits which will help to improve the well being of the person.

Our Services:

Milky Indulgence
Consists of Milky Scrub, Milky Massage, White goddess milk bath

Using pleasant scented milk as the only ingredient, the body scrub cleanses, eliminates impurities and nourishes the skin using sea salt milk.

Incorporating with swdish massage techniques, it will help to stimulate better

blood circulation, effectively relieves tension and fatigue

Holistic Retreat

Consists of Aromatherapy full body massage, Kopi body Scrub, Herbal bath

Indulge in the sheer bliss of aromatherapy massge using therapeutic blend essential oils from our exclusive Signature Blend Collection. Rich aroma from the 'Kopi' Scrub will be a treat to all coffee lovers. It also helps to improve cell metabolism leaving the skin soft and silky. After that delight in a pampering herbal bath to complete the whole spa sensation

Bride's Pamper

Consists of Hot stone massage, Ginseng scrub, White goddess milk bath
A bride-to-be needs to be pampered to look fabulous in her wedding. with our intensive spa program specially catered to your needs, you will definitely look stunning and attractive on your wedding night!

Earth Contentment

Consists of Mineral mud healing wrap, Wild flower essence therapy

Using pure Dead Sea mud, the wrap will deeply cleanses, exfoliates, soften and smoothen your skin. Whereas wild flower essence therapy is capable of restoring your mental and emotional imbalance... relieving you from physical symptoms of stress such as tired skin, fine lines and acne.

Water Karma

Consists of 3-in-1 Tri-dosha clay massage, DNA facial

Using Ayurvedic healing clay in the massage, it helps to soothe your nervous system and enables you to reduce stress and muscle tension. After which, try our DNA collagen facial that promise you a healthy and radiant skin.

Fire Spirit

Consists of Elemental massage, Ayurvedic healing clay face therapy
Using specially chosen oil according to your element group... Elemental massage balance your body element, relieving you from muscle tension and body aches... Next experience the face therapy, which helps to balance your doshas (bodily energies), resulting in a more radiant and clear skin.

Air Awaken

Consists of Aromatic oxygen therapy, Wattle husk body polish
An intensive treatment that uses oxygen as the main component, it enhances the healing process, improve and restore the immune system... giving you a clear and beautiful skin. Lastly the wattle husk body polish will helps to eliminate dead skin cells and improve cell metabolism... leaving your skin soft and silky.

Blissful Ritual
Consists of Swedish massage, Herbal scrub, Marine crystal bath

After the herbal scrub that will nourishes your skin and removes all impurities and toxins... enjoy a blissful soak in the marine crystal bath, which helps to remove impurities. Lastly, relax in our Swedish massage that will ease your tired muscles... this whole ritual is truly blissful.

Heaven & Earth

Consists of Hot stone massage, Balinese boreh, Wild flower essence bath

Using hot volcanic pumice stones and blended natural oils with long flowing strokes to heal and balance the Yin & Yang energies within the body, this relaxing massage helps to relieve muscle tension, increases body metabolism and sooths your mind. Packaged with Balinese boreh and a wild flower essence bath, this spa treatment will definitely make you and your loved ones feel simply heaven...


Consists of Purifying facial, White goddess milk bath
Relax with our purifying facial that will helps to stimulate cell turnover, sloughs off the dead layers and hydrated the skin... Next, simply empty your thoughts and soak in a tub full of milk and indulge!

Consists of Wattle husk body polish, Mineral mud healing wrap, White goddess milk bath
Indulge in our wattle husk body polish that tones, softens and revitalizes your skin...afterwhich our mineral mud healing wrap would bring relief to your muscle tension, aches and pain. Lastly, simply soak yourself away in our white goddess milk bath.

You can reach us at our direct hotline: 6100 6828
For more enquiry, you can send us an email: enquiry@aromatichouse.com.sg

Our Outlet Locations(Click on image for larger map):

Serangoon Garden
9/9 A Kensington Park
Serangoon Garden
Singapore 557261
Tel: 6286 4225

Holland Village
21 A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277680 
Tel: 6463 6996


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