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Babies Bellies is a spa which provides quality massage and spa services at your own convenience. Our objectives are to meet the tailored needs of each and every customer, above and beyond their expectations. We place a high standard on our quality services and product, because you deserve the finer things in life — at an affordable price.
Our Mission

Our mission is to bring maximum satisfaction to our clients and customers with our dedication and commitment towards health and wellness. We believe that every customer deserves to be pampered and nurtured, and we ensure that this is done by using safe products, providing excellent services and personal consultation.
Our Focus

Is you! We believe in taking care of our customers, and we value every guest who walks in through our doors. Health and wellness is central to having a sound body and mind- and that's exactly what we want to accomplish for you.
Why Choose Babies Bellies?

For its Credibility, Affordability, Reliability and Empathy as we CARE for your health and well being.

Credibility: We are a licensed company with only certified massage therapists for pre and post natal massage and renowned experience in spa services.

Affordability: Our prices are comparatively cheaper compared to other providers.

Reliability: We never fail to cater to our customer’s individual needs without compromising quality and service.

Empathy: Your satisfaction and comfort is our therapists’ first priority.
Babies Bellies is...

...probably the 1st Spa that provides one stop service to customers for Post Natal Massage, Chinese Confinement Nannies, Confinement Meals, Dphoto Folio and Baby Hyperstore. Mum to be can be are freed from all the hassle because we are here to cater to your wants and needs.
Treatments & Services
Babies Bellies pregnancy treatments

60 mins @ $55
Pre-Natal Massage (Recommended to be done after the 2nd trimester)

A therapeutic bodywork from head to toe except tummy specifically tailored for the expectant mother's needs as her body goes through changes. This massage enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, as well as relieves mental and physical fatigue.

75 mins @ $60
Post-Natal Massage

This massage is done after the delivery and usually done in the privacy of one's own home during their confinement period. It involves the use massage oil applied to the stomach area, the application of a gurita and tummy wrap (bengkong), which is essentially a long cotton cloth. Doing this pushes up the uterus, clears water retention, wind, spasm, shrinks the tummy and helps to reduce weight.

Exclude Transport fee from $5–$10

Deposit (Refundable) of $10 for the Bengkung. Deposit will be refunded upon returning the Bengkung.

Free! Baby massage & Baby Telon Oil, Bengkong & Jamu, with 7 days Post-Natal Massage Package

Complimentary : Body Scrubs (7days pckg)

Body Scrubs & Steam Bath (10days pckg)

*Terms and conditions apply

Baby Massage 10mins $10

Touch means contact — it gives reassurance, warmth, pleasure and comfort. Of all the senses, touch is the first to develop. It is the language we all use to show our feelings and demonstrate that they are loved, wanted or appreciated. Welcome the arrival of your child with the gift of touch through the complimentary baby massage.
Body massage (for Men & Women)

60 mins @ $55
Traditional Javanese Full Body

Enjoy a rejuvenating deep tissue massage which uses palm pressure and acupressure to ease muscle and joint pain as well as improves blood circulation.

60 mins @ $60
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Something smells good - and it is our aromatic and therapeutic body massage using specially blended essential oils from plants. Gentle strokes heal, alleviate pain and regulate your moods.

60 mins @ $65
Honey & Yoghurt Full Body Massage

Sound new to you? Well after experiencing this massage, your skin texture will be moisturised, whitened and get smoother. Try to believe the truth!

30 mins @ $35
Head, neck and shoulder

Sitting too long at the desk? Stiff necks and shoulders are common job hazards we often face at the end of a long day. Relieve the tension, stress and ease the pains away with this massage and return to your office refreshed and renewed!

45 mins @ $40
Back and Shoulder

The pillar of our being carries our weight throughout the day and even the strongest back needs a little TLC now and then. Let those knots and tension be eased away with soothing music to lull your mind to the depths of relaxation.

40 mins @ $35
Legs And Foot Massage (New!)

With a good legs and foot massage helps to relax and ease the tension and revitalize on the tired leg and also can stimulate the whole body. Using herbal oil or cream to treat them. Try Now!

15 mins @ $10
Pressure Point Face Massage (New!)

Wants to relax muscle and reduce tension line on face? Try this pressure point face massage which helps to break down toxins and improve blood circulation and may offer relief from tension, fatigue, sinusitis and migraine headaches. Plus it feels wonderful!
Body scrubs

30 mins @ $30
Javanese Body Scrub

A great way to smoother, cleaner and glowing skin. Natural extracts such as dead-sea salt, peach, green tea and bengkong are used to help rid the body of rough patches by exfoliating.

30 mins @ $30
Jasmine Body Scrub

Contains several kinds of minerals and nutrients essential for the body's needs with a combination of herbal and natural plants. With essential oils for skin absorption, it also closes and tighten pores for slimming purposes.

30 mins @ $30
Lemon Body Scrub

This scrub is made of (what else!) lemons and a combination of herbal and natural plants extracts to nurture the body's needs. With added essential oils, this scrub also whitens skin and leaves it feeling oh-so-smooth.

30 mins @ $30
Milk Body Scrub ♥♥♥

A luxurious body scrub that contains a multitude of enriching minerals and nutrients, with a combination of herbs, natural plants, milk and essential oils to smoothen skin. Rich in vitamin C to enhance the appearance of skin.

30 mins @ $30
Rose Body Scrub ♥♥♥

For those who loves smell of rose, this is the scrub that made of roses and a combination of herbal, natural plants extracts and with added essential oils helps to smoother and moisturizes the skin.

30 mins @ $30
Lavender Body Scrub ♥♥♥

Lookin forward for relaxing and aromatic scrub . Try this ! This is the scrub with a combination of herbal, natural plants extracts and with added essential oils helps to smoother the skin with aromatic and relaxing smells.
Spa treatments
30 mins @ $55
Jamu Herbal Bath

An aromatic and warm therapeutic bath, with jamu herbal ingredients to cleanse your body.

30 mins @ $60
Milk Bath

A moisturizing warm water bath, with milk to soften the skin and to leave skin looking shiny and healthy.

30mins @ $65
Floral Bath ♥♥♥

A luscious, fragrant therapeutic bath filled with light fragrant and exotic flowers, with added essential oils to calm your mind and body.

30 mins @ $65
Lavender Sea Salt Bath

An enticingly relaxing and aromatic bath with dead-sea salts that lulls you into deep de-stress mode and relieves muscle tension. A feast of minerals for the skin!
Body wrap treatments

30 mins @ $35
Ginger Wrap ♥♥♥

Ginger helps to draw excessive 'wind' out from the body, relieves muscle aches, stimulate blood circulation and leaves a heating sensation on the skin.

60 mins @ $60
Tummy Treatment Wrap ♥♥♥

This wrap helps to reduce weight through a herbal steam bath which reduces water retention and fats of the body, followed by a tummy massage and completed with a bengkong wrap to shrink the tummy.

30 mins @ $40
Detoxifying, Inflammation Diminishing & Refreshing Wrap

Containing rich natural herbal essence as well as vitamin E, this wrap helps to renew skin, expel skin toxins, relieve blocked pores, dredge pores, accelerate blood circulation, promote the penetration and absorption of nutrients, enhance cell regeneration, makes skin smoother, reduce wrinkles, even skin tone and enhance skin elasticity.

30 mins @ $40
Moisturizing, Anti-Wrinkle & Relieving Wrap

This contains hyaluronidase, penetrable hyrolised protein and natural moisturizing elements. It nourishes and moisturizes skin, enhance skin cells with good regeneration and regulation ability. It also replenishes various nutrients to the fiber tissue in deep layers, provide hydration and stimulate tired cells, diminish wrinkles, improve skin resistance to aging of skin cells.

30 mins @ $40
Slimming & Elasticity Wrap

This wrap expels skin toxins, activate ferment, help nutrition to penetrate into epidermis, accelerate metabolism, eliminate excessive fat and effectively slim the body.

30 mins @ $60
Honey & Yoghurt Wrap ♥♥♥

This wrap will moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth and silky. Rich in minerals with deep cleansing and softening effect against skin ageing by toning, hydrating and stimulating body tissue.
Other Treatments

60 mins @ $55
Bust Enhancement Mask

This is a great 'spa' treat for the breasts. Once a week treatment is all you need to maintain healthier, youthful and beautiful breasts. With proper traditional massage, you can improve the firmness of breast tissue and elasticity of skin, to give better support and smoothness. Self-massage tips will be given after treatment!

90 mins @ $100
Love me treatment

This nourishing treatment starts with a body scrub, special moisturizing mask and ends with a steam bath to give complete smoothness and whitening effect. Try it!

15 mins @ $15
Herbal Ball

Herbal Balls are made from variety of natural herbs for the purpose of relaxing the stiff muscles by reducing pain, tension, spasm and also helps to improve blood circulation.

20 mins @ $30
Steambath ♥♥♥

The benefits of steam bathing have been recognized for thousands of years.It is for purifying and detoxifying the skin and body, increasing circulation, stimulating the immune system and encouraging complete physical and mental well-being. http://www.alerg.com/steambaths.html

From @ $10–$45
Pedicure & Manicure

From @ $45 onwards
Facial Treatment

20 mins @$15

Ear Candling With Gentle Massage

Fom @15 onwards


address: 6A Jalan Pisang
Singapore 199073
phone: 62967198
mobile: 92221544 (Office Hours only)


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