Firming Eye Contour Treatment

Get eyes that sparkle! An intensive eye contour treatment that helps to lighten dark eye circles and reduces visible wrinkles. The gentle massaging techniques aim to firm up loose and tired skin around the eye area for a brighter and fresher look. The eye treatment improves the skin elasticity around the eyes and enhances blood circulation to the eye area, giving your eyes that extra sparkle. Achieve a more even-toned eye contour, reduced eye bags, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Effective for: Dark eye rings, eye bags

Suitability: All skin types

Approx. 30 min


Ultrasonic Eye Treatment

The perfect solution to a brighter and toner eye contour area with the latest technology of ultrasonic. Aimed at counteracting tired, dark eye rings and unsightly crowfeet which are caused by lack of sleep and over-worked, the ultrasonic waves accelerate the effective lifting action of the liposome which smoothens and reduces wrinkles, revives aging and damages skin cells.

Effective for: Crowfeet, dark eye rings and puffy eye sacks

Suitability: All skin types

Approx. 35 min


PPMTM Eye Contour Treatment

Our special lymphatic drainage eye treatment technique not only revitalizes tired-looking eyes, it will also add that touch of radiance and put the sparkle back into your eyes! This treatment effectively gets rid of dark eye circles and puffy eye bags and is suitable for those who stare at the computer screen for long period of time everyday. It also helps to reduce visible fine lines, milla seeds, wrinkles, crowfeet and signs of ageing around the eye contour. What’s more, it’s a firming enhancer to a firmer skin tone around the eyes, banishing those ugly sagging bags.

Effective for: Sagging and wrinkled eye contour area, puffy eye bags and dark eye rings

Suitability: All skin types

Approx. 40 min


OxyJet Oxy-Pure Eye Treatment

Get infused with pure oxygen and special cosmetic formulations that are needless pressure-injected into the deep layers of the epidermis in order to bring new life to tired cells giving fresh and new vitality to the eye contour area. This intensive treatment gives quick results to tighter and toner skin and greatly improves the blood circulation that greatly reduces dark eyes rings and puffiness.

Effective for: Premature skin, dry wrinkled eye contour, dark eye rings and puffy eye sacks

Suitability: All skin types

Approx. 40 min


Radio-Frequency Eye Therapy

The wonders of high radio frequency current is classified as a Radio Frequency by a high amplitude of over 100,000Hz. With this application of high radio-frequency waves into the tissues of the skin area around the eyes, the vibration current energy will be changed into bio-thermal energy which increases the tissue temperature giving deeper penetration of cosmetic formulations. Watch the area around the eyes get transformed immediately as they become brighter and younger-looking, without any signs of ageing at all. A highly effective treatment from Europe that promises instant lift results.

Effective for: Fine lines, dark circle, eye bag

Suitability: All skin types

Approx. 30 min


BEAUTIEYES Eyelash Grafting Extension

This technology uses the latest grafting extension techniques whereby the lashes are made of silk protein fiber. Customize the desired length of your eyelashes and see them get lengthen in just 30 minutes! The grafting procedure will not come into contact with your skin during the process as it is non-invasive and has no side effects.

- Can last up to 6 months

- Can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor activities such as swimming

- See results instantly

- Lash colours range from black, blue purple or brown

Effective for: Short leashes, thin lashes, feeble-looking lashes

Approx. 30 min


Instant Natural Double Eyelids (In Just 10 minutes)

Now you can have a pair of natural and attractive double eyelids instantly! This exclusive product imported from Japan is able to treat single eyelids and unbalanced eyelids individual without the need for any surgery. Come to Beauty Express and experience for yourself a fast and hassle-free treatment. Our non-invasive procedure is safe and painless. See the instant results for yourself now! You only need 10 minutes to achieve your dream double eyelids with no more worries about negative side effects. 100% safe and effective!

Effective for: Single eyelids or unbalanced eyelids

Approx. 10 min

Beauty Express Singapore


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