One of the major problem that most of us are facing nowadays is the sequela caused by the bustle of the modern society. This had resulted in many of us suffering from emotionally unstable, insomnia, nervousness and even mental depression. One of the most effective way to solve these problems is to RELAX.

BFM is the place where you can extricate yourself from the Bustling World, Strenuous Work Load and Stressful Lifestyle. You’re seemingly entered to a wonderland with our distinctive design concept. BFM not only satisfied your needs and fulfilled your requirements, it’ll let you have the chance to experience “True Relaxation” for your body, mind and soul.

The convenient yet out-of-the-way location gives you a feel of a get-a-way from the city. The unique design concept fantasize you as though you’re vacationing at a resort. The tranquilize music and the cozy atmosphere will unload you from a day of hard work and frees you from your worries and pressures. The placid ambience of our service area fantasize you as though you’re strolling at the beach and it’ll calms you down further…. not only mentally, but also spiritually. Your body, mind and soul will again be soothes.

The experts shown that, the result for services, irregardless facial or body massage will have 20% - 30% more effective if a person can loosen himself / herself totally compared to a person who can’t. Therefore, our objective is to give all our customers a different sense perception rather than just visiting a beauty salon in order to achieve the optimum result.

No.29 Teo Hong Road Singapore 088335
Tel : 6220 8677 / 6324 3356
Fax : 6324 3357
Email : bfm29@singnet.com.sg

Operating Hours :
Monday to Friday : 11:30am to 8:30pm
Saturday & Sunday : 9:30am to 6:30pm
Labour Day, National Day, : Closed
Christmas Day & New Year Day


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