Bionn International Beauty Clinique is a skin care specialist which specializes in providing beauty treatments & services to all ladies and men. Bionn started off with only one studio located at Killiney Road in June 2003. Now, Bionn International has three beauty cliniques in Singapore which are located in the prime areas such as Orchard, Tanjong Pagar and Katong.

Our team comprises of elites such as Skin Specialist Consultants, Skin Aestheticians, Nutritionists and Appointment Doctors.
International Quality Standards

Bionn was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification in Oct 2003 - within barely half a year of operation. This also depicts the utmost service quality rendered to all customers.
Our Exclusive Research & Development

Our R & D Consultant, Dr Jacob Vromen leads a team of specialists to research, improve & develop safe and effective products & treatments to meet Asian Consumers needs.

Dr Jacob, PhD in Organic Chemistry 
Research Lab

Advance Skin Machines

Our machines are specially manufactured to cater to Asian skin so as to deliver optimum and safe results. These machines like the Multi Beam-Light machines are exclusive to only Bionn International Beauty Clinique and they can effectively treat acne, acne scar, pigmentation, and wrinkle & hair removal.
Latest Technology

Now we have two exclusively new launches, one is the Acne Photo Therapy (APT). APT Blue light works by emitting a specific wavelength of the blue light (400nm-430nm) that targets the bacteria that causes the inflammation. The blue light reacts with certain molecules of the bacteria and causes the bacteria to die! The blue light technology was cleared by the FDA.

The other is the UV Computerised Deep Skin Analysis which helps to penetrate into your deeper layers of skin and analyses the skin condition underneath the surface. It is 100% accurate and also delivers instant diagnosis in just a few minutes. Giving you detailed information of your skin conditions below the skin surface to let you understand what is happening to your skin.

This UV Computerized Deep Skin Analysis is absolutely free when you make an appointment with us @ any of our 3 studios.

T = Treatment Room, C = Counseling Room,

D = Diet Room

StudioArea Sq ftTCDSpaJacuzziOther
Killiney Road2,000821Yes
Amara Hotel2,5001421
Roxy Square2,20073Yes*
*Shared with Cenosis

Our core values

Our team is Customer Focus and is committed to Meeting the Needs of our customers with Effective Products and Services. We gained Competitive Advantage through Constant Innovation whilst focusing on our core business.

Our Treatment System
Skin Remedy System (SRS)
Exclusively @ Bionn

By adhering to our vital principles of skin technology, Bionn Skin Remedy System also includes the expertise of Skin Specialist, Aesthetician, Nutritionist and Dermatologist. This system definitely works to achieve best results for all skin problems like acne, acne scars, pigmentation, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.
SRS Components
Customized Skin Program with Computerized Skin Analysis.
Advanced Equipment Exclusively to Bionn

Electric Current Microdermabrasion
Multi-Beam Light System
World Patented Treatments (6, 416, 769)
Whole Line Of Complementary Skin Care Products For Maximum Results & Comfort.
Certificate of Skin Success + One Year Exclusive Membership + One Year Free Skin Maintenance Program.
Our Successful Testimonial

If we can solve this, there won’t be any hurdles beyond us. True life Profile!

Before SRS

After SRS

Ng Wen Xu, 20 years old. A bio-science undergraduate suffered from serious skin problem. Finally 80% recovery!!

Yes, 80% of her serious skin problem is solved. She has regained her self confidence. Now Wen Xu shares her true life case study after going through Bionn Skin Remedy System.
Studios Contact Information

Orchard Studio

89 Killiney Rd

Tel: 61000 661

Katong Studio

#02-116 Roxy Sq 2

Tel: 61000 668

Tanjong Pagar Studio

The Amara #02-01

Tel: 61000 662

Skin Specialist Hotline: 61000 663


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