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BodyPerfect is one of Singapore’s leading weight management and wellness care providers. Over the years, BodyPerfect has helped thousands of women in Singapore and Hong Kong, including many well-known personalities such as Xiang Yun, Olinda Cho, Cassandra See and Ng Hui, Florence Tan, Hong Hui Fang and Joey Swee achieve their ideal figures.

BodyPerfect uses the latest non-invasive slimming technologies to effectively break down fat cells (a more natural alternative to tummy tucks and liposuction) and other proven weight management techniques to firm and tone the body.

Safety is always of primary concern. BodyPerfect believes in only using products are natural and proven safe, with no pills and no injections. Just lasting results with no side effects, no down time.

The professionals at BodyPerfect recognise that every woman has her own unique weight management challenges. BodyPerfect distinguishes with customised programmes to provide progressive weight management and meet the lifestyle of each and every one of its clients.

Evidence-based results speak for themselves. More women today are turning to BodyPerfect to achieve the contours they’ve always desired. If you are looking for a weight management partner, look no further than BodyPerfect to give you that royal treatment that only BodyPerfect can.

BodyPerfect Treatments

BodyPerfect Programmes combines our propriety range of PerfectSolutions formulae along with the latest and most advanced available technology today.

Learn how RevoluZone lets you lose weight quickly and safely.

RevoluZone features the revolutionary combination of Bi-Polar radiofrequency (RF), infrared light energies, plus negative pressure and tissue manipulation.

The synergistic combination of infrared and modulated RF energies increases intracellular diffusion by heating the skin. Vacuum and specially designed rollers manipulate and smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient energy delivery. The net result increases the metabolism of stored energy (lipolysis), increases lymphatic drainage and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat chamber.

The bottom line: A circumferential reduction of the treated area along with smoother appearance of the skin’s surface.

A multi-center study show 85% of the treated areas have reported circumferences reduction of thighs of at least 1cm and ranging up to 7.2cm in reduction in 4-5 sessions.

Increased Safety & Satisfaction
Safe and effective industry-leading medical aesthetic technology
Significantly less optical energy required compared to conventional lasers and IPLs
Minimal to no downtime
Most people experience no side effects, though a few may exhibit some short-term localized reddening

BodyFat Mobilisation System

BodyFat Mobilisation System utilises Ultrasonic Cavitation, featuring our latest Slimming Technology as an alternative to more invasive techniques. FMS is our Signature Treatment to melt away fats, kickstart the body’s metabolism and promote better circulation to allow your radiance to shine.

FMS sends out ultrasonic energy into the targeted areas to cavitate large fatty acid chains like triglycerides into simpler molecules like glycerine for lymphatic drainage.

The second stage of FMS , includes our Exclusive formulae, to do deep-seated skin diathermy. This supplies the skin with oxygen and organic nutrition, strengthens cells function and lymph circulation, activating cellular metabolism and, softening and removing the most stubborn cellulite.


1. Reaches deep into the tissue

2. Suitable for all skin types

3. No “Rebounding phenomenon”

ThermoGenic Bio Treatment (“TBT”)

TBT uses a strong programmatic Air Suction System to energise skin and improve circulation, by adding a customised formula that reduces and eliminates stubborn fat and cellulite. TBT stimulates cellular metabolism and increases the rate of cellular fat-burn. The result is firmer, more naturally supple skin that you will notice after your first treatment.

StarVac I & II

StarVac SP2 uses a procedure which creates a unique folding action to the skin. So effective, it is the first treatment allowed by the FDA in the United States to state that it provides temporary reduction of cellulite. Not only does StarVac SP2 reduce cellulite, it also reduced body measurements, increased circulation, and even provides relief of muscular pain.


Meso combines two of BodyPerfect’s cutting-edge technologies to combat the most stubborn fat cells. Meso’s Pulse Amber Light bio-stimulates the skin to renew itself and “harmonise” its cellular activity. In addition, Biodynamic Electrical Pulsation gently releases a continuous current that penetrates deep into the fat tissue - redistributing and increasing the metabolic level. Meso not only re-orients collagen formation and eliminates deep tissue fat, it also improves lymphatic circulation and promotes better overall blood flow.

360º BodyPerfector – RadioFrequency (“RF”)

The latest in cryogenics technology, FDA-approved 360º BodyPerfector penetrates deep into the skin all the way to the subcutaneous layers, causing tightening and improvements to the underlying tissue structure, whilst preserving the skin’s texture. 360º BodyPerfector RF energises the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers of the skin, whilst protecting the upper epidermis.

General Slimming Questions
Q. How effective is Dieting and Exercise to reduce fat?

Low-calorie diets can result in weight-loss, but insignificant fat-loss. The body’s reserve of carbohydrate and proteins are stored at many times their weight in water, so you may lose weight (from water) fast. However this stops, as the body begins to utilise its fat reserves. Each kilogram of fat reserves can contains up to 9000 calories of energy.

Exercise is an alternative, but actual fat-loss can be just as insignificant. 20 minutes every day on an exercise machine will only utilise 1kg of fat in energy depletion in one month. Many of us are unaccustomed to the long hours of strenuous exercise and constant hunger from dieting to actually achieve any significant fat-burn results.
Q. What are the common issues we constantly see in our clients?

Exercising burns calories but cannot target specific areas. Weight training can build muscles without necessarily reducing the body’s fat percentage. As a result, most people may see a gain in weight and size measurement, because they build muscle tissue, which is more dense than fat. Mortified, they stop their exercise regime and their weight increases even more, as fat reserves begin to redistribute.

BodyPerfect, as well as many personal trainers, are of the view that, you should try slimming down first, before you decide to embark on a new sport or exercise programme. Many of BodyPerfect’s clients have gone on to lead more active lifestyles and flaunt their trim bodylines.

Crash diets may work visibly for some people, but their bodies are unable to cope with the dramatic sudden loss in food intake. Their bodies become very dehydrated and this causes the ‘yoyo” effect, as their body tries to compensate the imbalance in water content. Crash diets can also cause unsightly loose skin. BodyPerfect believes that this is not a healthy state for the body. In addition, the fat cells are not actually targeted in a crash diet, increasing the propensity to put the weight back on very quickly. BodyPerfect treatments have been designed to tighten skin as you burn fat, and in many cases, improving the hydration level in your body.
Q. How do BodyPerfect treatments work?

BodyPerfect treatments target the areas which you want to slim down using non-invasive techniques that replicate and enhance natural body functions of metabolism, circulation and regeneration to breakdown fat cells at the cellular level and restore the suppleness of the skin tissue.

This is the basis for all BodyPerfect treatments - Our clients lose weight in a scientifically-backed natural way, without any risk of unevenness and trauma from invasive techniques, or loose skin and health detriments from crash diets
Q. If I am undergoing BodyPerfect Slimming treatments, can I not exercise at all, or watch my diet?

No. For the BodyPerfect programme to have effect, a certain degree of restraint is necessary. This means avoiding those fattening, high calorie foods. We will impart to you our concept on making the right diet choices to ensure a holistic weight-loss experience that you can keep with you. Natural exercises such as swimming, walking and jogging, which can improve your quality of life, are also encouraged.
Q. How will my initial BodyPerfect consultation be like?

At your first consultation, our consultants will try to know you better as person, learning about your lifestyle and eating habits. If required, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of your body. This includes your body’s level of hydration, fat percentage, lean mass percentage and ideal weight loss and measurements goals.

After your consultation, if you have signed up for a free trial, we will provide you with one session of BodyPerfect’s customised treatment programmes that will help you reach your goal, no questions asked.
Q. How long does a BodyPerfect program session usually take?

To suit the hectic schedule of today’s modern woman, each BodyPerfect session starts from just 30 minutes long and BodyPerfect can adjust the intensiveness of each session to make sure your body achieves consistent fat-burn results in between sessions.
Q. Can I choose specific parts of my body to lose weight?

Yes. BodyPerfect is the first in the industry to offer weight management for your specific problem areas. Our 360 BodyPerfector RF can be applied where unwanted fat troubles you most. You can even choose two or more problem areas for treatment at the same time.

Q. How do I keep those extra inches from creeping back into my waistline?

Once you've have achieved the figure that you want, all you need is a little discipline to keep that trim figure you have gainfully earned. Our specialists will provide you with instructions and advice for continuous weight maintenance.

Post - Pregnancy Slimming
Q. Does every new mother need slimming treatments in post-maternal period

Pregnancy can severely stretch your tissue beyond its ability to repair itself. If you are one of the lucky ones who regain their figure after a few months, lucky you!

But most women need slimming treatment in the post-natal period to regain their shape and skin tone. Call us to find out about the physiological changes a new mother faces, and how BodyPerfect can provide the solutions your body needs.
Q. Can mothers regain their slim and shapely bodies, even years after giving birth?

Often, new mothers are so engrossed with the welfare of their baby that they put their own welfare aside. Gradually, they accept their less-shapely body as part of her new role as a mother. Breaking this psychological mind-set is the first step to a slimmer you! BodyPerfect can inspire and empower you with the means regain the shapely figure that reflects the real you.

Understanding your body is the key to understand the root of your weight management challenges.


Body Mass Index (BMI) is a statistical measure of weight, scaled according to height. BMI is an objective and reliable measuring standard. Through BMI, weight quality can be analysed, and can deduce the right acceptable weight for your weight management goals.

Body Types

Since each body type has its own weight management challenges, it’s important to know yours.

Ecomorph Ecomorphs have lighter bones, smaller joints, and are usually less muscular. They have a more linear physic and proportionately longer limbs. Ecomorphs tend to develop fat around their midriff, giving them a “pot belly” appearance.

Mesomorph Mesomorphs are athletic, with well-defined muscles and large bones, giving them a more “hour-glass” figure. But their propensity to gain muscle can make weight loss through difficult.

Endomorphs Endomorphs have a more rounded figure, with less developed muscles. Upper arms and legs are comparatively more developed than the lower parts of the arm and leg. They tend to gain weight easily and, like the mesomorphs, may find weight loss to be difficult.
Most people do not fall neatly into just one body type. For example, some people are eco-mesomorphs, i.e. mesomorphs with traits of the the ectomorph such as small joints or a trim waist. There are also endo-mesomorphs, who have a tendency to gain fat easily.

Obesity Obesity refers to a range of weight above the ideal body weight measurement. It can be divided into Single Obesity and Secondary Obesity. Single Obesity, also medically called Primary Obesity, occurs in 99% of obesity cases. It is hard to find the single determinate cause in Single Obesity; however it is highly related to our genetics, food in take and lifestyle habits.

Cellulite Cellulite is the bane of every woman -- even super models are susceptible! But fortunately, your cellulite is correctable. Changes in the blood, lymphatic drainage, fat and connective tissue, result in an uneven and dimpled appearance on the skin.

There are 2 types of cellulite commonly found
Soft cellulite is more visible and has a spongy “mattress-like” feel to it. Generally, it occurs on larger surfaces of the body and because of that; it does not form strong connections with the underlying muscles. Soft cellulite often appears to be sagging from the body and therefore gives the impression of poor muscle tone. Soft cellulite is easier to remove as compared to hard or solid cellulite. Our 360 Spot Reduction Program, as featured on Xiang Yun, is perfect for reducing Soft cellulite
Compact cellulite is characterized by a hardening or “fibrosis” of the connective tissue. Often it is due to poor lymphatic circulation and found in older women. This kind of cellulite requires more effort to reduce of because it has accumulated deep into the tissues over a long period of time. Compact cellulite can be sensitive or even painful to the touch, as it has constricted sensory nerve endings on the skin.

Cellulite Development

Cellulite can develop as early as puberty and progressively gets worse through the passage of time. If you have cellulite, it is more effective to manage it when you are younger in age. This because :

a. As we age, the skin gets thinner, making cellulite even more visible.
b. Our collagen layer can become less elastic. This loss in elasticity decreases skin compactness and tone, allowing more of fat cells to press toward the skin surface.
c. Our bodies become less efficient in removing of waste products through our lymphatic drainage. Changes in hormonal cycles through the various stages of our lives can cause unwanted storage of fats, which are hard to remove by simply watching our diets.
d. We naturally tend to gain weight as we age, and this leads to an increased probability in cellulite formation.

The reason is four-fold
First, as we age, the skin gets thinner, making cellulite even more visible. Second, our collagen layer can become less elastic. This loss in elasticity decreases skin compactness and tone, allowing more of fat cells to press toward the skin surface. Third, our bodies become less efficient in removing of waste products through our lymphatic drainage. Changes in hormonal cycles through the various stages of our lives can cause unwanted storage of fats, which are hard to remove by simply watching our diets. Last, we naturally tend to gain weight as we age, and this leads to an increased probability in cellulite formation.

Cellulite Stage Test

Stage 1 – No dimpling but the pinch test reveals ‘folds and furrows’. There is no “mattress” appearance yet.

Stage 2 – No dimpling appears, and the pinch test reveals “mattress” appearance

Stage 3 – Dimpling appears when standing and not lying down

Stage 4 – Dimpling appears whether standing or lying down

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