Established in 1997, Body Wellness was created to rewardand pamper modern living woman.

The first Body Wellness outlet was located at Ten Mile Junction with just 8 treatment rooms serving more than3000 ladies.

The expansion took place in year 2000, where Body Wellness was shifted to Heritage Court located at Peck Seah St and arrival of 2nd outlet at Stamford Court and the 3rd at Winsland House.

Till date, Body Wellness has a more than 100 treatments and an increasing figures of 13,000 and more customers.

If you are in search of wellness, rejuvenation and serenity, Body Wellness will be the ultimate place for you to escape from daily stress, to rejuvenate and refresh the mind, spiritand body.

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Wellness Massages

Improve your blood circulation, eliminate toxins and feel your tension slip away. We have a range of massages for you to choose from to bring back Health & Wellness to your body.

* Relaxation
* Remedial
* Aromatherapy
* Deep Tissue
* Lymphatic

Pink of Health

Hectic lifestyles are a reality for many women these days. With many of us straddling a full-time job with family commitments, it is not uncommon that personal time for relaxation and our own health quite often take a back seat. This could potentially take a toll on our wellbeing in the long term. We should in fact remember that to give the best to our work and family, it is key that we ourselves remain in the Pink of Health!

Body Wellness recognizes this need and launches a beautiful new treatment under its Simply Wellness range. The Pink of Health treatment caters specifically to women's health and wellbeing, and is at once calming and soothing, and also therapeutic.

A perfect escape for women on the go, this deeply relaxing full-body massage not only helps to soothe away muscle tension and stiffness, but also relieves mental stress and fosters peace of mind. This delightful treatment also promotes vitality and flexibility; while improving the circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids. Feel all your tension and worries melt away as our experienced therapists work to bring your entire mind, body and spirit back into harmony.

By taking up this treatment, you will be pleased to know that you are also actively taking charge of your own feminine health. Breast cancer is on the rise. According to the Singapore Cancer Society, breast cancer is the commonest cancer in Singapore women and about 1000 women are diagnosed with it annually. In a bid to promote breast health awareness, Body Wellness incorporates into the Pink of Health treatment a gentle lymphatic massage combined with potent antioxidant ingredients to help reduce toxin buildup around the chest area. Regular treatments may also help with early detection of unusual breast lumps, which is currently the most promising method to fight breast cancer.

Cellureen Facial

Environmental elements and lifestyle often leaves our complexion with signs of tiredness, wrinkles, dull complexion and clogged pores. Beautiful and radiant skin can once again be revealed with our customized treatments that are specifically designed for your skin type.

Cellureen™ Facial is about intelligent skin care treatment where it supports the skin functions at the optimum and supplies nutrients to the skin right at the cellular level. This high performance system incorporates natural botanical elements and state of the art technology. To enhance and preserve your natural beauty, that is Cellureen™.

The Wonders of Cellureen™ System

Understanding the functions of the cell, Olinda® enhances the health and beauty of the skin and body at the cellular level with this high performance system.

Types of Cellureen™ Facial:

We have specifically tailored a range of Cellureen™ facial for different skin needs:

Cellureen Hydration Glow - Ala Carte Price @ S$198

For all skin types. This treatment replenishes lost moisture and restores back its natural radiance and suppleness. It also softens fine lines, leaving skin firm and supple.

Cellureen Pore Minimizer - Ala Carte Price @ S$198

Helps to elimate impurities and controls lipid production. Visibly tightens dilated pores, matify and normalizes the skin.

Cellureen Luminous White - Ala Carte Price @ S$228

Controls Melanie production and causes pigment to fade, while moisturing the skin at the same time. The result is a fairer and brighter skin.

Cellureen Soothing Therapy - Ala Carte Price @ S$188

This treatment balances PH of the skin, soothing it and reducing redness and irritation, leaving skin feeling comfortable. Also boosts the immunity of the skin.

Cellureen Ultimate Face Lift - Ala Carte Price @ S$228

This treatment stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers within the demis and boosts cellular metabolism. This tones up the skin and lift the jawline. Thus it rejuvenates the skin, leaving it with lesser fine lines and wrinkles.
Cellureen Sparkling Eyes & Luscious Lips - Ala Carte Price @ S$148

Sparkling Eyes!

Enhance the windows to your soul! For concerns of dark circles, puffiness and lines.

Luscious Lips!

Enhance, treat, condition and protect your lips. Achieve that plump and smooth kissable lips!

Simply Wellness Programme

Without a doubt women of all ages are concern about what they look and what others think of them. It is important to take note of the four steps of treating one's health - lymphatic drainage, detox, weight management and slimming.

When we are 'battling' with issues of our weight gain and body image, we know we need to do something about it, but instead of looking at the whole picture, we tend to go for the quick fix.

A few other things need to be considered before jumping into a slimming program, and our lifestyle is usually the main cause of the problem. Reflect briefly how you spent your day today? Our daily work is often done sitting down on our butts. We eat in a hurry because we have to get to the next appointment. When we are stress, we have sudden craving attacks, and for social reasons, some of us smoke and drink too much.

On top of that, we women have no control of how we were created - body structure, female hormones, structure of the connective tissue in a woman. Then there is the triggering off factors like lymphatic systems, serotonin imbalance, toxin levels and diet, just to name a few.

Your ability to keep your ideal body weight for your height, to have more lean muscles and being healthy depends more than just going to a slimming centre and having a machine do the work for you.


Now that you know a little bit more about your weight management and slimming blueprint, the next step is what you are going to do with it. At body wellness, we have created a program just for women call the Simply Wellness Program. This involves the lymphatic system. By improving the circulation of lymph we can also eliminate toxins and stagnant lymph fluids in pockets of fat.

We then continue rejuvenating our lymphatic system by going on a detox program. This will reduce our body's toxic burden, the less waste our lymph has to deal with the more healthier it will be.

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