British women had facelifts and men had tummy tucks and "man boobs" removed in record in numbers in 2007, new data released on Monday revealed.

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), 32,453 surgical procedures were carried out on men and women in Britain last year, a 12.2 percent increase on 2006.

Of those, women had 29,572 procedures, or 91 percent of the total.

In total, 4,238 facelifts were carried out on women, a rise of 37 percent compared to 2006, while 98 men had abdominoplasties, or excess skin and fat removed from their abdominal area, a 61 percent increase.

There were also 224 breast reductions for men keen to rid themselves of their "man boobs", a tenfold increase from 2002.

Overall, the most common surgical procedure for women remained breast reductions or enhancements, with 6,497 in total, followed by eyelid surgery, with 5,148 such operations.

For men, nose jobs was most popular, with 716 procedures, with liposuction, with 582 operations, and eyelid surgery, with 558 operations, second and third.

LONDON, Feb 4, 2008 (AFP)


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