Cenosis - a leader in the slimming industry

Cenosis has offered genuine results and professional services in achieving the clients desired weight and figures. The team of specialists; The Slimming Specialist, Slimming Specialist Consultant, Nutritionist, Physiotherapy and Appointed Doctor, cater results to the clients.

For the past 5 years, providing genuine results and professional services have become the corner-stone of Cenosis heritage. From the 1 st beauty centre in December 1999, located in Joo Chiat Road till now, Cenosis has station herself as a leader in the slimming industry with 6 International Slimming Specialist Centers in Singapore and 4 in Malaysia. .
We are the 1st Slimming Specialist Centre in Singapore that:
Announces our slimming results in public!
Challenges our own slimming results!
Brings in an appointed Doctor to clear clients doubt!
Slimming results being witnessed, certified and audited by lawyer!
Launched a Nutri-Bar in our Executive Centre that serves delicious and nutritious food planned by our in-house Nutritionist which is provided to our client solely!

Body Slimming

There are different types of treatments for slimming.

Uses a sound wave vibration that can penetrate to the basal layer of our skin to deeply massage the fat cells.

It solves stubborn fat, cellulite and water retention problems.

Ultrasound improves blood circulation that leads to increase oxygenation to the fat cells. Fat cells use this oxygen to burn off excess fat. It reduces water retention, breaks down stubborn fats, waste and toxins that can be easily flushed out from the fat cells.

It's a high frequency equipment where it's really a good equipment for slimming, that is why treatment has to be performed by a physiotherapist or we need an ultrasound license to operate it and the feeling is very comfortable.

Cenosis has different wraps for slimming and toning. The different types of wraps for slimming are, dotex wrap, papain wrap, heat wrap and thermo mud wrap. Each wrap has its own function for slimming.

Detox wrap - Is a detox gel that helps to get rid of toxins and drain away waste from the body. To enhance result, we recommend heat blanket to help to promote blood circulation and fat metabolism.

Papain wrap - Is an enzyme derived from unripe papaya fruit. The papain enzyme dissolves dead skin cells without affecting the healthy cells. It has other active ingredients that helps in stimulating blood circulation and normalizes circulatory disorders. Heat blanket is recommended to enhance the results.

Heat Wrap - Special formula, to improve circulation, raises body temperature so that perspiration is induced. Stimulates fat catabolism on localized fat, generalized obesity(fat) and cellulite. Generally, it is a detoxification therapy.

Thermo Mud - A seaweed mud and thermo mask treatment. Basically, seaweed contains large quantities of iodine and trace elements. Thermo mask improves circulation and is good for slimming and detoxification.

EL1 is a medium frequency current machine that helps reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation & lymph flow.

Is a pressure therapy, by applying pressure, it activates the venous (Veins) and lymphatic (colourless fluid) return stream circulation, stimulate the re-absorption of the interstitial liquid and draining them away towards the organ filters.

Is performed by using bands that emit short-wave radiation which increased penetration capacity and is therefore use to treat deep-lying structures. It treats generalized obesity, cellulite. The temperature rise accelerates the oxidation and catabolism of fat stores within fat cell.

It burns 600 to 2400 calories in a 30 minutes session, stimulates the consumption of energy equal to a 6 to 9 mile run during a single session

Is a vacuum treatment, based on the principle by creating reduced pressure within clear cups applied to the body patterns which related directly to the lymph system of the body. The inverse pressure effect causes the skin and basal tissue to arch upwards to fill the cavity thus creating redness. It stimulates metabolism, good treatments for heavy hips and thighs, large buttocks and cellulites.

Is a low & medium frequency current treatment. It destroys the lipid & helps to eliminate through excretory system.

Is a thermo-stimulation equipment. It has different programs to help to mobilize fat cells, speed up metabolism rate, increase blood circulation & gives toning effect.

Our 5Cs

Cenosis Promises Our Customers The Most Important 5Cs
Confidence in Results!

We guarantee a lost of 8 - 18 cm off the body on client's first treatment.
Confidence in Quality!

We do not sacrifice quality for price.

Be it body slimming or body contouring, we promise our range of products are of top most quality.
Confidence in Service!

We assure the most dedicated and trustworthy service.

Our experience team of specialists is well-trained to operate our state-of-art equipments to achieve optimum results on clients' body.
Confidence in Price!

At no extra charges.

We are valued for money at $38 per treatment and $380 for 10 treatments.
Confidence in Professionalism!

Incorporate an appointed doctor.

We encourage clients to clarify doubts with our appointed doctor. This added service provides an extra level of confidence to our clients.
Our Achievement
Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2008/2009

Cenosis have been awarded the utmost prestige Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2008/2009 Service Excellent Award Winner! on 24th February 2008 for international brand recognition and business networking, and reviewed to be not only providing high quality and results-guaranteed service, but also well-versed in the 4 essential criterions of creativity, advancement, authority and safety-conscious.

ISO 9001:2000

On 10th Oct 2003, this was a joyful occasion for all staff at Cenosis. In just four years. Cenosis was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification for the world standard in professional Slimming & Beauty Services

Our R & D Consultant
Exclusive Research And Development Consultant, Dr Jacob Vomen

Cenosis is honored to have Dr Jacob Vromen as our exclusive Research & Development Consultant. He has given Cenosis full support in developing effective and safety tested slimming and skin care products.

Dr Vromen, a French, is the owner of a research and development laboratory and manufacturing facility that was established in 1981. He holds a PH.D in organic chemistry. He worked under contract with the United Nation and set up factories in many developing countries. He has spent 25 years in advance skin care, transdermal drug delivery research, development and manufacturing. He also works with the Australian government's scientific and industrial research organization's pharmaceutical and human health division and the Federation Internationale De Cosmetology (France). Till date, he has invented many patented products such as papaya enzymes, Ppslim, anti fat serum, stretch mark serum and many more.

Enhancement System Plus Weight Management (ESplus)

ESplus Delivers To You A Slimmer Body…

Body Contoured At Desired & Right Areas…

Absolutely Healthy Results…

ESplus is an enhanced slimming formula after SSES and is exclusive to Cenosis, The International Slimming Specialist. After 5 years of constant research by our exclusive R&D consultants, Dr. Jacob Vromen (PhD in Organic Chemistry) and Mark Vromen (Double Degree in Organic Chemistry), we finally developed this latest breakthrough in the slimming industry.

The Significant Difference Between ESplus And Other Slimming Treatments

An intelligent system made up of Cenosis’ team of slimming specialist, which are our:
  1. Slimming Specialist Consultant, 
  2. Slimming Specialist, 
  3. Professional Nutritionist, 
  4. Well-certified Physiotherapist and 
  5. Appointed Doctor. 
ESplus also includes a specially tailored slimming program for our customers as well as our new full series of advanced slimming products and the latest and most advanced technologies including low, medium, high frequency, ultrasound, chromotherapy, radio frequency, as well as hot and cold contouring wrap. We believe that no single product or service can be effective in slimming. Thus, we bring you ESplus system to ensure results on your first slimming session.

Why no other slimming system can be compared to ESplus Weight Management?

Our Team Of Certified Physiotherapists!

With advanced knowledge of the human anatomy and intensive knowledge of all electrotherapy machines which help in achieving great inches loss, Physiotherapists are able to determine the fastest, safest and most effective approach for our clients to benefit from the treatments. Our team of Physiotherapists provides advice on the suitability for the types of electrotherapy treatment to ensure all treatments provided are safe and monitored well with no side effects.

The Power Of ESplus Weight Management

Since its first launch in 2005, ESplus Weight Management has benefited many women in Singapore and Malaysia in achieving not only their ideal weight with our slimming treatments, but also their ideal figure with our contouring treatments. ESplus has also been proven and witnessed to be effective with our genuine customer, Ms Eve Leong. Eve has experienced excellent slimming and contouring results with Cenosis, so can you!

No Injection! No Starvation! No Pills! No Strenuous Exercise!

Instant Results!

Safe, Healthy & Effective Slimming!

Call Singapore Slimming Solution Helpline @ 7000 700 6626 or Malaysia Slimming Solution Helpline @ 012 700 6626 to experience the loss of 8 to 18cm in just 1 session!

Slimming Safety Enhancement System (SSES)

No Single Treatment or Product Can Solve Your Overweight Problem BUT a Slimming System can!

SSES is an internationally-recognized system proven by international slimming and beauty experts exclusively formulated by Cenosis

SSES is Professional! Healthy! Safety! Results!

SSES is the success behind every satisfied client of Cenosis. With SSES, we have helped thousands of satisfied clients achieve excellent weight loss together with a contoured body. SSES comprises of:
  1. Customized Slimming Programme 
  2. Advanced & Innovative Machines 
  3. Effective Slimming Products 
  4. Team of Specialists; Slimming Specialist Consultant, Slimming Specialist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, appointed Doctor, R&D Consultant. 
  5. Certificate of Body Success 
With SSES, you don't have to go on Pills, Starvation, Injection or Strenuous Exercise!

Cenosis launched the SSES Workshop on 1st March 2003.


Keep Your Weight Off Forever... Not Just Temporary

Endorsed by international slimming professionals, SSES does more than help you to lose weight. In fact, it is the key to maintaining your slimmer, fitter and younger looks!

SSES brings together the expertise of professional physiotherapist, nutritionist, slimming specialists and appointed doctor. And this combination produces the B.A.N (short for 'Before.After.Now') slimming result that allows you to stay slim forever.
Cenosis Centres

We have 6 slimming centres around Singapore and 4 in Malaysia
Singapore Studios

Ngee Ann City
391B Orchard Road
#14-04 Ngee Ann City Tower B
(S) 238874
Tel: 6720 6626

Tanjong Pagar
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
#02-28 The Amara
Tel: 6220 6626
Roxy Square
50 East Coast Road
Roxy Square II Shopping Centre
Tel: 6820 6626
Dhoby Ghaut
No 9 Penang Road
Park Mall Shopping Centre
Tel: 6721 6626
2 Havelock Road Apollo Centre #01-08/10
Tel: 6773 6626
5 Tampines Central
#01-02 Telepark
Tel: 6777 6626
Malaysia Studios:
Klang Studio
No 33 Jalan Tiara 2C
Bandar Baru Klang
41120 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03 3343 6626
Mid Valley City
No11-G, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City ,
Lingkaran Syed Putra , 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2287 6626
Damansara Utama
80/82 G Ground Floor Jalan SS21/62 47400
Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03 7726 6626
Bukit Bintang
Lot 10 Shopping Centre P10/11,
Level 5 Prestige Floor
Tel: 03 2143 6626
Call our Slimming Solution Helpline
7000 700 6626 (Singapore) / 012 700 6626 (Malaysia) for a more shapely you!


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