Cellu M6 Reshape + Remix (45 mins)
Zap stubborn cellulite and tone areas you thought were impossible to target. The deep tissue kneading and rolling by our advanced LPG equipment will break down fats and flush out toxins to slim you down and even lend a radiant glow to your skin in the process. (For even better results, we recommend LPG in conjunction with our Radio Frequency treatments to further tone and firm the skin)

On our technology: Endermologie Cellu M6
Endermologie is an effective and risk-free technique
for controlling cellulite and reshaping the body. Performed with state-of-the-art equipment, the CelluM6 uses the Endermologie technique to manipulate the skin structures with a combination of rolling and aspiration. This process restructures the skin's connective tissue, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins. By triggering the body's normal process for excess fat elimination, Endermologie extensively tones and firms skin, resulting in smooth skin and a slimmer, more refined figure.

Each Endermologie treatment session lasts approximately 35 minutes and is conducted twice weekly. The remarkable, sometimes spectacular results of Endermologie can be supported by measurements and photographs taken before and after treatment. Some patients have even reduced by one or two dress sizes! Even better, the changes occur in the areas where they are most needed, whilst preserving areas like the face and the breast where the reduction in volume is not desired.

About Chez Moi de beaute
Chez Moi de Beaute (pronounced ‘shay’ ‘mua’ ‘dee’ ‘boat-ay’), has been delivering high-quality beauty services since 1990. Our name stands for “My House of Beauty” in French, which what you can expect to find at our premises: cosy ambience, friendly staff who know your name by heart, and caring, experienced therapists who help you pamper yourself while achieving the utmost level of beauty and relaxation. At Chez Moi, we don’t have customers, because all our customers are our friends. There is no hard-selling, no client discrimination, no thoughtless pushing of products. We genuinely care about your welfare, and as your friends, all we want to do is to help you love yourself. So give us a call at 67386 108 or email us at sales@chezmoi.com.sg, and give yourself a treat today.

Our Services include:
· Facials
· Massages
· Slimming and contouring
· Hydrotherapy
· Radio Frequency (RF) Treatments
o For lifting, toning, face and body re-contouring
· Advance Photo Therapy (AFT) Treatments
o For hair removal, whitening, pigmentation, pore-refining
· Brow Shaping
· Waxing
· Ear Candling

Chez Moi de beaute
14 Scotts Rd #04-75 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Tel: 6738 6108
Fax: 6738 8970
Email: sales@chezmoi.com.sg
Website: www.chezmoi.com.sg


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