Established in 2001, Chrysalis Spa is a one-stop-spa concept in Singapore. Over the years, we continue to deliver excellent services in beauty, wellness and health to the most discerning individuals. With five outlets currently covering the island, Chrysalis Spa is the choice spa for many to escape the rigours of modern living and rejuvenate yourself.

At Chrysalis Spa, we pride ourselves in providing a tranquil sanctuary where our specially designed therapeutic spa programmes work wonders for you. With a whole range of spa treatments from face, body and hair wellness programmes; get inspired, feel revived and experience total relaxation attended by our trained and specialised therapists. Come and savour one of the most indulging experiences Chrysalis Spa can offer.
What Customers say:

I've been a customer of Chrysalis for about 3 years now. ...very nice ambience and cosy place. .. never had bad experiences with them so far, better still, treatments really fantastic! Just love their diamond peel, laser/facelifting treatments.. maybe you guys want to try out yourselves. . Their senior manager, Wendy a very down-to-earth and friendly person to talk to.. flexible too in working out packages for me, hee..hee.. am trying out their body healing massages, really good for my spine problem

Dear all, been to Chrysalis bishan outlet 5 months ago to try their promotion. ..... Good service and wonderful treatment ... i felt comfortable with them, and now into my 5th session already. Earlier this month, i brought my husband along to do facial n he liked it. ... Catherine, their manager, very obliging and customer-oriented. She really makes me feel welcome each time i come for treatment. I feel their staff behave the same as well. Maybe, i will rate them 9 out of 10!

Need to recharge? Relax a little. Let us take care of your needs.

Chrysalis Spa is just the place you would like to come to.

Here, with our signature treatments, latest beauty therapies, unique body massages and specific body care programmes, you will feel renewed and rejuvenated beyond your expectations. After all, you deserve it!

Choose from a wide variety of services that covers from head to toe.


Signature Treatments
Let our signature treatments revitalise your body, soothe away your anxieties and help you rediscover peace of mind and total relaxation.

Couple Indulgence

Must try for couple to indulge themselves in a private space; holistic treatments specially designed to pamper you and your partner.

Face Beauty Spa

Face spa tailored to suit your skin type with consultation of our professional beauticians. Experience visible facelift and skin glow after the treatments.

Body Wellness

Enjoy invigorating aromatic massages to revitalise your senses, body and soul. Leaving you awake and refresh.

Body Care Treatments

Treat yourself to a body contouring for specific spot reduction and cellulite therapy. Emerge a new look and a new you.

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Call our outlets or make a reservation online now. Our staff will be pleased to assist you in planning for your chrysalis experience.

Advance booking is suggested to ensure that desired appointment times can be guaranteed.

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For more information on our products and services, please feel free to contact us at the respective outlet or email us..

Email Address:

Chrysalis Spa Outlets
6253 3611 / 6253 4854
Bishan Central
Blk 513 Bishan St 13 #01-510
Business Hours: 10am - 9pm (Mon - Fri) 10am to 7pm ( Sat - Sun & PH)
6567 5393 / 6567 3738
Jurong East Central
IMM Building #03-12A (near 3rd floor car park entrance)
Business Hours: 11am - 8pm (Mon - Fri) 10am to 7pm ( Sat - Sun & PH)
6734 3886 / 6734 8534
Orchard Orchard Emerald #02-03/04
Business Hours: 10am - 9pm (Mon - Fri) 10am to 7pm ( Sat - Sun & PH)

6733 6485 / 6733 0167
OrchardSpecialists' Shopping Centre #03-29/30
Business Hours: 10am - 9pm (Mon - Fri) 10am to 7pm ( Sat - Sun & PH)

6587 3310 / 6587 3927
Simei East Point Maill #04-17
Business Hours: 11am - 9pm (Mon - Fri) 10am to 7pm ( Sat - Sun & PH)


1 comment:

  1. Chrysalis is a spa with lousy customer service and a false front. They preach sincerity, yet lack integrity. When I was signing up for a 6 session treatment at their Tampines outlet last year, i saw a sign that says they are closing and enquired on it. The counter staff blatently lied that it is just closing for a renovation in 2 months and will resume thereafter. Mistake 1: i trusted her and signed up for a facial treatment package. The Tampines outlet closed 2 months later and another shop took over the spot. After i made payment, there was no record card given and i was assured they will track on their end and remind me on the number of treatments available. Mistake 2: i trusted her and accepted it. Due to my busy schedule i did not go for the treatment on a periodic basis and completed the course without realising as there is no record card i can refer to. After a couple of months of busy months, not having the time to visit Chrysalis, i received a call that i still have 3 treatments left and asked when will i be going down again. However, when i went down, the counterstaff told me i only have 1 session left. I asked why was i told i have 3 sessions left over the phone and the staff said she don't know as she wasn't the one who called and there's no way to find out too. i asked to see the records but was rejected. Mistake 3: Whilst disgrunted, i gave them the benefit of the doubt and said fine, i will just complete the last session the day itself. The counterstaff then went into the back and came back again and said she saw wrongly and i have no more sessions left. I was flabbergasted and demanded an explanation on how can 2 different staff interpret the same record card differently 3 times and also demanded to see the record card and counterstaff relented and show me the record card. immediately i noticed the record is quite messy with sometimes multiple lines recorded for 1 treatment and sometimes 1 line for 1 treatment. upon closer inspection, there were records of forged signatory on dates i was travelling. i immediately took the record card and made a copy before sending it back to them. Mistake 4: i still gave them the benefit of the doubt that this is a matter of integrity of the counterstaff or perhaps this branch, hence i wrote to their customer service on my entire experience and requested to have a call. in reality, i was simply looking for 2 things. 1, an apology (not a single one was provided from start till end) and 2ndly, more importantly, corrective actions. Jenny Chan of Chrysalis Spa's customer service simply replied the fault lies with me as i should have known i have finished my treatment course, and (wait for it) the staff has been reprimanded. A simple push of the fault to me via email, no call although i requested for it, no explanation of how they intend to fix it, no sincere apologies, all with compliments from Jrnny Chan of Chrysalis Spa's customer service. You decide if you wish to visit them, but i will not make the 5th mistake of trusting them again.