Started in the early 1980s by the Chairman of COSMETICS LABORATORIES PTE LTD,

Dr. Andrew Ler, a PH.D in Health Sciences and a Doctor in Business Administration, the Company was then known as Dr. Tadlea Skincare Specialist Pte Ltd. At the time, it was set up to solely distribute Dr. Tadlea Skincare products.

However, by the late 1980s, Dr. Tadlea Skincare Specialist diverted its focus to researching and producing its own range of health and beauty care products focusing on the unique needs of

Asian skin types. Not happy with just that, Dr. Tadlea Skincare Specialist went a step further to create specially tailored products for their various and individual country markets. It was the birth of what is to become COSMETICS LABORATORIES today.

In 1990, Dr. Tadlea Skincare Specialist underwent a name change to COSMETICS LABORATORIES PTE LTD (COSLAB). Using Coslab Bioscience Technology, the best of therapies and treatments for creating and preserving beautiful skin was born. By embracing methods ranging from traditional therapies to modern alternative medicine, from natural treatments to home remedies, Coslab is today one of the more widely used natural treatments around the region.

Coslab Beauty Salons

Keeping tight quality controls over its network of professionally managed franchise outlets, Cosmetics Laboratories has been able to provide customers “a professional Coslab beauty salon ” at every outlet. Available at these outlets are vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, nutritional healing as well as services and professional consultation.

Jointly formulated in Singapore and USA, Cosmetics Laboratories products conform to the US FDA and GMP standards and enjoy ISO 9002: 2000 certification in both Singapore and the United Kingdom. Together with its stellar team of professionals and doctors, Coslab today conducts extensive research and product development as well as clinical trials.

Professional Estheticians

At Cosmetics Laboratories, customers are assured of individual consultation and clinical analysis from professionally licensed estheticians only.

Know Your Skin’s Needs

Now more than ever, your skin needs help to look its best. It needs proper nourishment and hydration to remain youthful, firm and glowing.

Knowing your skin type is the first step to flawless skin. From there, it is a matter of finding the right daily skin care routine to bring out its best. Like any living thing, your skin will change over the course of your life. Regular skin type assessment will help keep your skin care routine finely tuned to your skin’s needs for great looking skin throughout your life.

What’s Your Skin Type?

Your skin care needs are as unique as you. What you eat, you feel and what you do can affect your skin. In short, your skin reflects your lifestyle.

The best way to find out your skin type is to look at it, feel it and identify its needs.

Skin Renewal Is More Than Skin Care

The adage “Beauty comes from within” holds more than a grain of truth. Equally, if not more vital than skin care is the need to feed and nourish your skin from within. This is because all basic beauty begins with the glow of good health.


Coslab Bt Panjang

Bt Panjang Plaza


Tel: 6892 5794 Coslab Northpoint

Northpoint Shopping Centre


Tel: 6755 9885

Coslab Sengkang

Sengkang MRT Statiom


Tel: 6875 5128

Coslab Simei

East Point Mall


Tel: 6781 3218

Coslab Pasir Ris

Elias Mall


Tel: 6583 9960 Coslab Admiralty

Blk 678A Woodlands Ave 6


Tel: 6367 9177 Coslab Ang Mo Kio

Blk 727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6


Tel: 6554 1103 Coslab Hougang

Blk 684 Hougang Ave 8


Tel: 6385 3485

Coslab Jurong East

Blk 133 Jurong East St 13


Tel: 6565 9471 Coslab Jurong Point

Jurong Point Shopping Centre


Tel: 6792 7767 Coslab Serangoon

Blk 263 Serangoon Central Drive


Tel: 6286 3455

Coslab Tiong Bahru

18 Jalan Membina


Tel: 6278 9877

Coslab Bukit Batok

West Mall


Tel: 6792 7172 Coslab Bt Timah

Bt Timah Shopping Centre


Tel: 6462 4781

Coslab Novena

Square 2,


Tel: 6397 2342



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