Established more than 20 years ago, Cristalle de Paris is a pioneer in the beauty care industry. We are the first to serve the royal families and the first to invent the custom-blended treatments with pure, fresh ingredients that are plant-based, preservatives and perfume free with the innovation fromNEWPLANTCENTA™ and the latest being Lemieon.

The success and continued growth of the company today bears testimony to the vision and determination of none other than the CEO of Cristalle de Paris, Dr. Micheline Ong. Its eventful history and major Research and Development in the bio-technology field has also brought the company to international fame. Today, Cristalle de Paris has become a household name, continuing its dedication in frontline research and development of beauty science products. Set up by multi-talented and foresighted Dr. Micheline Ong, Cristalle de Paris have grown exponentially soon after Dr. Micheline Ong established the French laboratory led by renowned French beauty expert and consultant, Dr. Gerard Oleon.

An exemplary entrepreneur, Dr. Micheline Ong strongly believed in research and development. The French laboratory was established for the purpose of conducting research and development in beauty care treatments and products. Additionally, Dr. Ong invested in CP computerized skincare devices, which were specially imported.

From then on, there was no stopping. Dr. Micheline Ong revolutionized the beauty care industry with a constant flow of bold entrepreneurial moves. She is recognized for introducing the concept of makeover beauty. Her niche marketing position with a strong focus on continuous Research & Development as a premium beauty salon has certainly bear fruits and won over not only the royal customers from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia but also many loyal customers who place their trust on Dr Micheline Ong’s professional aesthetic expertise as well as her team of dedicated employees.

A firm believer in providing quality service and lifelong learning, Dr. Ong set up the Cristalle de Paris beauty academy in 1994 to constantly enrich its beauty therapists with the latest skills, knowledge and innovations in the beauty care industry.

In 1997, Dr. Micheline Ong continued her pursuit in providing groundbreaking, quality service. Cristalle de Paris became the first in Singapore to use Rolls Royce to chauffeur its most esteemed customers in a bid to provide even more personalized services.

Royalties from various nearby region has flocked to Dr Micheline Ong for her personalized and effective treatments.

By 1998, Cristalle de Paris added the American Plant Research Institute in biotechnology and nanotechnology to its collection of innovative establishments.

Other services that Cristalle de Paris provide:
Lemieon – latest painless, formula and ingredients based innovation treatment
Cristalle 21 Beauty Skin & Body Care Series
AestheticMD Clinic
Beauty Academy

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Tel: +65 6221 4288 / +65 6221 4388
Fax: +65 6323 2859


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