Welcome to EyeWise Vision Clinic, where you will find the finest quality eyecare. We realize that your time is valuable and thank you for your visit with us.

Whether you are searching for an experienced eye surgeon for LASIK, Cataract, Glaucoma or other eye surgeries, a medical second opinion, or for follow-up of diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration,general eye screening or wish to consult on some other eye condition, we offer you the assurance that we will deliver ethical eye care compassionately, and affordably.

We offer a complete range of eye services that you will be pleased to find are competitively priced. We promise to offer the best value and service, and will go the extra distance to ensure we deliver on this.

We understand that good vision is valued by everyone, and will spare no efforts in trying to enhance vision where possible. Your safety is paramount to us, and we take all necessary steps to ensure it. We further understand that your eyes are sensitive parts of the body and promise to deliver eyecare in a way that your visit is a pleasant and comfortable one.

When starting up this clinic we teamed up with the leaders in the eyecare industry, using only premium products. We believe we owe it to our patients to use only the finest equipment for better outcomes. While the use of premium products has a measurable effect in our visual outcomes, we have not added any extra cost to our consultation, a feature our patients will truly appreciate.

We only use premium lens implants from Alcon, AMO and Zeiss; Visual field analyzers from Humphrey Zeiss; Laser biometry IOL Master from Carl Zeiss Meditec, Slitlamp microscopes from Haag-Streit; Examination chairs from Reliance by Haag-Streit, Surgical microscopes from Carl Zeiss; Refraction measurement systems from market leader Nidek, Diagnostic lenses from Ocular and Volk, Presbyopia correction Conductive Keratoplasty systems from Refractec, Autoclave sterilizers from Scican so that instrument sterility is guaranteed, Surgical instruments from market-leading German (PMS), UK (Duckworth & Kent, Incus, Altomed) and American brands (ASICO, Katena, Mastel Surgical, MicroSurgical Technology) instead of commonly-used Indian-made and Chinese instruments.

Professional Eye Services by our Eye Surgeon

Cataract Surgery, Complex Lens Disorders & Iris Repair

A cataract is the term given to any clouding of the normally clear human natural crystalline lens. This can occur as a result of normal aging, or may be accelerated by some medical illnesses such as diabetes. Other types of damage to the lens from trauma, eye inflammation (iritis and uveitis), or certain drugs taken for other illnesses (corticosteroids) may also cause cataracts to form. read more

LASIK & Refractive Surgery for Myopia & Astigmatism

LASIK (Laser In-SItu Keratomilieusis) is the most widely performed refractive surgery today, and with good reason too. It has an excellent safety record, its results predictable, it corrects a wide range of refractive errors, is essentially painless, and the recovery is rapid. read more

Presbyopia (Aging sight) correction to eliminate/reduce the need for reading glasses

Everyone starts to lose some near vision when we reach the 40s. This results from gradual stiffening of the natural human lens in the eye with a loss of the ability to focus up close as we age. It is a natural part of the aging process, which progresses until about 60 years of age. read more

Glaucoma Screening & Surgery

Glaucoma is considered an illness of the nerve conveying images from the eye to the brain. This is often, but not always associated with an increase in eye fluid pressure. The eyeball is “pumped” to a certain normal pressure by fluid production within the eye. In normal eyes, this pressure is often between 10-21 mm of mercury (mmHg). read more

Diabetic eye screening

Diabetes is a common disease that may result in complications in the eyes. The changes occur mainly in the retina, the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye responsible for vision. As a result of prolonged elevated sugar levels in the blood, the delicate blood vessels in the retina become fragile and start to leak fluid and proteins into the retinal tissue. read more

YAG laser for vitreous floaters

Many people experience vitreous floaters in their field of vision. These usually are seen as a shadow which follows the line of sight. They are variously described as insects, mosquitos, cobwebs or hair that may come and go in the line of sight. read more

Childhood screening for refractive errors and squints

Singapore has one of the highest rates for myopia (short sightedness) in the world. A sad fact is that many of our young children of school-going age are already myopic, or have some other refractive error such as astigmatism (cylinder) or hyperopia (long-sightedness). read more

General eyecare and screening

If you would like a complete eye exam, an eye assessment for a driver’s licence, or a medical second opinion, then an appointment is simply a phonecall or email away.read more

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