The Fandelfe range of skin care products contain Vitamin E, collagen and hyaluronic acid, which have super anti-oxidants that are capable of dispersing damaging free radicals effectively. The products encourages power skin metabolism, with enhancing ingredients that actively boost skin renewal and blood circulation.

Fandelfe Natural E Moist Cleansing




This cleanser is rich in Vitamin E. It thoroughly cleanses the skin, dispersing free radicals and leaves the skin clean and fresh.

Before use, ensure that hands are thoroughly cleaned. On clean and dry hands, squeeze a sufficient amount of cleansing cream on the palm and spread it over face, massaging gently so that make-up and any grime or dirt can be removed. After that, use a soft tissue to clean away the cream and remains. Repeat this process until face is fully cleaned. This should be followed by the use of the facial wash to ensure that face is thoroughly cleaned.

Fandelfe Natural E Moist Foam




This washing foam further cleanses your face, leaving it smooth and supple. Double cleansing ensures that face is rid of all forms of dirt and grime that have been accumulated throughout the day. The use of an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser ensures that face can be thoroughly cleansed and allowed to breathe properly throughout the night.

After cleansing, wet hands and squeeze about a 10-cent coin size of washing cream onto palm. Lather it into foam and then spread onto face. Rinse face with water thoroughly, ensuring that face is clean from leftover cleansing cream. This should be followed by the lotion and a moisturizer.

Fandelfe Natural E Moist Lotion




This lotion can effectively maintain the soft texture of the skin and treat dry and rough skin by replenishing lost moisture and providing the skin with the necessary vitamins to maintain its texture.

After washing the face thoroughly, place about 2~4ml of lotion onto the palm or a piece of cotton pad and spread it on the face evenly. Allow the lotion to get absorbed into the skin before applying a layer of milk to keep the skin moist and supple. This can also be used as a base lotion before application of make-up. As usual, wash and dry face thoroughly before patting on this lotion gently onto face. Allow the lotion to get absorbed before applying on make-up base.

Fandelfe Natural E Moist Milk




This moisturizing milk works wonders on dry and dehydrated skin to ensure that skin's moisture is replenished and prevents skin from turning flaky. It is especially effective for those who work long hours in air-conditioned environments or sleep in air-conditioned rooms as it protects against dehydration. The use of this will ensure that skin’s moisture is retained.

After cleansing and washing, towel-dry face thoroughly. Place some moisturizing milk on palm and spread it evenly over the face, concentrating on dry and wrinkled areas. Gently pat the skin to allow the milk to get absorbed into the skin. This moisturizing milk should be used on a clean face and used after patting on the E Moist Lotion.

Fandelfe Natural E Cream




This night cream is capable of improving very dry skin. It replenishes lost moisture quickly and can be used on extremely dry skin caused by a change in weather conditions or prolonged exposure in air-conditioned environments.

Use this like a follow-up to the skin lotion to ensure effective moisture retention. After patting on the skin lotion, use a small amount of cream and spread it evenly over face and neck.

Fandelfe Natural E Pack



This is a face-pack that can be used once every 3 days to regulate and ensure skin stays moist, soft and supple. This pack contains the natural herb Shikoni, which is a poupular Chinese herb and was used in the past as an antiseptic to treat wounds. The combination of the herb in this face pack makes it effective in treating acne and other face problems. Repeated and prolonged usage will bring about firmer and more youthful skin that feels smooth and soft.

After the face is washed clean, spread the pack evenly on the face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. This pack can also be used of the neck and other parts of the body which require treatment. After 15 minutes, wipe off the pack with soft tissues and rinse the face thoroughly with water. Follow up with the use of the lotion and cream.

Fandelfe Natural E Calming




This calming lotion contains shikoni which can treat problem skin with acne or sensitive and red skin. It brings down the redness of the skin, cooling it down while at the same time replenishing its moisture. The skin can be rid of acne and pimples and at the same time keeping it moist and soft all the time.

Use this as usual, like a lotion after cleansing and washing, or as a base lotion to retain moisture before application of make-up. Before make-up, wash and dry face thoroughly before patting on this lotion gently onto face. Allow the lotion to get absorbed before applying on make-up base. After cleansing and washing, place about 2~4ml of lotion onto the palm or a piece of cotton pad and spread it on the face evenly. Allow the lotion to get absorbed into the skin before applying a layer of E Moist Milk to keep the skin moist and supple.

Fandelfe Natural E Moist Essence


5ml × 3


This essence is a concentrate that works effectively for skin that is dry, flaky and wrinkles easily due to the lack of moisture. It works on the skin rapidly, replenishing the much needed moisture and retaining it in the skin to bring about an improvement in the texture of damaged skin.

After cleansing and washing, place a small amount of essence onto the palm spread it evenly over the face. Gently pat face to allow the essence to get absorbed into the skin.

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