At Fave Nails, we hold a few beliefs. The first is that we treat all our customers like princesses. After a long day’s work in the office or at home, you deserve to be pampered, and we’ll make sure you are!

We also believe very strongly in sterilization and cleanliness. At our salons, you will notice that we sterilize all tools before, during and after each service. We also have air-cleaners in the shops which help to filter out air-borne smells and particles.

Our nail art designs and techniques are also updated very frequently, just like the way fashion gets updated. We love what we do, and we want that to show on your nails. Whether it is a classic French manicure or elaborate crystal-encrusted nails, we shine only because YOU shine!

Fave Nails was born in 2001 to provide quality nail care services with warmth and sincerity. From our first outlet at Shaw Centre, we have expanded to having two other equally accessible outlets at OUB Centre and CityLink Mall.

Fave Nails prides itself on being able to provide a wide spectrum of nails services. From simple Manicures to Acrylic Nails to complex services like 3-dimensional Nail Art and Japanese-style Nail Art, we put our heart into them.

Today, Fave Nails has evolved to being more than just a nail place. We now offer quality Waxing, Eyebrow, Eyelash, and Facial services in which we have injected the same professionalism and sincerity.

Fave Nails, truly your one-stop beauty spot in town!

The staff at Fave Nails are here simply because they enjoy doing what they do. The Manicurists enjoy doing nails and nail art, the Make-up Artists enjoy giving you to-die-for eyelashes and eyebrows, the Facial Therapists giving you porcelain-smooth skin and the Waxing Specialists enjoy stripping the hair off you!

And their love for what they do shows in their warm and sincere service. We hope you enjoy being served by them as much as they enjoy serving you!

Express Manicure
A quick service that involves us shaping your nails, giving your hands a mini massage and painting your nails in your Fave nail colour and super-duper quick-dry top coat.

Express Pedicure
A quick service where we shape your nails, give your feet a scrub and mini massage before finishing off with your Fave nail colour and a super-duper quick-dry top coat.

Shape and Paint
Quite literally, we shape and paint your nails and you’re good to go!

Deluxe Manicure
We’ll shape your nails, clear your cuticles, give you a heavenly hand massage and paint your nails in your Fave nail colour.

Deluxe Pedicure
We’ll shape your nails, clear your cuticles, smoothen your heels, scrub your feet and treat them to a delightful massage before painting your nails in your Fave nail colour.

Naturale Spa Manicure
Naturale Spa Pedicure
See nature reverse the damages inflicted by modern day pollutants with this treatment using all organic products. Packed with AHAs and anti-oxidants, this treatment reduces fine lines, lightens pigmentation spots and gives your hands and feet a more youthful appearance.

Divine Spa Manicure
Divine Spa Pedicure
As the name suggests, this treatment eases stress, purifies the skin, revitalizes the senses and in simply Divine…

Formulated with extracts of hibiscus, lotus and white tea (traditionally consumed only by Chinese Emperors), your skin will be treated to a super dosage of anti-oxidants and flavonoids. Fit for the queen that you are, we say.

Rejuvenating Hand Mask
Rejuvenating Foot Mask
Experience the revolutionary property of “Moisture with a Memory” with the Advanced Hydrating Crème and see how the Green Tea Masque literally lift fines lines off your skin!

Paraffin Wax for Hands
Paraffin Wax for Feet
This warm treatment soothes stiff muscles, relaxes aching joints and heals dry skin and cuticles. Feel your aches melt away with the warm soothing paraffin wax.

Cracked Heel Therapy
If you have Callused, Cracked Heels, you will know they tend to be painful and potentially embarrassing as they snag on stockings and silk dresses. Using
Dr. FootPro’s quality footcare products, we are able to show you instant results that will amaze you. Try it, your feet will love you for it!
(individually packed for optimum hygiene and results)

Collagen Hand Spa
Collagen Foot Spa
This anti-bacteria & anti-inflammation Collagen Mask is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It contains natural plant essences to restore your skin’s elasticity. Skin stays smooth and soft for at least one week and nails are visibly brightened. Continual use results in youthful, soft and tender skin and healthy nails!
(individually packed for optimum hygiene and results)


Temporary Extensions
Get your nails extended temporarily for about 1 week with Temporary Extensions! They’re ideal if you have an upcoming special occasion like a photo shoot, wedding Company function or hot date. They look natural and great and are easy to remove too!

Acrylic Extensions
These are great for people who want stunning, attention-grabbing, yet natural looking nails that last! They’re also great for habitual nail-biters or those who want to let their natural nails grow out without inhibitions. With regular infills, these acrylic nails last and last.

Gel Extensions
These nails look great, natural and best of all, the shine lasts and lasts, as if you applied a fresh layer of top coat everyday! Wear it on its own or over acrylic nails for greater shine. Note: Gel, if worn over natural nails, need to be buffed off and cannot be soaked off.

Acrylic Infills
Gel Infills
Nail Repair with acrylic
Soak Off
Buff Off
Fantasy Nails Application & Customization


Nail Art
Fave Nails’ forte: from sweet little flowers to chic swarovski crystal designs, be prepared to wow the crowd!

Three-dimensional (3D) Nail Art
Watch your nails come alive with our signature 3D nail art! Look out and stand up for fabulous nails!

Manicure Parties
Hold a Manicure Party to celebrate your birthday, hen’s night, company reward session and much more! We’ll decorate the place according to your theme and serve finger food, pastries and drinks to make all happy!

Fave Nails is situated in three accessible locations in town.
Fave Nails @ Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road, #05-10 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Tel: 6235 5015
Fave Nails @ OUB Centre
1 Raffles Place, #04-16 OUB Centre, Singapore 048616
Tel: 6536 6825
Fave Nails @ CityLink Mall
1 Raffles Link, #B1-08 CityLink Mall, Singapore 039393
Tel: 6341 9159

Customer Feedback: info@favenails.com.sg



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