By 2009, all television broadcasters will have to switch to HDTV (High Definition TV). Typically this change would only affect Hollywood, but with HD camcorders already available on the consumer market, it's only a matter of time before your wedding memories and vacation souvenirs are recorded on an HD camera.

HD means we have to worry about every wrinkle, pockmark and shadow. The naked eye might not see any imperfections on your skin but the HD camera won't miss a flaw. While the technology has been rapidly growing, the beauty industry has been in dire need of makeup exclusively geared towards solving these particular dilemmas.

Enter -- Kryolan Professional Makeup. Kryolan has created a High Definition Makeup line tailored specifically for high-resolution cameras. Encased in stylish silver and translucent packaging, products give its users porcelain-perfect skin before the camera, as well as nurture it by hosting Vitamin E, anti-aging properties, and ingredients that protect from harmful UV-rays.

"Because the camera sees every flaw," says Claudia Longo, CEO of Kryolan. "Kryolan took on the challenge to create a new generation of make-up that meets the demanding requirements of HD. Our HD make-up ensures that every camera light and angle is a good one. The products are as good for your skin as it makes you look on camera."

Particularly valuable are the Micro Foundation Matifying Liquid, Micro Foundation Smoothing Liquid, and Micro Foundation Creme, all available in 18 natural colors and can be matted and set with the Micro Silk Powder. These foundations and powder have the incredible ability to take years off and guarantee smooth and even skin on the screen and in real life.

For more information on Kryolan Professional Makeup, visit www.kryolan.com or call (800) KRYOLAN


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