(ARA) - Summer is a great time for outdoor activities, many of which require swimming attire. Women often find themselves dreading this time of year because they are not satisfied with how their swimsuit fits or makes them look. The problem is they don't have the right swimsuit for their body.

"Everyone can be self confident during swimsuit season no matter what body type they have," says Donnamarie Mazzola of Cyberswim.com, a swimwear Web site specializing in Miraclesuit swimwear. "There are easy ways to draw attention to or away from different aspects of your body that will flatter your shape and make you feel your best."

Here are some tips to follow to get the swimsuit you want and look great this summer:

* Internet

Don't limit yourself to only what is in the stores. Size selection and inventory is often limited and it can be hard to find the styles that work best for your unique figure, especially if you need a hard to find size like a D or DD cup swimsuit, or plus size swimwear. Try a Web site like Cyberswim.com that guides users through a variety of swimsuit styles so they can find the swimsuit solution for their problem areas. Plus shopping online is private and once you receive your suit, you can try it on in the privacy of your own home, and return it if it doesn't fit or flatter.

* Fabric

One of the most important factors to consider when swimsuit shopping is the suit's material. This is something that is often overlooked. Lycra Spandex is the component of the fabric that provides the shaping and holding power, so the more Lycra Spandex, the more control. Look for the amount of Lycra Spandex in the suit, and if possible, how the fabric is made; typically it is 10 to 12 percent.

For example, if you look at Miraclesuit swimsuits, they contain as much as 30-50 percent Lycra, often over three times the amount in other suits. This is very unique when compared to other suits, which have a lower Lycra Spandex content and rely on inner girdle-like panels for control. This fabric is specially created to have a four-way stretch factor, not simply the common two-way stretch. This provides control plus added lift and support.

* Identify

In order to find a great swimsuit you need to look at your body and identify what you want to minimize or accentuate. Remember, what the eye focuses on or skips past determines the swimsuit benefits.

For example, to minimize the waist, trick the eye to pass over this area or travel toward the middle of the waistline, rather than outward to the edges. Look for styles with empire waists and diagonal lines. To minimize the bust, focus the eye away from the widest part of the bust with wider or double straps and/or stripes above or below. To accentuate the bust, the eye should focus on this area. Look for suits that reveal more skin, have padding, or even jewelry or embellishments at the bust.

* Style

A flattering swimsuit with control is not usually found in the bikini. But you can be just as stylish and fun with a variety of other options. One-piece swimsuits compliment and provide a wide range of style options. Tankinis are great for those who want a two piece option without showing a lot of skin. They are also great for those who need a different size on top versus on the bottom.

Color and design are important elements as well. Darker colors tend to be more subtle. If you do want to incorporate a design, try having the top of the swimsuit, or top piece of the tankini have the pattern, keeping the bottom clean and simple. This has a slimming effect and brings the eyes upward.

"The bottom line is there are swimsuits out there that flatter every woman. By following these principles and looking for figure flattering, supportive and slimming swimsuits like the Miraclesuit line, you can find one you're sure to love. And who doesn't want to enjoy summer a little bit more?"


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