At Inaharmoni, we believe in bring the body into harmony, in all our therapies, we believe in creating harmony from withini to achieve visible and sustained results.

We take the holistic approach to total well-being in our exclusive Face, Body and Wellness therapies that combine modern, cross-cultural and traditional techniques.

Our fervent belief in suing only botanical and natural products in our therapies extends in our wish to raise awareness among the public on the need for total well-being and harmony from within.



Aroma Radiance Face Therapy

A customized face therapy using premium grade essential oils to purify, refresh and revitalize your skin to restore a healthy glow. It completes with a volcanic ash natural clay mask which improves the face lymphatic system to drain away accumulated toxins, reduce puffiness on the eyes and face and iron out lines & wrinkles.

The Aromazen Hybrid Therapy

Fully tailor-made & personalized, using the best essential oils, customized triple action skin boosters, serums and pure plant extracts which add a restorative touch to the skin.

C512 Facial Rejuvenation
Independant research has shown that collagen production can be increased by 42% by using low heat broadband light at low intensities. New collagen is formed, to result in improved skin texture, reduced fine lines, reduced pigmentation, diminished pores and firmer, more resilient skin. Oiliness and blemishes are controlled. Results are quick, free from side effects and are long lasting. Unique settings can also be used to resolve the problem of acne and unwanted blemishes in the skin.


Hydration determines the quality and comfort of the skin. Thus, the HydraPelle treatment contains a moisturising agent combining several mechanisms for maintaining the moisture balance of the skin. It consists of a protective , anti-dehydrating action from film forming properties, moisturises both on the surface and deep down, effectively increasing cell activity that restores vitality to the skin. It is a complete answer to all the problems resulting from dehydration of the skin. The moisturisation achieved is rapid, but also, long lasting and durable.


The RosaPelle Professional programme effectively combats redness, and is based on the use of highlly concentrated cosmetic formulations of vegetable origins. It is aimed at the cosmetic treatment of sensitive skin which shows a tendency to redness. It soothes skin exposed to the aggressive effects of the environment, as well as skin that has reacted adversely to other cosmetic treatments. Resultant skin is light, fresh , smooth and protected.


The EquiPelle treatment effectively addresses the problems related to impure skins, seborrhoea and acne. The compound of active substances is based on the combination of vegetable extracts well known for their purifying, lenitive, antiseptic and astringent properties. These extracts are also well known , and used in the field of dermatology to remedy problems like acne, seborrhoea and also for depigmentation.


The Liftpelle professional treatment is a complete anti-age solution. It bases its action on functional principles that work in affinity with the skin processes and constitute a specific cosmetic treatment for the aesthetic problems of mature skin, which can include wrinkles, atonia and dull colour. Results are visible after the first session, the skin surface smoothens, firmness is regained and skin appears brighter and more hydrated.


The Rejuvenator is an aesthetic laser machine, that works on the muscles to regenerate the skin. It improves lymphatic drainage in the face to eliminate toxins and contribute to a youthful, refreshed visage. It is a treatment for the entire face, neck and chest,to eradicate the appearance of loose skin and wrinkles. A customised mask is used to treat problems like oily or dry skin.

C512 Hair Removal

The latest hair removal method from France now offers clients permanently smooth, hair free skin. You can say goodbye to all the normal temporary methods like shaving, depilatory creams, tweezing and waxing. Our permanent removal method uses the principle of pulse light that is intense and selectively acts on the melanin found in the hair. The sessions are rapid and virtually painless. over a few sessions, the number of hairs diminishes. Hair thins and growth slows down, after which, only follow up maintenance is needed. GEM technology manages to deposit most of the energy in a place coinciding with the position ofthe hair follicles. The broadband enables the treatment of hair types which are typically hard to treat, such as feathery or bright hair. Energy is delivered to the melamine of the hair shaft, and the broadband vascular components target the tiny capillaries supplying nutrition to the hair follicles, to effectively destroy them as permanently as possible.


Body Beautiful Therapy
A body contouring, firming and reshaping programme. It is a 4-in-1 therapy which works together to break down stubborn fats, stimulates the lymphatic flow & elimination of cellulite. It also increases the metabolic rate and firms the muscles.

Body Refine Therapy (LDM)
A slow & light pressure massage which stimulates the body’s lymph flow to eliminate toxins and waste including cellulite and viruses and strengthens the body’s lymphatic system.

Body Quantum Therapy
The Body Quantum therapy is a new generation in selective slimming.Throughout the treatment the fuel from this muscular activity comes from the fat held within the fibres which are released to provide the required energy. In turn this tones the muscle and creates a rapid reduction in excess body fat which is easily measureable and in stantly noticeable after the first treatment.

Contouring Lymph Therapy
A detoxifying body contouring lymphatic program with revitralising essence of aroma essential oils.It consists of the latest computerised muscle exercise, breaks down fats and tones flabby muscles.

One of the latest innovations in German technology .Your body's contours are enhanced with medium frequency muscle stimulation. The results include toning and firming , which can also be used for facial

Heart’s Desire Bust Enhancement
A unique and effective natural bust therapy that guarantees to firm and increase the volume of the bust. The application of specific massage techniques clears toxins while gently encouraging collagen and elastin rejuvenation. Whatever your concerns are, you’ll get firm, full and well-shaped breasts.

PR Cell
The PR Cell treatment is a holistic treatment that addresses well-being and complete body relaxation, in addition to beauty. It is inspired by energy treatments that eliminate muscular and vascular tension, and releases vital energies that improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. A French technique of combining a vacuum massage together with a rolling motion , releases lymphatic blockage and softens connective tissue that causes the dimpling of cellulite. The treatments can be used to solve specific problems encountered by different clients, effectively meeting the individual needs of each client.

Le Prus
The Le Prus constitutes the use of vacuum suction therapy and low frequency ultrasound to break down stubborn fats. Problem areas are easily targeted, and sluggish drainage is unblocked. This treatment also effectively eliminates cellulite and dimpled skin, resulting in smooth , unblemished skin.

Celllusatron with Lymphatic Drainage
Ultrasound technology is used to break down fats in the whole body. With 36 points of contact, this machine is able to cover a large surface area to expedite all-around inch loss in the body. The deep penetration of the ultrasonic waves effectively breaks down stubborn fats and eliminates areas of concern.

Amazing Body Sculpting
An express body contouring programme that will eliminate cellulite & reshape your body in just 20 minutes. Achieve simply amazing results in just 20 minutes.


Swedish Massage
A soft tissue manipulation massage, which includes many well-known massge techniques. It has a tranquilizing effect on the nervous system to release tension and anxiety.Blood circulation is expedited, thus the body is energised and self-healing is promoted.

The Swedish Harmani Treat
Enjoy the calming feeling of a massage which promotes total relaxation using selected essential oils & specific massage techniques to release tension & anxiety. This brings balance and harmony to your total well being.

Shiatsu Massage
The term ÒShiatsuÓ is made up of two Japanese words-Shi (finer) and atsu (pressure). This ancient Japanese healing art works via manipulation techniques on acupressure points of the body. It promotes the free flow of energy while rejuvenating the whole body.

Balinese Massage
A deep tissue massage using rolling long strokes, finer hand pressure to release tension and increase flexibility. Helps relieve back and shoulder pains, stiffness and sore muscles, softens fatty tissue, thus improving the overall health of the whole body.

Javanese Massage
A relaxing deep tissue
massage that works on the acupressure points of the body using essential oils tailored to improve blood circulation, clear blockages and drain toxins. Simply the ideal solution to relax and heal.

Hot Stone Massage
This therapy involves the use of heated stones which are applied on the acupressure points on the back to bring about relief to stiff and sore muscles resulting in released tension and alleviation of chronic and acute problems that many of us deal with on daily basis.

Mandi Lulur
This traditional therapy was given to brides-to-be in a luxurious and elabrate full body treatment ritual, nine days before the wedding ceremony. At Inahamani, the Mandi Lulur has been re-designed to cater to the needs of the modern man, caught in the vagaries of everyday life.

Guarana Goats Milk Therapy
A luxurious body moisturizing therapy, with a full body detoxifying Guarana Scrub and a blanket of whitening GoatÕs Milk. Snugly cocooned in a divine thermal wrap, you then get treated to a nurturing body wipe down. This comes complete with an hour of pampering head to toe massage


Therm O’Draine
- A revolutionary body therapy which raise the capability of natural recovery and resistance via the inner body’s heat. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation for the elimination of toxins and wastes, increase oxygen absorption of blood flow, reduces cellulite and revitalize your metabolism. Attain a healthier you!

Avatar Derma-TrX
- A new revolutionary facial using space age technology created for the Russian astronauts to retain their youth and wellness in space. It reduces age lines, firms sagging skin and improves skin tone effectively. Enjoy a truly holistic, wellness facial that not only leaves your face looking fresh and dazzling, but also revitalises and energises your body and total well-being.

Avatar Complete
- Get away from the pressure and stress of our daily lives and dwell in this luxurious body treatment which relieves aches and body pains instantly. Incorporating the latest in technology and techniques, this therapeutic therapy improves blood circulation, relaxes your muscles and soothes your mind. Luxuriate in this splendid indulgence that is totally new and one of its own!

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