Jerry Tan Eye Surgery is all about "quality, safety, concern and experience",

using advanced technology both for diagnosis and treatment. We will select the most appropriate procedure for you, whetherLASIK, ICL or other treatments.

Our objective is always to offer the best possible visual outcome using the most suitable technology tailored for your eye.

We will answer all your questions and make your vision correction surgery a most rewarding experience for you.

Why Choose Jerry Tan Eye Surgery?

SafetyAt Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, we pride ourselves in safety. We always perform LASIK on one eye at a time. We endeavor to make your LASIK experience the safest and most pleasant one possible.

People have often asked whether it is possible to perform LASIK on both eyes simultaneously. Though theoretically possible, there are few medical reasons and no absolute indications for this to be carried out. It is also necessary to consider the risks of bilateral infection which can occur with simultaneous LASIK. A major reason for bilateral LASIK surgery is convenience for the surgeon.

At Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, Dr Tan has never performed bilateral simultaneous LASIK since he started performing LASIK in 1996. He believes that the safety of the patient is more important than convenience, and takes an uncompromising stance on this.

As such, Dr Tan performs LASIK on a patient’s eyes sequentially, separating surgery for each eye for a period of 1 to 3 weeks. This is because most complications (should any surface) will occur within the first week of surgery.

Patients are prescribed 2 types of antibiotics to cover all the various kinds of bacteria capable of causing infection in a LASIK operation. Many centres prescribe only one type of antibiotic to try and cover any possible infection.

Unfortunately, the sequential nature of surgery may cause some patients to feel imbalanced because of the disparity of the power between both their eyes in the period between the first operation and the second. This problem can be minimized by the use of contact lenses.

Of the over 11,000 cases that Jerry Tan Eye Surgery has handled to date, there has been only one early infection. The patient recovered with prompt intensive antibiotic treatment. Today, his unaided vision is an excellent 6/6 or 20/20 (perfect vision). This compares favourably to centres around the world where the average rate of infection is 1 in 5,000.

The 2nd generation Femtosecond laser (IntraLase) was used by Jerry Tan Eye Surgery in late 2004 to increase the safety of making the LASIK flap. The way that the flap is created with IntraLase makes it impossible to create a free cap. Currently we are using the latest 4th generation Femtosecond laser allowing us to further improve visual outcomes.

Modern Equipment and Technology

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery has, over the past 10 years, utilized 6 lasers – 5 Excimer lasers and 1 Femtosecond laser. We are dedicated to bringing you advanced technology and modern equipment to improve your treatment. The newer lasers are faster, more stable and are able to make the result of your operation more consistent with a shorter surgery duration.

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery has utilized the Wavelight Allegretto 400 Hz Eye Q laser, the first laser specifically designed for Wavefront-guided treatments. This laser treats 1 dioptre (100 degrees) of myopia in 2 seconds for a 6mm optical zone.

The 4th-generation Femtosecond laser used by Jerry Tan Eye Surgery is the latest Femtosecond laser to reach the Singapore market.


In surgery – just like other things in life – “practice makes perfect”. Dr Tan is the only surgeon in Jerry Tan Eye Surgery performing LASIK surgery. There are no trainee or substitute doctors involved in these operations. Dr Tan started performing LASIK in May 1996. To date he has done more than 11,000 cases. He has performed myopic, astigmatic, hyperopic, topography guided (Topolink and T-Cat), Wavefront guided (Zyoptix & A-Cat), Wavefront optimized and Wavefront enhanced (Custom-Q, F-Cat), LASIK in Singapore. He has also performed phacoemulsification cataract surgery since 1990– which is now the most common form of surgery to remove cataracts in the world today.

Dr Tan personally calibrates the lasers before each case and checks that all the systems are in complete working order. He has assembled all the microkeratomes for use in every patient for the last 10 years.

At your pre-LASIK assessment, Dr Tan will attend to you to conclude your examination and he will see you personally for every scheduled follow-up. Should you have an emergency, he will see you personally. However if you have an emergency while he is out of the country, you will be referred to one of his colleagues experienced in LASIK surgery.

Dr Tan’s senior clinic staff have been working with him for at least 6 years. His nursing officer and senior staff nurse have both had LASIK done by him, the former having undergone surgery 9 years ago and the latter 6 years ago. They have personal experience at both ends of the laser, giving them better insight to your expectations and concerns. Their respective surgeries were at their own request, and Dr Tan has never insisted his staff undergo LASIK.


The Ministry of Health paper Lasik Surgery: Outcomes, Volume and Resources published in Dec 2006, compared the success, predictability and safety rates of LASIK in Singapore for 2005. You may review the results from the Ministry of Health Paper here.

ConcernOn the day of surgery, you will be guided through the whole process of surgery in great detail. A co-operative patient is essential for highly successful surgery.

If you are worried or nervous, it will be arranged for you to attend the clinic at least 1 day prior to surgery for a “full dress rehearsal”. The whole operation is simulated, right down to laying the patient under the laser and placing all the LASIK instruments into the eye. This is done to allay whatever fears you may have, as well as get you accustomed to the operation environment. Practice makes perfect for both the patient and surgeon.

These sessions have allowed our most nervous patients to do well during actual surgery, and are complimentary, as a part of our service.

After surgery, you will rest in a private, quiet and comfortable area, lying down for at least an hour. Lying on one’s back for the first hour has been reported to help better flap position and apposition. Dr Tan will see you personally after this first hour to ensure that all is well before allowing you to go home. This is something he has done for the past 12 years.

You will also enjoy the convenience and comfort of a complimentary limousine service to bring you home after the surgery. These drivers have been specially trained and selected to ensure that you have a pleasant, safe and relaxing journey home.

That same evening, a senior staff member from Jerry Tan Eye Surgery will contact you by telephone to find out how you are faring. Feel free to ask any questions and should you feel uncomfortable, you will be asked to return to the clinic immediately – regardless of the time – for an examination and treatment by Dr Tan.

Most of the senior staff who will contact you have undergone LASIK themselves and will be able to diagnose a problem immediately. Fortunately, the necessity to call patients back to the clinic has been very, very rare.

Customised treatments for all patients

All LASIK treatments in Jerry Tan Eye Surgery are customised to patient’s individual needs. No standard treatments are done.

Standard treatments can never give the best chance of obtaining excellent vision, because in standard treatment, the spectacle power is keyed into the laser (That is all that is done!). No allowances for the unique condition of an individual’s eye are taken into consideration.

Customization on the other hand details the irregularities and aberrations unique to your eye and attempts to eliminate as many visual distortions as possible. This also includes those visual distortions created during LASIK treatment, something that cannot be achieved with standard treatment. The Custom Q and Wavefront optimised treatment allows us to anticipate and eliminate created problems.

In fact, Dr Tan has 4 types of LASIK customization in his clinic. Even so, Dr Tan will discuss with you what is best for YOUR eye.


At Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, we don’t cut any corners. Patients always ask why it takes us 5 hours to ascertain their suitability for LASIK surgery. We conduct a whole range of comprehensive tests which are necessary to ensure that you will have the highest chance of obtaining an excellent result; As well as to have a better idea on how to customise your treatment.

Cycloplegic refraction

The most accurate way to ascertain your refraction (the power of your eye) is a technique called Cycloplegic refraction. This technique is routinely used to prescribe spectacles in children for the best accuracy. This test itself takes longer than 1 hour.

One side effect of this test is the dilation of your pupil for 2 to 3 days, and as such, performing LASIK within the 2 days following the test will be very difficult, as centering of a dilated pupil during surgery is inaccurate. Omitting this test increases the risk of an inaccurate refraction; some centres still omit this test for convenience.

Dr Tan treats many patients with previous surgery from all parts of the world. Many sophisticated tests are necessary in determining a patient’s suitability for LASIK include corneal topography, ocular coherence tomography and Scheimplug photography.

Apart from those mentioned above there are the standard tests and investigations which are required in all cases of LASIK.

Long Term

Dr Tan will enhance your eyes for a small fee even years after your original treatment, no conditions attached. He will not enhance your initial treatment if it is dangerous or jeopardises the safety of your eye. Even after 10 years of doing LASIK surgery, enhancements have been done for approximately 5% of all cases involving powers ranging from 0.75 dioptres to 24.00 dioptres (75 to 2400 degrees).

A medical report will be sent to you after your final visit with Dr Tan. Essential information about your LASIK surgery will be included in this report, which will help you with future problems such as cataracts. Should you develop cataracts, this information will be needed to help calculate the power of the artificial lens implant accurately. You can request for a duplicate copy of this report at any time.

You will be given an open date after your 3 month visit and you will be most welcome to see Dr Tan any time thereafter should you encounter any LASIK or non LASIK related eye problem. Dr Tan is a comprehensive ophthalmologist and in addition has subspecialty training in cornea and External eye disease as well.

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