Founded in 1976 , J's has grown from a single 1000sq ft premise providing professional Beauty & Relaxation Services, to 4 separate premises, each specialising in specific areas, spanning 5000 sq ft.

Over the years, we have gained greater expertise and wider exposure in each of our specialised service area.

We are passionate and take pride in providing our customers with the best in Customer Service, Professionalism and Expertise. Hence we are always in the forefront of the Har, Beauty and Fashion trends in markets such as Japan, the United States (US), France and Singapore.

Let your hair down...

Escape into the realm of our hair haven and allow us to shower tender, loving care on your tresses. Float away to bliss and serenity while we massage away your cares. While you luxuriate in paradise, your hair and scalp are being repaired and restored, regaining health and lustre. Allow us to pamper you with hair services that provide delightful sensorial experiences. J's Salon is so much more than a hair salon, because we strongly believe in providing value-added services to meet all your needs.

Shampoo Blow / Set (45 minutes) from $48 Professionally styled hair for every occasion. Look well-coiffed without any effort.

Hair Treatment (1 hour) $69 for ladies $59 for men Shower attention on your hair and let your crowning glory soak up much-needed hydration.

Hair Cut by Styling Director (45 minutes) $108 for ladies $69 for men A sleek hairdo with your personality written all over it.

Hair Perm (2 hours) $148 for ladies $118 for men Classic perm that's gentle on your hair.

Colour (2 hours) $138 for ladies $88 for men Classic hair colouring that lets you experiment with colours that accentuate your skin colour and features.

Highlight (2 hours) $148 for ladies $98 for men Highlights give you the leeway to be totally adventurous with colors. It adds another dimension to your personality.

Bridal Make-up from $120 Let us create an unforgettable look for your big day, a look that the camera and everyone around you will simply love.

Day Natural Make-up from $60 Allow our experienced, qualified professionals to bring out your grace and charm.

Night Make-up from $80 Glamourous make-up that'll shine the limelight on you.


J's Relaxation Energy Head Massage (45 minutes) from $68 Soothes away your stresses, ease your headaches and tension.

J's Dual Tone Colour / Multi Tone $198 A meticulously handpicked base colour is perfected with highlights of another tone. Outstandingly nourishing and protective, you'll walk away with dual-toned hair that's beautifully glossy and silky-smooth.

J's Colour Concept (2 hours) from $198 A stylish tint, a touch-up job, white hair coverage. J's Colour Concept includes a creative haircut, L'Oreal Creative Colour Treament and Oxygen Treatment.

J's Rock 'n' Roll Magical Perm (3 hours 30 minutes) from $338 Transform into a rock chick with loads of attitude. Get big, carefree curls balanced with womanliness and cheekiness.

J's Creative Japanese Perm (2 hours 30 minutes) from $198 A revolutionary two-in-one hairstyle that combines straight hair and curls, for soft, subtly wavy hair! Includes a creative haircut, Japanese Synchrone Perm and Oxygen Treatment.

Rebonding (4 hours) from $280Super-straight, extra-classy hair that requires zero effort to maintain. No flyaways, no frizziness. Just a silky smooth, glossy mane.

Ceramic Magic Power Setting Perm (3 hours 30 minutes) from $328Minimal-maintenance, long-lasting curls that will not go out of shape. Protects hair and does not cause hair damage.

:: J's Salon-Kerastase Hair and Scalp Institute

Slip into a whole new experience in the pristine grounds of Asia 's first premier J's Salon-Kérastase Hair & Scalp Concept Institute. An oasis of luxury and beauty, a calming retreat in the heart of town, J's Salon-Kérastase Hair & Scalp Institute unites professional service staff with the international professional luxury brand, joining the ranks of some of the world's top fashion capitals Paris , New York , Tokyo , London , Milan and prestigious Kérastase Institutes in 45 countries.

Experience for yourself L'Art du Soin, or the Art of Hair Beauty, the quintessence of Kérastase luxury. Hair care takes on a completely new dimension in this exceptional space dedicated solely to Kérastase Luxury Rituals.

Deluxe Ritual Suite

Pamper yourself in absolute privacy, overlooking a charming garden. Indulge in the exquisite sensations of care. Share moments of heightened enjoyment with your loved ones in the unique twin-seater couch.

Leave behind the pressures of bustling urban life. Surrender to the sheer pleasure of your personalised blissful renewal.

Hair & Scalp Packages

Kerathermie Treatment (2 hours 30 minutes) from $198

K-Mist Treatment (1 hour 30 minutes) from $128

Scalp Treatment (1 hour) from $88

Hair Treatment (1 hour) from $98

Hair Growth Treatment(1 hour 15 minutes) $98

Anti-Age with Lipo-Recharge Treatment (2 hours) from $198

Deluxe Ritual Suite Treatment (2 hours) from $198

Indian Oil Head Ayurveda Marma Point Massage (2 hours) from $198

Ayurveda Marma Point Massage (30 minutes) from $88

Hot Stone Massage (30 minutes) from $88

All prices subject to prevailing GST.

Special packages are not entitled to further discounts.

Listed prices are for informational purposes only and may change without notice.



The Lancôme beauty institute is dedicated to both and sensory pleasure. From the inviting lounge to the lovely cabins, everything is designed to allow a gradual, tactile discovery of the many different facets of the world of Lancôme. An expression of elegance and eternal seduction that finds its focal point in the poly-sensorial intimacy of the beauty booths. Greeted by the sensuality of the textures and fragrances and the elegance of the shapes and dream-like sounds, from the moment you enter. Each of your senses is stimulated in a perfect blend of harmony and understanding so that luxury, calmness and sensual delight reign in the depths of your being.


Walking into a Lancôme beauty booth is first and foremost the act of demarcating a magic frontier with the outside world. White curtains close over the skincare area to create an open space which is both futuristic and original. Protected by this circle of intimacy which does not actually enclose you but wraps you up warmly as if you were inside a high-tech chrysalis, your body and mind can at last reveal all. In pace and in tune with your senses.

The cocoons from a colorless bubble destined to receive lit-up, musical, and olfactive coloring specific to each treatment during this “moment of beauty”. As soon as the expertise and evaluation operations are done, the multisensorial adventure begins. You enter the mythical temple of Baudelairian letters, where living perfumes respond to the sounds of a caress and the glow of a serene smile. Depending on the treatment, the white cocoon turns into a firefly and a session of color therapy, lighting up with warm orange, the symbol of joy and energy; or ocean blue if you are looking for peace and quiet; or Amazonian green to feel new deep-down vitality. To attain the sensuality and harmony of movement, an ingenious alchemy between perfume and music augments the state of receptivity to products and massages. We use a wide array of delicious aromas combining the pleasure of the senses with the power of essential oils. In addition, using either an energetic or relaxing music composed exclusively by the International Centre of Music Therapy, each piece of music is designed to be in harmony with the motions used in the treatment. The Lancôme philosophy is to embellish the body and mind. “Beautiful skin is happy skin”. In this respect, the multi-sensorial adventure emphasizes still further the living character of this beauty care space destined to transform itself into a real event. The advent of beauty. Your event.


Huddled up inside this cocoon which hugs your abandonment, away from outside eyes and pressures, you are at the very centre of our attention. To make sure that nothing disturbs your total serenity, professional tools are concealed and stored where you cannot see them. Our beauty therapists, both knowing and discreet, cater to your every wish. They are your skin’s very best friends and the finest ambassadors for Lancôme know-how across the world. Aided by highly sophisticated apparatus, trained in age-old massage techniques and of course benefiting from the performance of Lancôme products, they give the finest advice and personalized skincare to enhance the aura of beauty around your body.



The world’s leading brand of cosmetics in selective retailing today offers you a unique beauty experience. With unquestionable brilliance and a French touch full of glamour and elegance, this new space at 22 Scotts Road has lit up the Lancôme star that now shines more brightly than ever. This venue instills both a mood of serenity and vibrant energy in a space of precious dialogue between Lancôme and customers.


In the Lancôme Beauty Institute, service owns full and total priority. Beauty Therapists, selected and trained by Lancôme International, provide consultation for skincare and beauty styling as well as perform effective, personalised treatments. The Lancôme Team continuously focuses their unique expertise on the latest innovations – typifying the Lancôme global beauty offer – skincare for the face and body, makeup and fragrance.



Anti-ageing Treatments

Youthful Radiance Treatment 90 Min

Intensive Anti-wrinkle Treatment 90 Min

Toning and Firming Treatment 90 Min

Deep Replenishing Treatment for Mature Skin 90 min

Essential treatments

Extreme Purity Treatment 60Min

Re-hydrating Polysensorial Treatment 90 Min

Whitening Treatment 65 Min

Specific Treatment

Anti-Puffiness Eye Treatment 45 Min

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment 45 MIn


Essential Treatments

Velvet Skin Treatment 60 Min

Serene Treatment 60 Min

Cellulite Control Treatment 60 Min

Recontouring Firming Treatment 60 Min


Extreme Purity Treatment 60 Min

Optional Back Treatment 30 Min

Powerful Anti-Age Treatment 90 Min (Include Back Treatment)

Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 120 Min (Include Back Treatment)


Wax only adheres to the hair instead of the skin , thus allowing a smooth and painless waxing experience. Followed by unique cleasing , a comfortably warm and fruity Azulene Pine wax is then evenly applied onto the skin’s surface

Full Leg Wax

Half Leg Wax

Bikini / underarm Wax

Lips Wax

Brazillian Wax

Back Waxing 30 Min

Paraffin Wax ( Hand )

Paraffin Wax ( Leg )

Eyebrow Shaping

Make-up Class 60 Min

Express Make-up 45 Min

Bridal Package

( 5 Purity Facial and wedding day and night make-up )


Deluxe manicure service with massage PLUS rejuvenating scrub.

Followed by revolutionary Nail Mask with Aloe extract to repair dry , distressed nails.



Deluxe pedicure service include shaping of toe-nails , aromatherapy footbath , cuticle-cutting , trimming of dead skin around the nail / toe area , a light moisturizing massage and polish.

Nail Art ( subject to design

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