When the demands of daily life displaces your balance, find refuge in Leonard Drake’s sanctuary of health. Everyone who walks through our doors is immediately enveloped in a sense of well-being. From the soothing essential oils, to the clean white lines, to the intimate treatment rooms, every detail serves to ensure you of the quality of treatments we deliver. Our vision is simple:

We want to provide the best care to you:
through the most advanced treatment techniques, backed by 18 years of experience
through our strong international affiliation to the International Dermal Institute, Los Angeles
through personalised and caring consultations
by giving maximum results in minimum time
through innovative products that work
by using the latest and safest treatment equipment

We offer you a holistic experience every time you walk into Leonard Drake. Whether it’s to find out the latest in skin care technology or to get a no-obligations analysis of your skin, our doors are always open. Our warm and professional consultants are on hand to address your concerns and help you personalise a skin care regime to suit your needs. As part of our edutailing environment, we have informative brochures and leaflets in each of our Leonard Drake and Belle Lina centers that let you explore and find out about our range of products and services at your own pace.

At Leonard Drake, we believe that caring for your skin should be an integral part of your lifestyle. Whatever your skin concerns, we have the answer. We want to partner with you in restoring your skin’s health and radiance. The Dermalogica Skin Care System that we use is a system that sets the standard worldwide. It is borne out of intensive research and development for the best skin care methods and techniques used by Leonard Drake internationally.

Revitalising, Firming and Hydrating Skin Therapies
To restore skin hydration level, firmness, natural balance and to make your skin visibly smoother. Suitable for combination, normal, dry and dehydrated skin conditions.

• Skin Refreshing Facial - $50.00
• Firming Facial Treatment (Mild-heat Treatment) - $130.00
• Thermophersis Firming Facial - $180.00

Acne Skin Therapies
A range of acne control treatments for those with mild acne, inflamed breakouts and post-acne scarring skin conditions. With the use of Dermalogica’s Medicated Clearing System products and combined with state-of-art treatment equipments, these problems will soon be history for you.

• Skin Refining Treatment - $130.00
• Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment - $150.00 *
• Ultra Sound Acne Healing - $200.00

Sensitive Skin Therapies
Sensitivity of the skin is a reflection of physiology, your environment and lifestyle. When neglected, the skin becomes sensitive resulting in premature wrinkling. The following treatments will improve skin healing, increase skin moisture level and stabilise hypersensitive skin conditions.

• Skin Soothing Treatment - $90.00
• Soothing Aromatherapy Facial Treatment - $130.00
• Ultra Sensitive Skin Treatment - $150.00 *

Brightening / Retexturising Skin Therapies
These treatments are designed to rebalance skin for a visibly smoother complexion and to improve the skin texture for a brighter and healthier glowing complexion. Over a regular course of treatments, your skin regains its optimal skin health visibly.

• Brightening Skin Clarifying Treatment - $105.00 *
• Anti-Stress Skin Retexturising Treatment - $180.00
• Anti-Ageing Skin Renewal Treatment - $200.00

Ultimate Gamma Series
Utilises the patented y-PGA, combined with nano mist from a special facial spa system and chromotherapy, this series of treatments helps to promote cell regeneration, acne and blemishes control, reduce wrinkles, improves skin hydration and inhibits melanin (hyper-pigmentation) production

• GAMMA Barrier Repair - $250.00
• GAMMA Blemish Control - $250.00
• GAMMA Pigment Relief - $250.00
• GAMMA Wrinkle Refine - $250.00
• GOLD Luxury Glow Therapy - $380.00

It was once said that Cleopatra was a woman of surpassing beauty. The Legendary Queen of Egypt was known for her exquisite complexion. Since ancient times, the realization that natural beauty can be preserved through the application of natural products was already evident from the many stories written. For example, stories were written about how Cleopatra has a specially customized facial mask made of pure gold so that she could wear the mask to sleep every night. Through this, she had managed to maintain her beautiful and youthful looking skin for many years. During the Ch'ng dynasty, gold massage rollers were used by the Queens for the same purpose.

Besides being used for the purpose of enhancing beauty, gold is a highly sought after precious metal that for many centuries have been used as money, a store of value and in jewellery. Gold has been known and highly valued since prehistoric times. This could be also due to the fact that gold also plays an important part in medical therapy. Gold salts are used to slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriatic arthritis, membranous nephritis, lupus erythematosus and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

In recent years, there have been a gold facial craze sweeping across countries such as Japan and Hong Kong, where pure gold were used in facial treatments. Now, this treatment is available in Singapore through the introduction of 99.99% Gold Luxury Glow Therapy. Available at Leonard Drake Skin Care & Health Spa centres in Singapore, this treatment utilizes 99.99% pure gold sheets and the patented γ-PGA (the most powerful hydrating agent ever discovered!) in combination with the nano mist from a special facial spa system to restore radiance to dull, matured and dry skin, resulting in an intensely radiant skin. Visible results such as increase in skin elasticity, rejuvenated skin, improvement of skin metabolism and softening of fine lines and wrinkles makes the Gold Luxury Glow Therapy a must try for everyone.

Gold has a powerful effect on lymphatic drainage, facilitating in the removal of toxins and wastes. This accelerates the regeneration of new cells. The gold facial helps to restore youthful qualities - softness, smoothness, elasticity, resilience and radiance. With its stable characteristics, gold rarely causes any allergic reaction to the skin. In fact, gold is able to penetrate into the skin as a foreign substance where it will accelerate cell growth of the basal layer to regenerate young and healthy cells for the skin; an immunosuppressive agent to slow down the phagocytosis of the existing collagen and elastin to slow down skin sagging; a free radical eradicator to help prevent premature aging process of the skin and to decrease skin inflammation and slow down melanin secretion.

To optimize the potential of pure gold, γ-PGA, the most powerful hydrating agent ever discovered is used in the treatment of Gold Luxury Glow Therapy. Originally discovered in the marine jellyfish, γ-PGA is a fermented extract of natto germ. Known by its scientific name Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid, this substance has the ability to form a smooth yet elastic, self-moisturizing soft film on the skin, making it the latest generation of highly advanced ingredient to be formulated in moisturizers. The development of γ-PGA had earned the recognition of the National Biotechnology Gold Prize in 2003, marking a milestone in the cosmetic industry. Natural, edible, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmental friendly, this exceptional ingredient shrinks the emulsion particle to allow greater absorption and empowers non-descript moisturizers with remarkable improvement in skin quality, reduction of wrinkles and melanin inhibition.

To deliver the goodness of pure gold and the agent γ-PGA into the skin, the innovative facial spa system is used. This delivery system can break down normal water molecules to nano mist. As a comparison, the size of a water drop from traditional steamers is approximately 30um. With this ultrasonic delivery technique, the size of a water drop can be minimized to approximately 4-8 um, making penetration into skin's inter-cellular space easier.

When negatively charged, the γ-PGA bio-polymer and nano size mist of the water hydrating ingredient creates a special solvent for the gold to dissolve. Due to the property of this electric conductivity, the abundant negative charges inside the γ-PGA soon attract and carry ionized gold with positive charges into the skin. This leads to collagen concentrating around the gold to form fine capillaries. This will then cause the skin cells to regenerate. Immediate results can be seen such as improvement in blood circulation, increased in skin elasticity, a more rejuvenated skin, improved metabolism, and softening of fine lines and wrinkles.

At Leonard Drake Skin Care & Health Spa, the Gold Luxury Glow Therapy starts with a gentle cleansing routine to remove residue on skin, followed by the application of the γ-PGA, which acts as a carrier. Clients will enjoy a relaxing massage under the nano mist to better prepare the skin for optimal absorption of gold. Sheets of 99.99% pure gold will then be carefully applied onto client's face under the nano mist for penetration. Client is then left under the nano mist for awhile, and given another relaxing facial massage to help gold penetration. Once the gold sheets have penetrated well into the skin, a layer of moisturizer is then applied to the face for optimum result.

The treatment price of each Gold Luxury Glow Therapy is SGD$380 per session, while the Gamma Repair Therapy is $100 per treatment.

Teenage Skin Treatments

Teenage years are fun and exciting but a certain degree of stress is present as well. Being one of the first professional skin care centres to have observed, listened and understood the skin care requirements of the teenagers, we introduced our Teenage & Sensitized Facial Therapies

• Teen Mild Pimple Treatment (40 mins) - $45.00
• Teen Acne Treatment (55 mins) - $60.00
• Teen Sensitive Treatment (45 mins) - $65.00

Specially Designed Skin Care Therapies for Men

Facial treatments are no longer an all-female bastion. Today, men match the women when it comes to being fastidious about their looks. No longer is it only the female's prerogative to look good. You know that men are definitely more than ready to embrace skin care regimes when their lunch breaks include visits to Leonard Drake Skin Care Centre for revitalising facial treatments.

Men have approximately 15% oilier skin and significantly larger pores than women. Also, because men are outside more than women, environmental debris and pollutants are more a factor to their skin's health. Basically, this means dirtier skin. With this in mind, men can certainly benefit from Leonard Drake's personalized facials that cater specifically to different skin types, like oily/ acne-prone skin types, normal/ combination skin types and sensitive skin conditions.

Leonard Drake is now offering a series of Men's Skin Care Therapies specifically designed to revitalise and hydrate men's skin complexion. Treatments can correct acne-prone and congested skin, alleviate and reduce shaving irritation.

Choose from these Favourite Treatments within each category, tailored to meet individual needs, targeting specific concerns and helping to restore optimum skin health. Men's Active Facial Cleansing
For : Oily / Acne-Prone / Congested Skin
(40mins = $60 or a course of 6 + 1 = $360)
Recommended for mild acne-prone skin of clients who have time constraints. Perfect for men to take care of their skin in a convenient and non-fussy way. This cleansing treatment actively rids the skin of surface impurities and unclogs pores. A mineral-rich masque, followed by a nutrient-rich moisturizer, normalises oil secretion and helps restore the natural balance of oily or combination skin.

Anti-Stress Revital Treatment
For : Normal / Combination Skin
(60mins = $105 or a course of 6 + 1 = $630)
This skin energising and refreshing treatment is excellent for dehydrated and 'stressed' skin. A pressure point facial massage and relaxing European massage reduce facial stress and tension thoroughly. An intensive cool masque treatment is then applied to refine the pores. Dull sluggish skin is immediately stimulated for a brighter, healthier complexion.

Sensitive Skin Hydrating Treatment
For : Sensitive and Stressed Skin
(75 mins = $105 or a course of 6 + 1 = $630)
Highly recommended. Refreshes and moisturises the skin without over-stimulation. Calming essential oils are used to enhance the benefit of the facial acupressure massage. The treatment calms and sedates sensitive skin conditions. With regular treatments, the skin sensitivity will gradually strengthen and stabilise.

Anti-Stress Skin Retexturising Treatment
For : Clients who have very dull complexion
except those with hypersensitive skin
(80 mins = $180 or a course of 6 + 1 = $1080)
It is an AHA exfoliation treatment that works to remove dulling surface debris and stimulating cell renewal. Effective in dealing with blemishes, milia and blackheads, pressure point movements together with essential oils are used to sedate and calm the skin. The intensive cool masque treatments enhance the action of essential oils which deeply moisturise the skin. Skin instantly becomes healthier and clearer.

A common misconception is that regular professional treatments are all you need to maintain great looking skin. A homecare that compliments the treatments is definitely essential to achieving a healthy glow. Dermalogica has the answer with its newSkin Kit For Men. Everything a man needs for skin care is in this kit - Special Cleansing Gel, Skin Prep Scrub, Professional Shave, Active Moist and Medicated Clearing Gel. - Dermalogica Men's Skin Kit is available at $79.80 from all authorized Dermalogica Skincare Centres and at all Leonard Drake Skincare and Health Spa Centres. Healthy skin is guaranteed in just five minutes!

Unquestionably, men are becoming more assertive about expressing their desire to look and feel good at any age. Looking your best and presentable is a form of personal packaging intended to enhance career, attract mates and propel the confident man to his rightful place in the social world. Put your best face forward with Leonard Drake.

Health Spa Body Treatments

We have created a world that takes you away from the stress of daily life and revitalize you to a state of physical and emotional balance. This range of therapies emphasize on revitalizing and therapeutic effects. This approach to health and well-being can become your way to look and feel healthier, more relaxed and more confident.

• Facial or Body Waxing From - $30.00
• Body Scrub or Wrap From - $55.00
• Aromatherapy Massages From - $60.00
• Hand & Feet Care From - $75.00
• Breast Care From - $80.00
• Hydrotherapy or Balneotherapy From - $70.00
• Body Wellness Therapies From - $165.00
• Body Contouring Therapies From - $140.00
• Future Health Body Care Therapies From - $75.00

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