Director : Dr. Leslie Kuek, MBBS, Singapore

FRCS, Edinburgh, Glasgow

FAMS (Plastic Surgergy)
Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Past President for Singapore Society of Cosmetic (Aesthetic) Surgeons, 2000 - 2003
Past President, Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons, 1995 - 1997

Dr. Leslie Kuek is a member of:
Academy of Medicine, Singapore
Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons
Singapore Society of Cosmetic (Aesthetic) Surgery
Association for Burn Injuries, Singapore
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
Oriental Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Society for Laser & Medicine, Singapore
Cleft Lip & Palate Association of Singapore
Singapore Society for Head & Neck Cancer Surgery
Dr. Leslie Kuek, a certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon is registered with the Singapore Academy of Medicine. He was up until 2003 the president of the Singapore Society of Cosmetic (Aesthetics) Surgeons & and was also the former president of the Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons.
He graduated with a basic medical degree from the National University of Singapore in 1981.

Dr. Leslie Kuek obtained his advanced surgery degrees from the Royal Colleges of Edinburgh & Glasgow in 1986. He furthermore advanced his skills in plastic surgery training at the Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Tokyo, Japan & Taipei Chang Gung Hospital, Taiwan. He worked in the department of Plastic Surgery in Singapore General Hospital from 1986 till 1994 before he began his own private practice in 1995 at the Gleneagles Medical Centre.

Dr. Leslie Kuek is a pioneer in Plastic Surgery. He was instrumental in starting the Breast Reconstruction & Facial Paralysis Reconstruction in the Department of Plastic Surgery, Singapore General Hospital where he continues to hold the position of Visiting Consultant.

As a senior member of the Plastic surgery community, Dr. Leslie Kuek is much sought after by TV and Radio Media, as well as local and foreign magazines, newspapers for his views and ideas pertaining to issues in Plastic & Cosmetic surgery. He has and is still giving numerous lectures and public talks on Plastic Surgery both in Singapore and overseas.

Some of the publications that he has been featured in, include: Her World, Female, Dare, Cream, Prestige and Next Magazine (Hong Kong), The Singapore Women's Weekly, Asiaweek, The Straits Times, Lian He Zao, Lian He Wan Bao.

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A brief history of Plastic Surgery (quoted from July 2001, THE GRADUATE)

Many people may think that plastic surgery is a recent phenomenon, but scholars have discovered that written evidence for medical treatment for facial injuries had existed 4,000 years. Physicians in ancient India, for example, were utilising skin grafts for reconstructive work as early as 800 B C.

However, progress in plastic surgery, like most areas in the field of medicine, had been glacial for many years. It was not until the 19th and 20th centuries that this specialised field forged ahead both scientifically and within medical establishments in both Europe and the U.S.

The driving force behind most plastic surgery developments during the late 1800s and early 1900s was war, which often resulted in awful injuries being inflicted on its victims. Some of the best medical talents in Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Austria and Hungary devoted themselves to restoring the faces and lives of their countrymen during and after WW 1.

Despite the widespread misconception the word "plastic" in plastic surgery does not mean artificial. Rather, it is derived from the ancient Greek word plastikos, meaning to mould or give form.

Plastic surgery includes a lot of different procedures, (our services) and goes from everything from cosmetically enhancing a person's personnel feature to reconstructive surgery.

The desire to look good in today's image conscious society is resulting in a growing number of men and women turning to plastic surgeons to alter their facial and body features. According to Dr.Leslie Kuek plastic surgery is a specialised branch of surgery, which treats surface deformities, and corrects skin defects and the underlying musculoskeletal framework. Plastic surgery is very broad in scope and most people in the general public fail to see the true nature of a plastic surgeons job.

According to Dr.Leslie Kuek, plastic surgery is a specialised branch of surgery, which treats surface deformities and corrects skin defects and the underlying musculoskeletal framework. Plastic surgery is very broad in scope and most people in the general public fail to see the true nature of a plastic surgeon’s job.

Cosmetic Surgery is a major branch of the field of Plastic Surgery and there is increasing emphasis on Cosmetic Procedures to enhance personal appearance and reverse the effects of aging.

The most popular treatments today are what Dr.Leslie Kuek calls "quick fix procedures". Those are non-invasive procedures such as: Botox, skin fillers, face-lift treads, also known under the name Aptos, meaning anti-sagging and creating a soft, gentle face-lift, and IPL. Other newer procedures that have come on line are mesotherapy and Radiofrequency Rejuvenation treatment.

Meso-therapy is a new technique for the treatment of fatty deposits and cellulite. It should be performed every two weeks to achieve maximum results. It is basically recommended for those patients who are concerned with fatty deposits in smaller areas. Result may vary, but to optimise your results, it is always good to combine this treatment with Endermologie and of course a healthy lifestyle, such as a balanced diet, lots of water and exercise.

The most common non-surgical treatment today, and something that has changed the entire perception of aging and wrinkles is Botox. (Read more about Botox and the latest techniques performed under procedures)

The perception of the word plastic surgery has changed dramatically during the last 10 years and is constantly growing as the population of today accept and acknowledge more than ever the enhancement they can achieve for themselves.

Plastic surgery is not just for celebrities anymore, but for everyone. The aim is to enhance your own beauty but with realistic expectations. As Dr. Leslie Kuek says: "This is one of my basic duties, creating the trust and giving each patient the best possible results. I do this by listening to them carefully and thenproposing an appropriate plan of treatment which sometimes may be different from what they actually had in mind. I always recommend each patient to go home and have a thinking period before making the final decision."

The most popular cosmetic surgery today performed in Singapore are: Liposuction andBreast enlargement. The younger patients are basically concerned about the look of their eyes, and would like to create the eyelid fold. However, when performing such a procedure, it is important to enhance the beauty of the Asian eye rather than to change the look of the person totally. Other patients usually request for surgery to remove eyebags and to firm the lower eyelid area.

Plastic surgery today is not for women only. There is an increasing number of men visiting the plastic surgeon. Basically they look for treatments that are simple and have quick recovery. Men tend to go for Botox, skin fillers, treatments to reduce acne-scars such as: chemical peels, Microdermabrasion and IPL.


" A lot of people think that miracles can be performed, and it is very Hollywood, like a movie. One day you look like Quasimodo and the next day, you look like Burt Reynolds. Yes, we can make you look better but it is never so glorious that you see no scar. There's bound to be scars, but they are all hidden. Your expectations need to be realistic. But if we can give you fifty to eighty per cent improvement, it is certainly a lot better than what you have. So realistic expectations are important."

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Brow Lift 
  • Face Lift 
  • Eyelids 
  • Nose 
  • Nose implants 
  • Ears 
  • Chin 

  • Enlargement 
  • Reduction 
  • Lifting 
  • Nipple Reduction 

-Body Contouring
  • Liposculpture 
  • Tummy Tuck 

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