London Weight Management is a successful weight loss and management breakthrough that has been widely received in Europe. The birth of London Weight Management brought new hope to women who have been battling with overweight problems most of their lives.

London Weight Management is now offering effective weight management solutions in Singapore and Malaysia! Guaranteeing a loss of 4-16 cm or more during session, more than thousands of modern women are already enjoying the experience and positive results of this breakthrough weight management success!

London Weight Management’s solution to overweight problems can achieve a recovery rate of 98%. If you’d like a permanent solution to your weight problems and not just any fast fix where you will end up at square one, come to London Weight Management for a brand new experience.

:: Our Prestiges

:: Why Choose London Weight Management?

London Weight Management was established with a group of medical researchers, nutritionists, weight management consultants and weight experts as the main force. They target focus on all sorts of overweight problems women tend to suffer from. Through effective weight management, ideal weight and good health are achieved in the shortest time possible.

At London Weight Management, you’ll be able to experience the top quality weight management sessions administered by professional weight experts who have been trained with international standards, and are well-learned in customer service. They will help you to lose the weight as well as redefine your figure.

:: Effective treatments

Unlike slimming salons, London Weight Management will not promise you anything they cannot deliver. This is our motto and this is why customers confidently hand their problems over to us. Be assured you’ll lose 4-6cm or more during every session at London Weight Management.

:: Lasting results

London Weight Management fully understands the importance of weight management. Not only are they committed to helping overweight women reach their ideal weight, it’s also about educating their customers with much needed knowledge on how to lose the weight and maintain their newly found figure afterward. Customers can look forward to lasting results, maintaining a well-defined figure for good.

:: Natural products

London Weight Management uses 100% all natural plant essences, ingredients that are essential in losing weight for good and not having to suffer from any side effects. Lose weight the swift, safe and effective way and you’ll be able to see those pounds shed off permanently.

:: Professional standards

Our professional weight management experts have gone through years of extensive training and are fully qualified to treat the most severe overweight conditions and weight problems. They are also adept in recommending the appropriate measures to lose excess pounds as well as manage and maintain their ideal weight. Not only that, they are always upgrading and enhancing their skills by going for strict training, ensuring that their expertise are always up to date and meet world standards. London Weight Management stands by these standards to uphold their guarantee of success.

:: Weight Problems

Problem1 Overall
Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Problem3 Bulging Tummy

Flabby Arms

Problem5 Bulky "Thunder" Thighs

Sagging Buttocks

Problem7 Cellulite

Water Retention / Toxins

Weight Management Q&A
They used to say that if you were fat in your childhood, it’s only baby fat. I used to be fat as a kid but now I’m bigger than before! Why is this happening?

The theory behind baby fats should belong in the myth department, as it is extremely misleading. If you were overweight in your childhood or tipped the scales in your youth, this can be attributed to the expansion and multiplication of excess fat cells stored in the body. When the fat cells expand, a high level of heat can cause the cells to accumulate. In other words, those who were overweight as kids may stay that way even as adults. This is a common phenomenon. The bottom line is taking extra care of your weight condition and making sure to seek professional help as soon as possible. Resolve your overweight problems to curb health problems.

Will water cause me to put on weight? I tend to add on the pounds easily.
Many overweight individuals have claimed that even drinking water makes them fat. In actual fact, drinking water is beneficial in the weight loss process. An adequate supply of water to the body can help in circulation and will also assist the discharge of toxins. Drinking about 2000cc of water a day is definitely a necessity. Besides, water will not affect your weight, but only during the time you consume and before being released from your system. However, some people who hold on tightly to the theory of drinking water to replace meals will definitely be putting on those pounds as water turns into unwanted fat cells.

Is it more difficult for women to lose weight?

Based on the healthy structure of both men and women, females in general do have a higher amount of fat cells in their bodies. This is to say that, even if they’re of the same height and weight, the fat cells in a woman would still be more and muscular volume would be relatively less than that of a man. If is there is a large volume of muscles, the metabolic rate would be higher, and in this sense, digestion would also work at a faster pace. In other words, males burn off fats faster than females. But then again, under the guidance of a weight management expert, women will also be able to boost their metabolic rate and work towards losing weight and achieving the results they desire.

Why is the tummy area the first place to show signs of weight gain?

To many working professionals, they will tend to agree that the area most likely to become flabby would be the tummy area. This is due to the crevices within the abdomen. In that space, fat cells are able to grow and expand. On the other hand, to many of these working individuals, regardless of whether they’re at work, in meetings or out and about, they’re almost always seated. This is why, when too many food particles have been absorbed into the body, the fat cells will start to expand, starting from the tummy. The only way to treat this problematic area is to seek the assistance of a weight management expert, who will help you achieve the flat toned tummy you’ve always wanted.

Will parents with weight problems result in their kids being overweight?

According to reports, weight problems can be hereditary. If the parents are of ideal weight, there is only a 9% chance that their children will grow up being overweight. But, if either parent is suffering from weight problems, there is a 41% to 50% chance of their children being overweight. If both parents are way over their ideal weight, there will be a 66% to 80% likelihood of their kids tipping the scales. The bottomline is, parents play a big part in maintaining their own health and should be responsible enough to make sure that their kids grow up healthy and are of ideal weight.
Will wearing tight-fitting clothing help me to lose weight?

Many women enjoy wearing tight-fitting, figure hugging clothes, in order to accentuate their curves. Many have also believed that constantly wearing such clothing will also help them to lose weight. In actual fact, this is a short-term solution to redefining the figure, but once the clothes are off, your body will start to revert back to its original shape. Wearing clothing that is too tight for a long period of time can also cause poor blood circulation as well as put pressure on the internal organs. In the long run, it can effect circulation, which will cause fat cells to accumulate easily, ultimately resulting in an overweight appearance. Shed those pounds and restore your curves. Do it the correct way with a weight management expert.

I’ve already lost the weight, why is that beautiful defined figure still unattainable?

There is a huge difference between having a well-defined and slim figure to that of one that’s firm and where muscles are toned. Curves can be firmed, toned and shaped. If the body has an excess of flab all over, it will not be easy to show off your natural curves. This is why whilst losing weight, you should also pay attention to firming and toning your body and the best way to do this, is to seek the help of a weight management expert.

I’m on the night shift but I am always careful about the amount of food I eat. Why am I still overweight?

This is a common gripe amongst people who work the night shift. They’re not eating as much yet they’re putting on too much. What’s going on? All reasons boil down to people working at night are most likely to have their dinners before they commence work, yet the body burns fat most easily before 3 to 4 pm. Once that time has passed, the metabolic rate will start to slacken. This will cause the food particles to become fat cells, eventually storing themselves all over the body.

When is it too late to have dinner?

Having your dinner too late in the night is one of the main reasons why overweight problems develop. In fact, having your meal 3 hours before bedtime is the most ideal time. The amount of digestion processed while you’re asleep will be a lot less than when you’re awake. This is why eating close to bedtime can cause you to put on the pounds easily. On the other hand, everyone’s lifestyle habits differ. Meaning to say, it’s not how late you eat but whether the food has been digested well. Food should be well-digested 3 hours before bedtime to ensure enough time for digestion of all food particles.

Is it true that fat cells can accumulate easily in some parts of the body?
Our bodies have natural defenses, and it is for this reason that fat cells gather more in some areas. Take the tummy area for example. In general, the lower body tends to contain more fat cells than the upper body. The area that has the highest accumulation of fat cells would be the tummy, followed by the thighs, and lastly, the buttock. This is the reason why many people tend to have lower body corpulence. This is a sign to take proper care of your body by making sure that appropriate action is taken as soon as possible.

:: Professional Services

1. One to one consultation

One weight management expert is assigned to one customer for exclusivity. This is so that each customer is being provided with care and guidance and is fully focused on achieving their desired weight loss results. Each programme is drawn up based on the respective customer’s weight problem, lifestyle requirements and eating habits. This is to enable customers to achieve and reach their ideal weight using the healthiest and most effective method possible.

2. Lose weight quickly and successfully

London Weight Management’s renowned treatments are customized by the weight management experts for each customer according to the needs of their weight condition. Customers need not take medication, administer jabs, exercise nor starve in order to lose weight. In a short period of time, weight loss is possible; the best results can be attained. Lose the excess weight fast by getting rid of those stubborn fat cells followed by firming and toning to maintain a well-defined figure. You’ll be exuberating with confidence as soon as you try London Weight Management.

3. All-natural; No side effects

Using a natural blend of 100% all natural plant extracts,their range of products are highly effective and produces fast results. You’ll be guaranteed a loss of 4~16cm or more after each treatment.

4. Close supervision of weight loss progress

During the weight loss period, the weight management experts will keep a close watch on the progress and development of their customers, guaranteeing that they achieve their desired results in the shortest time possible. With a slim, healthy and well-defined figure also come confidence and a glamorous appearance and this is achievable under the care of London Weight Management.

5. Professionalism

London Weight Management possesses a strong and fully skilled team of professional weight management experts. Catering to the unique weight conditions of all their customers, these experts take care of every detail from analyzing their lifestyle and eating habits to customizing a treatment programme exclusively for each overweight individual as well as providing much needed guidance and care. They thoroughly understand the requirements of their customers and are able to efficiently assist in the process of weight loss, producing nothing less than the best possible results.


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