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Our concept of beauty is combining traditional JAMU with the modern spa technology; as well as applying exotic ingredients to perform these rituals which promotes detoxification through lymphatic drainage in the body system. This method is using 100% all natural plant exact and safe to practice without harming the body systems.

Our methodology was established from the understanding of how herbs and spices were used as remedies in theancient Asian histories. By "using herbal therapy for internal well-being and external beauty" as what JAMU was translated; the natives of the Java and Bali, Indonesia originated this method and found it to be very useful for women especially after childbirth. Hence, it was passed on for generations.

The tradition was based on the fundamental nature of every herbs used in these treatment rituals which was proven to be one of the most effective and reliable method in the Asian history. Lumiere adapted this technique and has created our very own therapy that combines both slimming regime with spa luxury.

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Cellulite Expert

Q:What is a Cellulite?

A: 80% of woman over the age of 20, regardless of the weight or size, are affected by cellulite . Lean women, average weight women and heavier women are susceptible to this condition.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when fat cells in the hypodermis(the deepest layer of skin) become over-inflated from an increase in fat storage. The fat cells protrude up through the connective tissue dimpling or a"cottage cheese" appearance.

Areas affected by cellulite:

Thighs /Buttocks /Abdomen /Calves /Arms Bitmap Bitmap


Affected Zones

It is a peculiarity of female subjects and it strikes 80% of women all over the world.

Face and hands have never been affected, differently from other parts of our body.

It is a pathologic localization of adipose tissue and water into the subcutaneous skin layer, provoking a consequent external deformity.
It is a blemish caused by microcirculation degradation of adipose tissue.

Macroscopic consequence of this degradation is hypertrophy:

• the increase of adipose cells volume

• water-retention

• stasis of liquid between the cells

Acting on cellulitis means stopping all these alterations restoring to hypoderm its original functionalities.

Cellulitis Evolution

Normal FunctionsAdipose tissue is well supplied and capillaries, which are along the membrane of adipocytes, permit proper metabolic exchanges.

First Stage
• Reversible stage characterized by edema and a first alteration of blood supplement.
• Skin is still elastic and has not lost its tone yet.
• It is visible in young subjects.
• Its appearance does not change when passing from lying position to standing one. Only picking skin up by fingers you can observe the peculiar "Orange Peel" effect.

Second Stage
• The condition of microcirculation and its relation with adipocytes worsen;
• Skin loses its elasticity and softness.
• Intercellular exchange decrease.
• Paleness, hypotherma and any other possible alterations of the sensibility of skin appear.

Third Stage
• Micronodules are fixed in fibrilles of collagen. They form a net which, dividing microcircle and adipocytes, prevents metabolic exchanges.
• "Orange Peel" Appearance: you may have some pains when palpate it.

Fourth Stage
• Macronodules result moving and painful when pressed and picked up by fingers.
• Fibrosis: fibrilles of collagen form a more and more close net adhering to muscular fascia in depth.
• Skin appears highly marked by "Orange peel" effect.
• Skin paleness and hypothermia.
• Striae begin to appear.

It can be:Firm
• It affects subjects who has a good physical health and a good muscular tone.
• Its appearance doesn't change either in lying position or standing one. 
• when you palpate it, you may have some pains.
• If you pick the tissues up by your fingers, they seem to be close to the layers below.
• It affects subjects who are 40-50 years old and have hypotonic tissue
•It affects subjects who lose and put on weight very frequently.
• Cellulitis fluctuation is visible when passing from lying to standing position.

• It is associated to the firm cellulitis
• Liquids stagnation into tissues.
• When you palpate it, you may have some pains. You may have pains even during the deambulation

Learn More About Slimming Down!
Weight & Health
Q: How do I know if I’m over-weight?
A: Lightly squeeze your tummy, arms or hips and if you can pull out more than two inches fat, then you’re likely over-weight. Usually we only concern if these parts look fat but in fact, fat is accumulated all over the body. So now take action to eliminate the excess fat before it becomes a serious issue.

Q: Is slightly over-weight harmful to health?
A: In recent years many US medical research institutes, including Harvard Medical School have reported the following facts:
• Women aged over 30 with weight slightly above average is more likely to get coronary disease than slim women.
• A research for 115,000 women shows that the probability of slightly over-weight women get coronary disease and heart attack is two times higher than that of slim women.
• The probability of people with weight above average by 30% get coronary disease is three times higher than people in normal weight.
• The risk of women aged over 18 but over weight by 20 pounds to get coronary disease is relatively increased by two times.
• The research results show that slimming down to ideal body weight is good to health.

Q: How to avoid health problem?
A: Certainly the effective way is control weight, which should be best dealt with by professional slimming programmes. Under medical professions’ monitoring, you don’t need any medication but simply use the natural method for slimming down. There are over 10,000 men and women around the world have succeeded in weight reduction and body shape up after failing to reduce weight by traditional treatments.
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