Medical Aesthetics @ Cluny is your one-stop aesthetic clinic for non-invasive, results-driven treatment programs offered in total comfort and privacy in Cluny Park.

Dr Yvonne Goh

Dip Dermatology (S’pore)

Dip Aesthetic Medicine (USA)

Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr Yvonne Goh completed her medical degree at University College Dublin and went on to attain her post-graduate Dip Dermatology (National University of Singapore) and Dip Aesthetic Medicine (USA). Dr Goh has since been practicing aesthetic medicine in the private sector for many years and has become well-respected for her expertise in this field.

Trained under the mentorship of internationally renowned medical experts in this specialty and having received extensive post-graduate training from the United States, Europe and Asia, Dr Yvonne Goh incorporates the best of their techniques into her own unique treatment protocols tailored to the specific needs of her local and expatriate patients. To keep abreast with the latest in medical science and technology in this field, Dr Goh attends conferences and workshops regularly worldwide and is an active speaker on topics on Aesthetic and Anti-Aging medicine. She has also made numerous media appearances in interviews with regional newspapers, women's magazines, and local television.

Dr Yvonne Goh runs her own private aesthetic practice – Medical Aesthetics @ Cluny, a boutique style clinic where patients can enjoy their treatments in total privacy and comfort. Well-versed in the latest in skin treatments and technology, Dr Goh has helped her patients overcome a wide range of aesthetic issues. Being a firm advocator of non-invasive approach, Dr Goh believes that aesthetic issues can be overcome using safe techniques with minimal or no downtime. She strongly believes in prevention, as many of these treatments give optimal, ever more effective results when sought early. It is always better to prevent than to reverse the signs of aging.

Besides specializing in aesthetic medicine, Dr Goh is also known for her expertise in anti-aging medicine including bio-identical hormonal replacement for both men and women for the treatments of menopause and andropause. She believes firmly that while the aging process is ultimately inevitable and cannot be stopped, it can be delayed, making the transition smoother. A more graduated aging process can in turn do wonders by enhancing one's quality of life.

After extensive research into the latest in cosmoceutical science, Dr Goh has developed her own clinical skincare line to address specific skin conditions. Embracing an integrated approach, her focus and commitment is in enhancing her patients’ natural beauty, making them look and feel good inside out through non-invasive, results-driven treatment programs.

Medical Aesthetics @ Cluny is located with an exclusive group of lifestyle boutiques and gourmet stores at the newly restored conservation building, Cluny Court (junction of Bukit Timah Road and Cluny Park Road). Nestled at the heart of Cluny Park residential estate, its proximity to the Singapore Botanical Gardens makes it a truly ideal setting. Thoughtfully designed with its patients in mind, the clinic’s chic and well-appointed settings will appeal to all who value medical aesthetic services in a discreet and comfortable environment, away from the undesirable traffic and crowd.

For enquiries or to make an appointment, please contact us at 6462 2559 / 4559.
Medical Aesthetics @ Cluny
501 Bukit Timah Road,
#02-12 Cluny Court
Singapore 259760

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