MTM was founded on the principle that skin type and condition you have are as uniquely individual as you are, and need a skincare regimen to match. So in 1991, MTM established the world's first skincare centre to feature products and treatment services for men and women specifically customised for each individual.

As logical as it may seem now, this was a pioneering departure from the existing mass-produced skincare products. MTM introduced the concept of custom-blended skincare with manufacturing know-how from Japan, featuring skincare solutions that were based on the specific needs of each customer.

Custom-blended skincare as unique as you are': it's been at the heart of all we do since 1991, and remains so today.

Custom-blended skincare, the MTM way

Because each person’s skin has its own particular needs and characteristics, each MTM prescription is based on your individual skin condition, formulated and blended specifically to bring you outstanding results.

A consultation session lets our MTM skincare experts assess the condition of your skin and your individual lifestyle factors, such as your diet and your environment. Then, sophisticated skin analyses enable us to identify your skin’s tissue patterns, its moisture capacity and internal temperature variations.

Based on this information, MTM skin experts can then prescribe the best skin care regimen and products for you. Specifically selected ingredients, combined with the most advanced custom-blending technology, result in unique skincare solutions with superior skin-nourishing and therapeutic results.

Each formulation will be labelled with your name, product ingredients and attributes, as well as the manufacturing date, for your ease of reference.

MTM Facial Treatments – rejuvenation for body & soul

Now you can enjoy facial treatment services with MTM’s custom-blended products at our MTM centres. After a consultation session with our skincare consultant, you can relax in a private treatment suite, and indulge in a calming and restorative facial treatment using the MTM products freshly custom-blended for you. Rejuvenation for body and soul, the MTM way.

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