Naturopath's Antiseptic Oral Spray is specially formulated to enhance oral hygiene and personal well-being. It contains FE complex enzyme, a non-toxic protein which is safe and free from side effects.Available in two refreshing flavours, peppermint for adults and orange for kids, it refreshes your breath and perks up your mood.

Using German technology, the nozzle evenly distributes
a super-fine mist. Each spray delivers 0.1ml of the antiseptic.

It is important for kids to have good oral hygiene because:
Their food intake is more soluble, starchy and of a higher sugar content. They are more prone to tooth decay.
They tend to have improper brushing techniques resulting in food residue still residing between teeth. This causes bacteria formation and plaque build-up.
Due to their sleeping habits, their natural defense system in the mouth is reduced because of the lack of saliva secretion.
They have a weaker immune system as it is not fully developed.


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