Cell-phone addicts who spend hours on end sending text messages, e-mails or talking on their phone can now seek a "BlackBerry Thumb" massage for their sore hands.

Graceful Services, a New York City spa, recently began offering the massage to its cell-weary customers.

A one-hour session costs 60 dollars, Grace Gao Macnow, the spa owner, told AFP.

"We concentrate on the muscles related to the fingers, like back muscles, neck muscles and arms," she said.

The Hyatt hotel chain is offering similar massages to its customers at 20 locations throughout the United States, a spokeswoman said.

A 30-minute session costs 80 dollars.

The hotel chain also recently began proposing quick 10-minute sessions during breaks for business people attending conferences at a Hyatt hotel.

The American Physical Therapy Association last year recognized BlackBerry Thumb as an official workplace malady related to the over-use of any hand-held electronic device, such as BlackBerrys or Treos.


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