Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the sound of flowing water and impeccable service. Soak your feet and hands in the warm waters of the fish spa and let our friendly staff beautify your nails and skin with the finest products. These cute little fishes known as the “Doctor fish” from Middle East will tickle your hands and feet, naturally nibbling away those pesky dead skin that make your skin dull and dead, leaving you with silky smooth hands and feet that look great from any direction.

Pamper yourself and let every movement you make emit radiance and euphoria. Everyone will be envious of your beautiful skin and nails.

Enjoy the sound of running water and fragrance of the air

Classic Manicure / Pedicure $ 20 / $ 33
Starting with shaping, buffing & removal of excess cuticles followed by deep relaxing massage. Lastly, the application of your favorite Essie nail color .

Xpress Manicure / Pedicure $ 8 / $ 10
Removing old shade, shaping of nails followed with light massage. Change to your preferred Essie nail color .

Classic Manicure & Pedicure $ 50
Enjoy the pampering of your hands and footsies, make them picture perfect.

Tickle yourself and be softer than silk

Hand Fish Spa $ 8 ( under maintenance )
Relax your hand in the warm, bubbly water for 15mins and let the fish do the job.

Address : Blk 34 Upper Cross Street #02-138
Singapore 050034


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