Orchard Medical Centre is your family lifestyle clinic offering general practitioner services, health screening packages and aesthetic procedures like laser, IPL photo rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and mesotherapy. Situated in the heart of Orchard Road at Faber House, our convenient location serves to meet all of your needs. Our friendly staff and environment will make you feel right at home.

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What is IPL photorejuvenation?
It is a painless, hassle-free revolutionary new procedure that makes use of pulses of light to reverse the skin's photo ageing process.

How does it work?In photorejuvenation, intense pulses of light are sent through the outer skin, the epidermis, and energy is concentrated on the dermal layer just below. The blemishes absorb the light, the heat energy breaks down the blemishes into minute particles and the particles are absorbed into the blood stream.

It also stimulates cells in the dermis to produce new collagen which plumps out the complexion, smoothing it out and ridding it of fine lines creating a more youthful-looking skin.

What can it be used for?It can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions that are associated with photo ageing: fine wrinkles, pigmentation, and uneven tired looking skin. It can help reduce pore size, acne scars, spider veins and rosacea (excessive blushing).

IPL therapy is also able to permanently remove hair. This can be done on selected areas such as upper lip, armpits, legs and even bikini line.

What are the side effects?As IPL leaves the outer skin intact, there are very minimal side-effects. If there are any, they are usually transient and include a mild burning sensation, temporary reddening, slight bruising and discolouration of skin. Hence there is no downtime and hardly any interruption to the person's routine.

How long does it take?Each session takes about 30 minutes.

How soon can I see results?For most skin types, maximum long lasting results are achieved with a total of 5 to 6 treatments, with a 3 week interval between each treatment. In some cases, the person will notice a 'glow' and smoother complexion as early as after the first treatment.

Who are suitable or unsuitable for IPL?Most people are suitable except for the very dark-skinned or recently tanned individual. A doctor's consultation is mandatory before starting IPL.

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