When you select skin care products by Oxygen Botanicals you are receiving the benefits of many years of research and development with formulations designed for absolute effectiveness. Oxygen Botanicals range of products are the most extensive Oxygen products available in the market today. From our exfoliants, deep pore cleansers, gel toners, day/night creams, the wonderful vitamin C serum with 18% L-Ascorbic acid, eye serums, anti-oxidant creams, hydrating mask, to our body slimming and firming creams. Each formulation is scientifically designed to time-release our exclusive CMI Oxygen Complex into the epidermal layer of the skin. The researchers at Oxygen Botanicals Laboratories have also drawn upon a wide variety of healing and regenerative botanicals to enrich their line of products. These botanicals have been utilized by cultures for thousands of years and today has entered the realm of science contributing to our well-being both holistically and physiologically. Oxygen Botanicals is available only through industry professionals.

C & J De Beauty (Day Spa)

1 Coleman Street ,#03-43

The Adelphi

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