Welcome to the Parkway Aesthetic Clinic. We are a physician-based medical aesthetic clinic providing cosmetic, aesthetic, non-surgical or minimally invasive surgical and medical procedures to enhance beauty and slow down the visible effects of aging. Our focus is on medically directed treatments in complete safety and privacy. Our treatments are all doctor performed or supervised and we are proud of our safety record.

These days, cosmetic treatment and surgery is no longer reserved for the super-rich, nor for women only. If you have the desire to look younger, live and love better, contact us as there are a great number of possibilities.

We understand your desire to look as good as you feel. We understand the pressure in today's society to look as good as you possibly can, without downtime or lifestyle interruption.
Parkway Aesthetic Clinic

Our well trained and experienced team comprises of Doctor, staff nurses, a beautician and clinic assistants. Together with you, we hope to work in partnership, to understand your needs, and create a personalized treatment program that delivers the best possible results.

You will receive your treatment from a Specialist, Surgically Trained Doctor . Our nursing and aesthetic support staff, practice under a very strict code of ethics and follow stringent standards of hygiene and sterilization.

Our premises are fully registered with the Ministry of Health, Singapore and comply with their requirements for day surgery procedures.
Our Expertise

Though aging is an inevitable natural process, we can, nevertheless slow down the undesirable effects of aging on our skin, the largest and most visible organ in our body. You can certainly look best for your age and with modern technology and advanced research, looking young is not only attainable but is also becoming more convenient and affordable without the need for surgery.

Towards this, we offer services in a private and comfortable setting.

Dr. G. Vijayan Nair - Medical Director, Parkway Aesthetic Clinic

MBBS (Cal.) FAM (S'pore) FRCOG (Lond.) LRCP (Lond.) MRCS (Eng.)

Dr.Nair is one of the founder members of The Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Singapore
Contact Us

Parkway Aesthetic Clinic
Parkway Parade,
80 Marine Parade Road, #05-04/05
Singapore - 449269
At the Medical Center - Above GIANT Supermarket

Contact Numbers
Telephone : +65 - 6345 - 0060
Fax : +65 - 6345 - 7585
Answering Service : +65 - 6345 - 0060
E-Mail: beautyenquiry@parkwayaesthetics.com

Clinic Hours
10am to 6pm - Monday to Saturday (Except Wednesday)
10am to 1pm - Wednesday
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays
No consultations on Wednesday Afternoons

Consultations on appointment basis.
Please come with appointment schedule and on-time.

Call +65-6345-0060 for an appointment
Parkway Parade - Map Guide

SMRT & Bus Services

Buses from various parts of the city arrive in at Parkway Parade. Bus Stops are located just outside and opposite to Parkway Parade buildings (Landmark of Marine Parade Road).


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