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Phillip Wain has always stressed the importance of healthy weight loss for slimmers. And offering a customized combination of exercise equipment, slimming regimes and balanced diet, we can help you to get slim and stay slim, too! All slimming programmes we offer are administered by trained professionals who will provide detailed advice and explanations that will add to your peace of mind.
CelluSmooth 4-in-1
Radio Frequency Fat Burner

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CelluSmooth 4-in-1

CELLULITE!! The dreaded word for 80% of all women. It hits you regardless of your weight, body-shape or age. Phillip Wain introduces CelluSmooth 4-in-1 to combat cellulite. Much more than a warm, relaxing deep tissue massage, it combines 4 different functions to penetrate deep into the sub dermal layer to attack fat tissue on the cellular level. Metabolising fat tissue, it shrinks fat cells and restructures the area surrounding the connective tissue. This evens the skin’s outer layers & eliminates the appearance of cellulite. You will see visibly smoother skin after the treatment.Benefits:
Eliminates the appearance of cellulite
Detox and purify body system
Enhances contouring effect
Breakdown of fatty tissues

Radio Frequency Fat Burner

Phillip Wain is proud to present to you the revolutionary slimming technologies that can take inches and kilos off where it is most needed. With that, you can flaunt your figure with charm and confidence! Adopting the +/- ion collusion and revolution, this biophysical technology generates a tiny electrical current which produces heat inside the body, improving circulation, fat burning and cell regeneration.

The accompanying cold wrap will help soothe the heat & enhance the

slimming effect. The most effective way to burn your fats and stay slim!

Improving Blood Circulation and metabolism
Expels toxins and cellulite
Removes cellulite
Aids in skin healing & rejuvenation


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