Our Olive Manon Virgin Oil (奥丽肤橄榄油) is extracted from the olive fruit, following a very strictly controlled extraction process. First, the cream of the crop is selected. These moderately ripe olives are put into a wooden squeezer and compressed lightly just once.

Next the oil is extracted from the very first cold press of the olive fruits, and separated from the water which is squeezed from the fruit, by filtering the oil. Here, our 100% pure Olive Manon Virgin Oil is naturally produced. None of the natural goodness from the olive fruit is destroyed by this method.

Our Olive Oil contains absolutely no chemical substances and additives. It contains, amongst others, Vitamin A, D, E and K which the skin needs to improve the texture of our skin and hair, as well as to promote blood circulation and growth of hormones. It can also effectively protect the skin from being damaged by harmful UV rays.

100% Pure Olive Manon Virgin Oil







Also available in 60ml and 20ml bottles.

Medical research has shown that the powerful anti-oxidant, “polyphenols” found in Olive Virgin Oil can protect the skin against ageing and blemishes effectively.

100% Pure Olive Manon Virgin Oil







Its usage from Head to Toe makes it a ‘one-product’ that provides all the answers to your beauty needs.


• For Damaged Hair:

This treatment will give your hair a smooth and shining appearance. Apply Virgin Oil to spilt-ends or dry hair. Wrap hair with a towel for 20 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual.

• For Scalp Care:

This treatment improves blood circulation, treating problems like dandruff and hair loss. Before shampooing, apply Virgin Oil onto scalp and gently massage scalp for 5 minutes with fingertips.


• Cleansing:

This treatment will refresh and clear skin of any grime and dirt that may have built-up during the day. Place some Virgin Oil on your palm and gently spread it over your face in an upward motion. Cleansing your skin with soft cotton wool will remove any make-up or dirt before washing.

• Face Massage:

Massaging your face daily with Virgin Oil will protect and keep your skin smooth and supple. After washing, massage your face lightly with Virgin Oil for 3 minutes in an upward motion before washing it off again.

• Face Oil-Pack:

This treatment will soften and moisten dry skin, making it less susceptible to the harmful UV rays. After washing, gently apply some Virgin Oil on the dry skin areas before gently patting the skin with a warm towel for 3 minutes. Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times.


• Body Massage:

Massage your body, hands and legs with Virgin Oil daily after bath, to promote blood circulation for a smooth and firm skin texture.

• Body Care:

To treat brittle nails, dry and chapped skin and remove accumulated dead skin. For brittle nails: Soak nails in warm water, infused with some Virgin Oil for 3 minutes and then massage nails with Virgin Oil gently.

• Dry and chapped skin:

To apply Virgin Oil directly onto affected areas and massage gently.

Special Care

• For Burns and Wounds:

Virgin Oil can be applied directly onto affected areas to soothe the skin and lessen the likelihood of ugly scars.

• Other benefits to the body:

To regulate bowel movement, improve blood circulation and regulate digestion. In the morning, consume a glass of warm water stirred with 3 to 5 drops of Olive Oil.

• For Babies:

Olive Oil is safe enough to be used on a baby's delicate skin. It can be used to treat nappy rash, as a moisturizer and also to clean sensitive areas like their nose and ears.

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