Activor™ and B2 Actigen™ Skin Care Programme is a collection of non-comedogenic, non-exfoliating products that reduce the signs of aging, sun damage, skin blemishes, acne and multiple skin problems. At the heart of the B2 Actigen is its unique proprietary peptide, called TA5 which in combination with natural plant extracts vitamin C and trace minerals, harnesses the power of peptide chemistry in an innovative skincare program.

Skin treated with Activor™ and B2 Actigen™ demonstrates a rebound in Collagen III levels and a reversal in collagen ratios consistent with youthful skin. The cosmetic result is progressive improvement in skin tone and resiliency to skin problems found commonly in Asian skin with ongoing treatment. Ongoing experience with B2-Actigen has shown that the beneficial effect of the B2 Actigen is cumulative over time.

Clinical testing has also confirmed that B2 Actigen™ stimulates extensive new collagen production and that it provides optimum skin nutrition to maintain healthful skin rejuvenation.

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