This is the driving mission of iAesthetique Medical (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd has since provided beneficial science from the world over to bring aesthetic well-being for all.

iAesthetique Medical (iA) has been established with the expertise in marketing and distribution of medical aesthetic products that greatly attribute to the improvement of quality lifestyle, focusing on achieving superior holistic and beauty enhancements. iA is foremost recognized for efforts that initiated a breakthough in the aesthetic medical industry. Based in Singapore with representative offices in Malaysia and Indonesia, we have the aid of professionals from many fields to extensively research and explore technolohies, to better understand their capability and usefulness.

With our strong marketing background and vast distribution units, including sub-distributors in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and UAE, we are able to strategically create the awareness and stir the interest of the targeted audience with the functionality of these devices in the Asia Pacific. Our vast network connects and allows us to reach out to a wider demographic region and enhance the exposure of the products we are awarded to market. This has enabled us to boost ourselves as a major player in the local and Asia Pacific market for the past year.

Following the success of our many prouducts - iA has continued its distribution of the most comprehensive range of medical and aesthetic equipment that cater to any practices, comprising doctors, celebrities, hospitals and leading beauty institutions.

With trust and excelling market recognition, we believe our ability in providing expert marketing and distributing is the fundamental of wonderful partnerships with many clients who seek our services.

1. RF = Radio Frequency
Current that is classified by high amplitude over 100,000Hz

2. Principal
If applying the high frequency current into the tissues of human body, the vibration current energy w ould be changed into a heat energy without any ion movement since the range of vibration is very short. So high frequency current has a deep thermal effect that can heat a particular parts of body w ithout any stimulation of nerves.

3. Features
Since it doesn’t stimulate any nerves, it doesn’t bring any discomfort or muscle contraction. It can affect muscles & union tissues connected with muscles as well as skin & subcutaneous tissues with long Herz from 3cm to 300m.

4. Effects

With increase of temperature in the tissues, it arouses the increase of the blood circulation so it promotes the metabolism.

With a promotion of metabolic rate of cells, it increases the restoration capability of skin tissues.

Since it changes the physical characteristics such as a viscosity & elasticity of the union tissues of skin, the expansibility of fiber tissues would be increased.

It has an effect on pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Dual Electrode Handle - for face and body

High Tech RF skin & body care equipment

Separate frequency application per treatment part

Maximized stability (minimization of electric sparks)

Convenient to use

Various apply range & effects - Obesity care, face & scalf care, eye care and muscle care

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