Rustic Nirvana is the brainchild of Ms Yvette Chiang, a Singaporean who has been intrigued with body wellness since a very young age.

As a child, she helped assuage the aches and pains of her grandmother by giving grandma a little girl's best interpretation of a soothing massage. As her physical strength at this tender age was limited, granny improvised and taught little Yvette to massage her with chopsticks which created stronger acupressure.

Little did Yvette know then that this simple home remedy was her first foray into the world of traditional Asian wellness. In 2002, when Yvette decided to set up Rustic Nirvana after over a decade in the spa industry, her creative and innovative streak came to the fore.

She launched full swing into creating new therapies and innovating existing ones against a backdrop that is steeped in Asian healing disciplines.

Besides her commitments to Rustic Nirvana, Yvette also sits on the EXCO committee of Spa Association Singapore.

Creating the Asian Fusion Spa

When it comes to beauty and wellness, every Asian culture has its unique strengths. Rustic Nirvana has innovatively combined outstanding features of these different cultures in our therapies to give you the best of the East.

For example, in the Jamu Detoxification therapy which has Indonesian origins, Chinese massage oils are used instead of traditional Malay massage oils. Another example is the Aromatic Shiatsu Face Retreat which is a Japanese massage technique that includes the use of Chinese acupressure techniques with Thai Herbs.

Besides fusing different techniques for greater efficacy, Rustic Nirvana also offers complimentary TCM consultation by qualified Chinese physicians at its outlets. This service is extended to all its customers and is another sterling example of Rustic Nirvana’s commitment to women’s wellness.

Fusing the best of eastern therapies, Rustic Nirvana takes pride in introducing the Asian fusion spa concept to key cities in the world through its unique touch and treatments.

Spa Concept

Rustic Nirvana’s Asian fusion therapies are simply unlike any other, and they are made even more pampering with 100% handwork.

Therapy fusion, creation and innovation are all very distinctive to Rustic Nirvana.

To fortify the potency of our therapies, Rustic Nirvana combines the spa techniques of different Asian cultures. But we have not just stopped there as we will pursue ways to improve them.

An excellent example that we mustn’t forget is the chopsticks massage technique which our founder, Ms. Yvette Chiang picked up from her grandmother. Innovative as she is, Yvette has evolved this little home remedy into a popular therapy called the Chopsticks Oriental healing massage.

Other equally innovative examples can be seen by running through Rustic Nirvana’s menu of offerings. Exotic names like the Crystal Hot Bed, Kung Fu Bouncing Herbs therapy, Back to Wok massage, Aventurine Green Claypot Prata therapy as well as the Golden Topaz and Rose Quartz Crystal facials will pique anyone’s interest. They are all the result of Yvette’s innovative spirit. Being exclusive to Rustic Nirvana, you can’t find these therapies anywhere else.

Innovation aside, the finishing touch that makes the whole Rustic Nirvana experience truly unforgettable, it would be the emphasis on the human touch. Rustic Nirvana is proud to claim that all its therapies are 100% handwork and performed by therapists at all times, and do not rely on any machines. Rustic therapists are personally trained by founder Yvette who is herself a qualified and skilled trainer in aesthetic and bodyworks.

And thus Rustic Nirvana became and still is a spa in a class of its own. This born-in-Singapore brand aspires to introduce its unique and innovative spa concept to other parts of the world.

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  1. Very nice post. However, Rustic Nirvana has already closed down most of their outlets and opened a new one at Holiday Inn Hotel at the moment.