* Epi- LASIK

indicated in some patients for whom LASIK is not suitable

* Cataract Screening and Surgery (by phacoemulsification)

Painless, No stitch, No injection, No patch, small-incision cataract surgery performed at our onsite Surgical Suite. No hospital stay required

* Presbyopia (Old Eyes Correction)

* NearVision CK

for hyperopia (long-sight) and presbyopia (middle-age long-sight)

* ICL (implantable contact lens)

for those with very high myopia up to - 20.00D where LASIK may not be suitable

* MultiFocal Intraocular Lens Implantation

to restore both distance and near vision in presbyopic persons

* General Eye & Vision Screening

* Glaucoma Screening, Medical treatment, Laser & Surgery

* Diabetic Eye Screening, Laser & Surgery

* Argon Laser Photocoagulation

for Diabetic Eye Disease, Retinal Holes/Tears, Macular Degeneration, other Retinal Diseases

* Retinal Detachment & Vitrectomy Surgery

for retinal detachments, bleeding inside the eye from various eye conditions

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