New York Skin Solutions is a reputed skin care brand from the United States. For the last 15 years, many have had their dreams of desiring radiant skin fulfilled. The numerous testimonies have made this brand very popular and renowned for their specialized services. More than 98% of customers who experienced their first facial trial, saw results instantly.

New York Skin Solutions provide one on one skin care services. Their range of skin care products comprises of all natural plant extracts customized to suit and resolve all Asian skin problems. Equipped with a team of skin care experts who have gone through extensive professional training, New York Skin Solutions has been providing customers with positive results and excellent customer service for years.

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Personal One-on-One Consultation
At New York Skin Solutions, the skin care professionals take are of their customers by providing them with one-on-one consultations. This is done in order to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' skin conditions and then based on the information as well as lifestyle habits, conduct a one-on-one consultation and following it up with a customized facial treatment, aiding them in resolving their skin problems in the shortest time possible.

Effective Skin Care Solutions in the Shortest Time
New York Skin Solutions has always emphasized on providing their customers with the fastest and most convenient results in skin care solutions. We believe in providing custom made treatments and can effectively resolve and turn skin problems around. New York Skin Solutions has proven that their unique formula is able to tackle all skin problems. Now, you no longer have to fight sensitive skin problems, acne or side effects from using the wrong skin care products.

Natural ingredients; no side effects
New York Skin Solutions's lab in New York, US has come up with a range of products that uses 100% natural plant extracts as its main ingredient in skin care treatments. Containing all the natural goodness is the main factor in the ultimate facial prescription. These facial recipes are not only suitable for the Westerners; they have also been tested and retuned for the Asian skin type.

Process and Progress
During a treatment, the skin care professionals will meticulously monitor their customer's progress, ensuring that only optimal results are achieved. Allowing their customers, in the shortest time possible, restoring the ultimate skin condition possible. And of course, having beautiful skin doesn't come short of having confidence.

New York Skin Solutions is equipped with professional skin care experts who are trained to administer and perform skin analyses, as well as give advice and recommendations on how to treat individual skin conditions. They thoroughly understand their customers' requirements and are equipped with the knowledge to treat and resolve all sorts of skin problems. Their satisfied customers are the evidence of their quality services and trademark professionalism.

Acne Scar Problem

Gwen Lim |24 years old| Credit Analyst

“Since my secondary schools days, once in every two or three days I would develop acne with pus infection. I thought things were hopeless, but only happy to realize that New York could treat my condition with detoxification and cleansing, without any abrasions, therefore not causing any scars. Nowadays, I can leave the house without thick make-up and not worry that others might say that I have bad skin. Prospective employers are also keener to hire me because of my pleasant appearance.”

Skin Care Professional says:

“If acne were not treated on time it will leave pock-marks and scarring from infections. We use different methods to treat different types of acne. In Gwen’s case, her skin was in the ‘extremely oily acne skin’ category. After examination, we found that there was pus infection and inflammation. We treated Gwen with deep cleansing serum to unclog the pores. We used a mild and gentle technique to remove all skin impurities, to avoid scarring. There were visible improvements after 1 session. Furthermore, after regular treatments, Gwen’s skin dramatically improved and now she is happy.”

Acne Scar Problem

Jacklyn |31 years old | Secretary

“All along I had a constipation condition, my friends advised me to use various forms of laxatives to solve the problem. However, the laxatives caused sensitivity. And the toxicity from my constipation was manifested in an acne problem. In time, my skin worsened to severe acne and scarring occurred.
From that point on, I was too embarrassed to face people, and often I wore a cap to ‘disguise’ myself. Since I sought professional treatment at New York, my skin remarkably improved and the scars vanished. Now, I can face the world and be proud of my looks.”

Skin Care Professional says:

“There are several types of acne problems. Usually, they are blackheads and whiteheads. The blackheads are usually open pored and less prone to pus infection. However, the whiteheads are close pored and ‘traps’ the dirt, oil and impurities in the skin causing pus infection. Jacklyn had whitehead acne. She tried to extract the whiteheads by pressing them herself and caused scarring. We treated her condition first by rejuvenating her skin to a healthy state. We used a whitening facial scrub and mask to deep cleanse, removing all dirt and impurities. Later, we performed hydrating-moisture treatments to help reduce the excessive oiliness of her skin and enhance skin renewal. With her supple skin, nutrients can be more easily absorbed.”

Clogged pores

Almen | 25 years old | Student

“In my secondary school days, I loved to play soccer. And I would rub away my perspiration with my muddy hands. I ended up with a face of inflamed, pus-filled pimples. Whenever I saw pimples on my face, I would squeeze them, which worsened my skin problem. Embarrased about my pimples and unsightly scars, I went out only at night, and my friends started calling me ‘Batman’. I consulted a dermatologist who gave me acne cream and anti-inflammation pills, which controlled the problem. But it left me with scars and pitted skin. However, I bummed into a friend whose skin was much improved from the last time that I saw him. From him, I was introduced to New York's skin treatment. After a few professional treatments from New York, my skin has vastly improved!”

Skin Care Professional says:

“His skin was oily on the inside but dry on the outside. The dryness of the dermis stimulated increased oil production, providing an environment that encouraged blackhead and whitehead formation, and this in turn further clogged up his pores. To prevent negative side effects, you need to use the correct extraction technique on pimples, and this requires very specific direction and from a precise angle. The wrong technique inflames and worsens pimples, and leaves behind unsightly scars. Almen’s incorrect pimple extraction technique caused severe skin inflammation. To correct his condition, the first step was to maintain adequate skin hydration, to ensure balanced sebum secretion. This was followed by treatment to repair his skin and kill bacteria, to thoroughly cleanse out his pores. The final step was to stimulate skin renewal and lighten his scars. The condition of Almen’s skin is now visibly improved and his pores are no longer enlarged.”

Dark eye circles and eyebags

Serene Aw|43 years old | Administrative Executive

“I’ve been troubled by dark eye circles for years. Being a career woman and homemaker rolled in one, plus long hours of staring at the computer made my eyebags worse! I looked so tired and haggard. I had to apply layers of concealer to hide my dark eye circles and sometimes I didn’t even feel like going out any more. With professional eye treatment at New York, I noticed that my dark eye circles had faded and my eyebags were much smaller after only six sessions. I look so youthful and radiant.”

Skin Care Professional says:

“There are several factors that cause dark eye circles – extensive computer use tire out the eyes, while work stress and anaemia slows down the blood circulation around the eye area. Deprived of oxygen, red pigments develop, the eye area darkens and appears bluish, and this develops into dark eye circles. I boosted the hydration level of Serene’s skin, then used hot-cold eye masks on her eyes, alternating between hot and cold for around six times. This is followed by finger pressure massage of the eye area, to enhance detoxification and blood circulation. Hot mask enhances blood circulation and fades dark eye circles, cold mask flattens eyebags. The final step is to apply a hot face mask, so nutrients penetrate into the skin’s deepest layer.”


Pan Zhao | 49 years old | Accountant

“My hormones went haywire after 40, and I ended up with facial pigmentation. It was only last year that I noticed the darkening and worsening of my pigmentation, and it gave me endless grief. I had to ‘paint’ my face with thick layers of concealor every morning, but still my pigmentation was visible. As my pigmentation worsened, my concentration level at work plunged. After three months of treatment at New York, my pigmentation has visibly faded. Now I no longer have to spend hours on applying makeup, just light makeup will do. Most importantly, I’ve regained my self-esteem!”

Skin Care Professional says:

“When I first saw her, her pigmentation was quite severe, the uneven skin tone of her cheeks were serious. On top of that, she also had dilated vessels, signs of sensitive skin. While there are many factors that cause pigmentation, the main culprit is UV rays. The skin is highly sensitive to UV, overexposure stimulates melanin production. When the accumulated dark pigments are not metabolised, skin pigmentation results. In addition, pigmentation is caused by: age-induced metabolic slowdown, dry skin, emotional stress, stretchmarks or hormonal imbalance.”

Millia seeds

Jocelyn Chen | 45 years old | Shop Manager

“I think the millia seeds around my eyes was a result of my love of oily food. The products I used only made my problem worse, and it spread to my neck. Scratching and squeezing them only exacerbated my problem. With so many millia seeds on my face and neck, I avoided going out and only wore high-collared clothes. I didn’t want to continue in this way. So from my friend’s recommendation, I went for New York’s treatment. Three weeks of treatment was all it took to heal my millia seeds."

Skin Care Professional says:

“An imbalanced secretion system, overactive sebaceous glands and unsuitable products clogged up Jocelyn's pores and led to millia seeds. Smaller millia seeds can be removed with needle extraction, however, the larger ones require our special extraction equipment. Skin regeneration therapy will stimulate her skin's metabolism. One month after millia seed extraction, scabs will develop and shed off. During this process, she must avoid oily skincare products and excessive sunlight exposure.”

Uneven skin tone

Mary She | 44 years old | Senior Administrative Manager

“I used to be actively involved in sports and the outdoors. However, the sun rays took its toll on my skin after frequent exposure without sunscreen protection. My skin formed patches which appeared very unslightly. As my job required meeting people, I had to cover up my blotches of skin pigmentation. And no amount of make-up and dressing up could make me feel beautiful – like every woman should. Thanks toNew York’s treatment, my skin now is back to its former beauty. I’m beautiful, radiant and confident again!”

Skin Care Professional says:

“Disturbances to hormonal balance, excessive sun exposure and an unhealthy lifestyle all contribute to pigmentation. Mary's cheeks, nose and chin are severely pigmented due to excessive sun exposure without UV protection. Deep cleansing, skin regeneration and skin hydration treatments revitalise her skin cells and enhance suppleness. To round it up, skin whitening treatment helped to control melanin production, and repair ageing skin.”


Sheng Bin | 37 years old | Nurse

“Due to the drastic climate difference between China and Singapore, insufficient rest and stress from work, I developed severe eczema. It got better for about a year and then it returned. As a nurse, I felt somewhat inadequate as I appeared to look like a patient with a skin problem and not a caregiver. The humidity in Singapore’s hot climate made me perspire and my skin got itchy. When I scratch my skin to sooth the itch, my eczema got worse. I was dejected by my appearance and declined invitations from friends. Then I turned toNew York, and my eczema healed considerably only after 2 months of treatments. Now, I only need to apply light make-up when I go out!”

Skin Care Expert says:

“Eczema may result from UV exposure, extreme weather, incompatible cosmetic products, stress, insomnia, secretion imbalances and a sluggish metabolic system. A common skin allergy, eczema may occur at any age. Sheng Bin’s eczema was so severe that there was pus and inflammation on her skin. Treatment involved deep cleansing to clear up the pus. Essences will stabilise her severely allergic skin and improve skin immunity. Once she regains healthy skin, we’ll help her clear up her scars.”

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