“dermedex Skin-Treatment Elements” is the fusion of the latest skin care technology with the most advanced Bio-tech ingredients. Using advanced methods of freeze-drying, Bioactivity factors (EGF, SCF, MT) are effectively converted into powdered form under –40ºC, where it is proven to be the optimum temperature for best absorption and cells activity. The unique Bioactivity factors effectively penetrates each and every layer of the skin through specialized protein channels, which then accelerates skin’s rebirth by providing it with nutrients, moisture and better circulation. Its amazing results include the whitening of pigmentation and skin, also reducing wrinkles and fine lines, restoring youth and radiance to the skin.

Whitening & Hydrating

Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle


EGF, SCF, MT, AMC, HA, Arbutin, Collagen, Endothelin Antagonist, Mannitol, etc.


Mix dermedex Freeze-Dry Powderand dermedex Activator together. Shake well before use. Apply with gentle stroke to thoroughly cleansed skin. Avoid delicate eye area. For best results, use dermedex Cosmeceutical Membrane after applying Skin-Treatment Elements. After removing the Cosmeceutical Membrane, further apply Skin-Treatment Elements. The remaining treatment content must be kept in the refrigerator and used within one week.

Recommended Usage:

1 to 2 times a week.

Miracle in 28 Days …

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