“Where Beauty is created”
SKINMEDICS is in the business of making people feel different and look good.

Our Company’s broad range of treatment services and skincare products are aimed at providing skin care

solutions to a majority of beauty concerns.

Skinmedics, a well-established beauty Studios with years of beauty experiences. Offering beauty therapy

catered for ladies and men’s who indulge in pamper therapy. Swiss Apple Stem Cells is specially formulated

for varies of skin problems and is customized to suit individual needs. The result is so effective that we are

sure you would be astounded by the improvements you never experienced. Skinmedics products and

ingredients are natural and effective.

All Skinmedics products and treatment services are designed to advance and enhance the appearance,

well-being, health and confidence of the individual.

WE ARE DEDICATED to providing our customers with the highest level of Customer Service, delivered with

warmth, friendliness, a sense of individual pride, and company Spirit. We will continue to invest in technology

and the development of safe and effective products, and treatment techniques to promote our customer’s looks

and well-being. We will be our customers’ first choice for face, skin and body care services.

We also offer a professional range of face treatment and body slimming services which include the highly

effective medically-based Swiss Apple Stem Cells Face and Swiss Cellulite Program.


Our Services

Face & Eyes

Skinmedics offers Facial Treatments for skin types. Most of our facial treatments comes with individual massage techniques to firm & tone the skin, enhancing cell renewal.

“Apple Stem Cell” Facial *Signature Treatment!*
A great deep cleansing facial to re-freshen & smooth all skin types. Helps to clear the skin impurities. An intensive treatment that solve all types of skin problems!
Suitable for all types of skin problems!

“Scrub it” Facial
Experience the benefits using the latest technology of scrubbing. Instantly remove dead skin cells within minutes. Suitable for all skin types! Effective, Non-invasive & painless!

“North & Equator” Facial
Improve & activate your skin cells through this special treatment. It is known for its hold & cold treatments that effectively strengthen your skin immunity system. Preventing from breakouts & tightened your skin pores!
Suitable for all types of skin!

“100% Crys Peel” Facial
Using 100% crystallized crystal to smoothen your skin texture. Painless & effectively smoothen your skin.
After treatment, you will feel your skin tightened & smooth. Great for uneven skin & tones! It’s also known for remove tough dead skin cells! Result assured!

“Lift Up” Facial
Lift it up! Yes, great treatments with a lift up effect once you done it! Great for sagging skin & prevention treatments!

“Colorful Ampoule” Facial
A magical ampoule with a unique colors & ingredients combination. Top notch essences & tonics been used.
For adding great ‘colors” into your skin! Result & satisfaction assured!

“Purify your skin” Facial
Purify your skin is a wonderful skin treatments which purify your skin cells! Deep purification enables your skin to work normally. Suitable for all skin types!

“Magic Ball” Eye Treatment
Using 100% handmade magic ball to soothe your eye. These relaxing treatments will do magic onto your eye & soul! Break free & relax in these eye treatments! Effectively relaxing & result assured.

“North & Equator” Eye Treatment 
It is known for its hot & cold treatments that effectively strengthen your eye immunity system. Preventing from eye bags & dark eye circles.

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