SKY Fitness is the first in Asia to provide a wide variety of services that are not traditionally provided by fitness centres. At SKY Fitness, you will break away from the daily grind of life as you work out in style. Once you are done, leave the running to the concierge. Book a taxi, movie tickets or reserve a restaurant space while you’re at SKY Fitness. This, plus a range of other services provided by the fitness centre has made its membership a coveted commodity. At Sky Fitness, you get to enjoy a suite of preventive diagnostic checks with programmes (with class 2A medical equipment) that accelerate you and your family towards achieving equilibrium in health and fitness.

Raising the bar

SKY Fitness is located on the 16th floor of Harbourfront Tower. Members work out on treadmills as cable cars to and from Sentosa pass under them. The breathtaking view also includes that of Sentosa and Mount Faber. One cannot ask for a more uplifting environment to workout. SKY was conceptualised by the collective desire and interest of a group of people who felt that there was a strong need to redefine the fitness industry. The management at SKY believes that a well-crafted and comprehensively designed fitness programme has the potential to change lives for the better. Their vision was to inspire each individual associated with Sky Fitness to “Start Living Right”. The centre is equipped with cutting edge, top-of-the-line equipment for cardiovascular and strength training, as well as a comprehensive range of free-weights.

5-star services

SKY provides first class personalised services in a range of areas that are traditionally not cared for by other fitnesscentres. These include:
  • Concierge services – The SKY concierge team will take care of your laundry drop-offs, air ticket and movie reservations, limo and cab bookings. 
  • Spa Services – SKY’s trained spa professionals will pamper and revitalise members through a range of relaxing, rejuvenating and detoxifying massages. The spa also provides body and facial treatments. 
  • Child minding services – Taking to heart the needs of parents, SKY has engaged award winning service provider, Cherie Hearts Group, to provide complimentary child-minding services as members work out. 
  • Café – The café at SKY features a full menu of nourishing meals, healthy delicious snacks and blended and juiced beverages. 

Sky Genesis leverages on Space Technology, the latest diagnostic tools and traditional Chinese medicine methodologies to ease stressful minds and bring the body back to equilibrium. SKY GENESIS is a holistic fitness and wellness programme that provides a quick fix for busy city dwellers with a fast paced lifestyle and little time to recharge. This programme will help you to not only get lean and fit but also to recharge, regenerate at a cellular level, alleviate pain and stress and rejuvenate by naturally spiking the release of anti-aging hormones in the body. This completely personalised programme is the first of its kind in the world and aims at total wellness.

Group Class Studio
SKY Fitness also provides a range of classes such as Total Body Conditioning, Latin Jam, Latin Aerobics, Power Stretch, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Dance, Hi-Lo 101, Kickboxing, Pump & Sculpt, Yoga and many others.

SKY Golf Conditioning
SKY Golf Conditioning will help golfers ‘tune up” their body to play the game more efficiently, prevent injuries by strengthening their foundation and correcting muscular and postural imbalances. The nation’s top two golfers Lam Chih Bing and Mardan Mamat have been on the programme and have experienced significant improvements in their physical conditioning and professional game.

Sky Fitness Training System

SKY’s internationally certified and highly trained professionals will create the perfect fitness regimen for you. SKY Fitness spent a year researching and developing new programmes to suit different categories of individuals that need specialised conditioning and fitness beyond the physical self. The Sky Fitness Training System offers an in-depth personal training system, with emphasis on correcting postural and muscular imbalances. This is a common problem most city-dwellers suffer due to prolonged usage of desktops and laptops in a high-stress living environment.

Exclusive Membership & Franchise

SKY is a private club with a limited membership, aimed at maintaining exclusivity and catering to the individual needs of each member. At SKY every member is a ‘VIP’. SKY is a fast growing franchise in Asia and constantly looking for business partners to expand its growth in different parts of Asia.

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3 HarbourFront Place, HarbourFront Tower 2,
#16-01, Singapore 099254.


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