Slimming Sanctuary is a warm, lush, clean haven to which customers can retreat & recharge. A pioneer in re-inventing the slimming & beauty industry, our state-of-the-art signature body.face.spa programmes, and our professional service have made us a trusted choice for women since. Over nine years, Slimming Sanctuary has helped over thousands of women lose a total of over 100,000 pounds and achieve their shape of confidence.


At Slimming Sanctuary, will you truly get to experience a 6-star spa design to invigorate your body, mind & soul. Commended as truly the BEST in Singapore by our guest as they step into a haven of beauty rituals and experience extraordinary posh indulgence. A Sanctuary built with your comfort in mind. We were awarded Simply Her Smart Shopper Award 2006 for “The Best Spa Ambience” by their judging panel.

Slimming Sanctuary Signature Programs:

Customized Full Body Slimming Program
Localized Body Slimming or Spot Reduction Program
Body Reshaping & Sculpting Program
Anti-Cellulite Program
Detoxification Program
Weight Management Program
Full Suite of Facial Treatments & Face Care
Relaxing Eye & Neck Care Program
Rejuvenating Spa Care Program
Bust Enhancement & Lifting Program

Slim & Tone

Anti-Cellulite Body Ampoule

This ampoule is specially formulated with effective ingredients to help slim down the body without thermal heat

The combination of all it's active ingredients makes this product work from all angle to ensure that the fat cells are effectively removed from the body. It also contain Dimethicone Copolyol which is a silicone ingredient for skin smoothing.

Regular usage helps acheive the slimming and sculpturing effect without aggravating the skin as it does not heat up. It works like a 'invisible hand'. Due to it's moisturising effect, you don't feel it as it work to burn the fats and firm the body, leaving a very silky feel to the body skin.

The liquid form of this product provides very good penetration for better, long-lasting result.

Instant Firming Cold Cream

The Instant Firming Cold Cream is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It contain Butcher's Broom, Ivy and Horse Chestnut Extract which is excellent in burning off fats and cellulite. Blended with 100% essential oil blend of camphor, eucalyptus and peppermint, it purifies while helping the body drain out unwanted toxin and excess water, leaving a light tingling and minty sensation.

It beautifully sculptured the body without heat, ideal for those with sensitive skin. It also moisturizes the skin so that when the body slim down, the skin looks and feels supple.

When use together with the Body Ampoule for Sensitive Skin, enhances effectiveness and lasting results.

Hot Body Ampoule

This ampoule is excellent for loosening deep seated fats and to increase the body's metabolic rate. Concentrated and in a liquid texture, it can easily penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin, to soften and breakdown fats and cellulite more effectively.

It's active ingredient, Caffeine, reinforce the elimination of fats, a process which takes place in the human body naturally but unfortunately, due to our sedentary lifestyle today, we need external aids for this process.

The process of fat formation in the body is call lipo-genesis. This Hot Ampoule stimulates the destruction of fat cells and also decreases the formation and storage of fats, a process call lipolysis.

It dislodges stubborn deep seated fats so that lipolysis in the body can be enhanced and increases blood circulation, helping the body to push out the soften fats and toxins through urine and perspiration. This is equated to an increased metabolic rate.

The results will be a slimmer body with healthy looking skin.

Intensive Thermo-Active Slimming Gel

This super gel contains Ivy Extract, a blend of 4 different types of Algae Extract and a blend of 100% essential oil of Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

Thermal Gel works hand-in-hand with the Hot Body Ampoule. After the Hot Body Ampoule dislodges the stubborn deep seated fats, the Thermal Gel will help to drain and further breakdown the fats. It will assist the movement of toxin and broken down fats out of the body and further stimulate better lipolysis.

It will tighten up the muscles of the body, thus producing a slimmer and more sculptured body contour.

Anti-Cellulite Spa Oil

Anti-Cellulite Spa Oil is specially formulated to achieve strong diuretic and detoxifying properties. It's diuretic properties is useful in treating fluid retention and cellulite. It's detoxifying properties helps stimulate the production of oestrogen to maintain muscle tone, elasticity of the skin and postpone the degenerative effects of aging.

When applied in the morning, it's effect is lasting throughout the day. As a result, cellulite is broken down much better for a slimmer and fitter body.

Especially useful for those who have no time for high frequency visit to the salon for machine treatment as it continues to breakdown and prevent formation of cellulite in-between machine treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage Spa Oil

Lymphatic Drainage Spa Oil is an excellent blend of Pure Essential Oils in Phyto Oil, helping to balance, detoxify and improve blood circulation. It also acts as a diuretic to flush out excess water retention.

At the same time, it has the calming and soothing effect on the mind. It can be used for both face and body. It can also be used as a moisturizer, as it easily eliminate the dehydrating effect of sleeping in a air-conditioned room. When used regularly, it will result in a purified body, greatly detoxed and also ready to absorb any products applied on top for better efficiency.

This product, when used at night, together with the Anti-Cellulite Spa Oil in the morning, produces miracle results.

Babe Nip

Babe Nip™ nipple lightening cream is an advanced formula using patented blend of purified plant extracts and phyto-emollient to work in a natural way in lightening and conditioning the Nipple and Areola area.

New Botanical Emollient produced from non-transgenic modified canola oil. High in I Oleic acid, Rich in Bit E to soften and smooth

Promotes healing process by maintaining the inner moisture.

Shea Butter
Protects against climatic aggressions, pollution and UV. Provide specific soothing, regenerating and protection molecules for the nipple and areola

Phyto Fade
Patented mixtures from pure botanical extracts Common Cause for Nipple and Areola Darkening
Friction or Dryness due to Inadequate Moisture
Hormonal Imbalance such as Pregnancy
Exposure to UV rays (possible even when clothed)

Also Recommended for lightening of Darkened UNDERARMS, KNEES & ELBOW areas.

Signature Slimming Treatment


New Quazi-CelluZero technology utilizes a revolutionary 4-in-1 approach to help you achieve your slimming goals! Exclusive to Slimming Sanctuary, new Quazi-CellluZero utilizes the Eosonic machine, developed in Italy. This cutting-edge slimming technology uses a proven combination of 4 treatment to quickly reduce fats and cellulite. It’s the most effective, most efficient slimming programme available to all.

What are the 4 treatments?

Electro-stimulation exercises muscular tissue to break down fats and cellulite

Ultrasound mobilize fat cells at up to 3 million time per second to further break down fats cells and increase lymphatic drainage for toxin waste removal

Infra-red stimulates the body’s metabolic rate to speed up fat burning.

Chromotherapy (Colour Therapy) uses different primary colours to increase the energy of the cells to achieve different functionality. The use of red colour helps to speed up fat reduction.

Divine All-Slim

Exclusive to Slimming Sanctuary – it’s slimming, shaping and firming all-in-one treatment! This unique technology penetrates your skin’s fat cell layer to effectively get rid of fat, proven results with 95% of users reporting immediate improvement every session! Lose 10cm or more in just 30 minutes* !

* Results may vary among individual

100% INCREASE ATP ENERGY in fats and muscle and convert fats to Free Fatty Acid

FAT SIZE REDUCTION using Electro-lipolysis high-performance Double Action which breakdowns fat tissue mass



Trim and sculpt your body! POWERSlim uses specialized treatment programmes customized to suit your every needs for all your concern with fast and effective results. POWERSlim directly targets stubborn fat area, improves circulation, accelerate metabolism for a svelte body.

Wonder Bamboo Treatment

An Indulgent Slimming Experience! Shape, Tone & Slim in just one session! WONDER Bamboo is a Tried & Proven technique from France.

This breakthrough Anti-Cellulite & Inch-Loss method combines the revolutionary deep tissue bamboo therapy that effectively breaks down stubborn fat and cellulite. In just one highly intense WONDER bamboo treatment, you’ll get a slimmer and more toned body that glows with health and sexiness!

Choose from our WONDER Bamboo Signature Slim & Tone Treatment or WONDER Bamboo Spot Reduction for localized body contouring. Simply WONDER-ful !

Body Slim Enhancement Treatment

Cellulite Buster

Say goodbye to unsightly flabs and cellulite! Our state-of-the-art techniques deploys intense ultrasound waves that mobilize fat cells at up to 3 million times per second, thus reducing fat accumulation and improving lymphatic drainage.

Deep Tissue Action (DTA)

Deep Tissue Action (DTA) treatment is an effective body sculpting technique that works by combating fatty deposits that cause cellulite. You'll look slimmer, trimmer and firmer without surgery. Localized treatments are delivered through a series of soothing, mechanical massages that are administered using the concept of Negative and Positive pressure to treat obesity and physical shape management. DTA is proven effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite on arms, inner thighs, calves, abdomen, gluteal region and hips.

Thermal Slim

Especially recommended for those with water retention and hardened fats. Helps eliminate toxins and excess water from the body.

Lymphatic Drainage

Love your body. Take your time to detox. A therapeutic treatment to cleanse your system of unwanted toxins and water retention to accelerate weight loss.

Slimming Hot Mask

Works on softening fats in localized areas such as arms, thighs, buttocks and tummy. Relax and enjoy the comforting warmth accompanied by this fast-working treatment.

Cayenne Pepper Thermal Slim Mud

HOT stuff! Reduce the appearance of cellulite in just one sessions! Extracted from seaweed obtained from young, vigorous plants and thereafter proceed to using the strictest traditional aeration and drying methods to ensure that the plasma maintains all its efficacy.

Anti-Cellulite Mud

All natural mineral mud treatment that contours and firm stubborn cellulite-prone localized area. Reduces the appearance of Cellulite & Fat Deposit on localized areas

Help to Tone & Firm the skin
Relieves Water Retention problem
Improve Skin Texture and Skin Elasticity

Firming Cold Mud

Helps firm up and contour specific problem areas. This cold treatment activates the body’s own heat to burn off excess fats. Immediate firming effect can be seen on loose and flabby skin.

Body Shaper

Get the enviable figure of Hollywood superstars. Treat yourself to our special fibre full body contouring treat. Our special formula provides instant inch-loss and especially recommended as part of post-natal treatment.

Specialized treatment to better enhance body inner cell’s working to reach it optimum level for the body’s overall condition to be at its best.

Ginger Slimming Therapy

An aromatic 3-step therapy that uses ginger’s natural healing properties to help eliminate flatulence, body waste and slim down your body. Includes an intense full body rub, intense body slim treatment and full body contouring wrap, thermal detox.. Especially popular among new mothers and women with unexplained weight gain.

Premium Slimming Body Scrub

A pampering way to prep our body for a total slimming experience. Choose from our premium body scrub. Detox Carbon to energize our body cells to enable better receptivity for more intense treatment. Capuccino – which contains the active ingredient Caffeine to enable flushing out of excess water and to prevent storage of fat cells.

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