May 2008 — Singapore – The International Federation of Aromatherapists South East Asia Aromatherapy Conference which took place 20 & 21 April 2008 at the Sheraton Towers was a roaring success. Over 300 participants from around the world (namely China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Chile, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia & Singapore) were in attendance, making it the largest Aromatherapy Conference ever in the Asia region.  The weekend included an exciting programme of conference and specialised workshops were offered during these 2 conference days.

Specialised conference and workshops that were offered are Aesthetic Aromatherapy, Aroma therapeutic treatment of the female reproductive condition Endometriosis, Bowen technique, Cancer care with Aromatherapy, La stone therapy, Practical view of Aromatherapy with children who have Aids, Safe use of Aromatherapy with Pregnancy, Thai massage, Use of Aromatherapy in NHS Hospitals and Using Essential Oils for Alleviate Depression.
Dr. Valarie Ann Worwood (renowned aromatherapist and several famous aromatherapy books' author) was among the speakers panel to share with all her clinical aroamatherapy research.

Adding to the excitement of the conference was an expanded exhibition area where participants were able to purchase and learn about other holistic health related products like colour therapy, organic skincare products and pendants.

“A Big thank you to all Speakers, VIPs, members & participants who helped make this inaugural conference such an incredible success”, remarked Mr. Jon Tay, IFA South East Asia Regional Representative.

It is a remarkable embarkment for the professional aromatherapy industry both in Singapore and the South East Asia region. Let us look forward with IFA to future educational and professional development in aromatherapy for complementary treatments and the spa and wellness industry in the region.


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