Welcome to Spa Sauvignon. We are Singapore 's first wine-themed spa founded on the principles of vinotherapy. While vinotherapy uses grape seeds, grape seed oil, skins and stalks which are rich in antioxidants in massages and treatments to pamper and nourish the skin and body, we incorporate the use of selected wine in our massage oils to impart similar benefits.

Besides the wine-based massages and treatments, we also offer a complete range of treatments to pamper your body from head to toe. Our Spa Consultants are always on hand to advise and treatments can be customised to suit your preferences.

At Spa Sauvignon, the spa experience starts even before one steps into the spa. Located at a pleasing stretch of delectably restored shophouses in the Heritage Area of Kampong Glam (or Singapore 's Malay Village Conservation Area), the cheerfulness of surrounding souvenirs shops and cafes permeates the atmosphere and sets one in the right mood.

The black frontage of the Spa belies the sensuous and inviting sanctuary that welcomes one away from the brightness of the world outside. The burgundy walls lit by muted ambient lights immediately relaxes and soothes.

Away from the buzz in the street, right at the back of the spa, there is a couple treatment room, Sauvignon, where twosomes can enjoy each other's company while having their treatments. The bath rituals are taken in this room where there is a high-tech Jacuzzi that uses 45 jets with Chromotherapy during hydrotherapy treatments.

On level 2, there are six treatment rooms which are named after different wines. All rooms are complete with attached shower rooms. They are: Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Gamay.

Come and check us out and enjoy all these well-appointed facilities, and let our professional staff pamper your tired muscles and body, and soothe away the stress of the world.


Signature Sauvignon Massage
A wonderfully soothing massage using ylang ylang, a divine sensuous massage oil while bergamot, thai flowers and therapeutic essential oils with selected red wine impart a citrus scent that refreshes and uplifts. It facilitates lymphatic circulation, aid detoxification, reduce fluid retention and stimulate skin's natural collagen and elastin for rebuilding and revitalizing the skin. It is a totally sweet and sensual aromatic experience.

Aromatic Bliss Massage
Uses gentle massage movements to help stimulate the senses and rejuvenate your body. Induces tranquility, relaxation and relief from tension, headaches, emotional and physical stress and leaves you in complete bliss.

Choice of 3 different blends of massage oils to suit your needs.
  1. Relaxing – A soothing blend of Lavender, Geranium and Sweet Orange 
  2. Calming – A serene blend of Rosemary, Lavender and Pine 
  3. Energising – A revitalizing blend of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lemon 

Balinese Jamu Massage

Firm pressure massage using thumb and palm pressure. The sweeping strokes with lemongrass, bergamot, lemon and cinnamon essential oils produce deep relaxation and improve circulation . It stimulates the immune system and is excellent for tired and aching bodies.

Swedish MassageSwedish massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic wastes. Stimulates the skin and nervous system while soothing the nerves at the same time. Should be included in a regular program for stress management.

Shiatsu Massage
A Shiatsu treatment that incorporates the use of pressure from fingers, thumbs, palms, knees, forearms, elbows and feet. Pressure is applied to the areas of energy lines (meridians) to stimulate the body's energy flow (Ki) and promote good health.

Deep Tissue MassageIncorporates neuro-muscular and trigger point massage techniques that focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissues. This massage is ideal for very tense and knotted muscles. Specific areas may experience some soreness during or right after the massage.

De-stress Back Massage
A unique treatment to release muscle tension in the upper and lower back, neck and shoulders. This localized massage will aid in releasing these knotted areas and leave you relaxed and recharged. Enjoy maximum massage benefits in minimal time.

Foot Spa Therapy
Foot massage is based on research indicating the reflex areas in the feet correspond to specific organs and parts of the body. Thumb and finger pressure is applied to the feet on these specific points. A quick pick me up treatment that relieve stress, improve circulation and bring balance to the body.

Body Exfoliants

Sauvignon Body Glow

Sauvignon body glow is one of the signature scrubs concocted from milk and selected red wine. It helps to stimulate the skin's natural collagen and elastin, thus rebuilding and revitalizing the skin while the milk lipids and rich proteins nourish the skin gently, counter aging effects and prevent tissue damage.

Cabernet Body BuffCabernet body buff contains red wine which has beneficial anti-oxidants that are effective in preventing harmful elements in the body from attaching to healthy cells. Red wine also helps Vitamin C to be absorbed by the body's cells thus strengthening them from oxidative damages. Plant based oils and natural shea butter help to nourish the skin, replenish natural moisture and elastin during exfoliation. The aromatic blend of lime, grapefruit and ginger is refreshing yet warming to the skin, and boosts circulation to eliminate toxins and reduce water retention.

Marine Seasalt Scrub 
A refreshing scrub with a sharp aroma. This stimulating treatment not only exfoliates dead skin cells and improves skin clarity, its fragrance also awakens the senses, leaving you feeling invigorated and renewed.

Herbal Body Scrub A specially blended scrub made with tamarind extract which serves as an antiseptic, and has anti-allergy properties and skin tightening properties . It also has turmeric which helps in healing, lightening and reducing blemishes. Highly suitable for dull and sensitive skin.
Lavendar Salt Glow Lavender is the most versatile and soothing oil of all oils. It is wonderfully soothing and relaxing and its reputed rejuvenating properties make it useful in skincare preparations. Together with lemon essential oil, it helps in lightening pigmentations.

Summer Orange & Honey Salt Scrub 
Orange salt scrub is highly refreshing and uplifting. It has anti-aging benefits and helps to lighten skin tone. With honey being long recognized as a health and beauty aid, this treatment greatly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Tropical Mint & Black Sesame Body Scrub
Crushed sesame seeds, known for their moisturizing properties, are mixed with special blended ingredients including mint to stimulate and balance skin and soothe away stress. It also aids concentration and dispels jet lag.

Green Tea Body Scrub
Green tea extracts are highly anti-aging and help to prevent wrinkles because of their anti oxidant properties. A widely known Japanese weapon used to fight aging, fatigue and prevent skin disorders. Peppermint essential oil is stimulating to the senses, balances the nervous system and reduces mental fatigue.

Detox Body Polish 
Bamboo and charcoal are the two main ingredients used in this scrub. They possess surpassing qualities in deep cleansing and deodorizing at the same time. Their fresh and unique fragrance gets you feeling energetic. Highly effective in providing deep purification for the skin.

Tea-tree Body Glow
Renowned for its natural healing power tea-tree body glow helps to treat problem skin. A deep cleansing and stimulating oil with strong antibacterial properties, it is an ideal treatment that helps to clear your skin of imperfections.

Whitening Body Buff
Mangosteen extracts, one of the key ingredients for this scrub act as an antibacterial agent. This buff rids your skin of annoying skin irritations, helps to lighten pigmentations and has a strong whitening effect. The tannin helps to firm skin pores and stimulates phagocyte cells to destroy bacteria which cause skin irritation and body odour, and helps to alleviate chronic wounds.

Body Wraps / Masques
Wine Infusion Cocoon with Sauvignon Body GlowA tantalizing powerful anti-oxidant known for its benefits in protecting against coronary circulatory disorder and improving the body's immunity system. The red wine helps to stimulate skin's collagen and restore its elasticity. Plant based oils and natural moisturizing ingredients are used to ensure a maximum level of hydration to the skin. It is extremely comforting and the skin will feel light and tight as if it had gone through a gentle massage.

Warming Ginger Milk Wrap with Summer Orange Salt ScrubGinger milk wrap has a warming effect on the body and is good if your muscles are feeling sore and achy. It is also beneficial for people suffering from rheumatism as the ginger's warmth will relieve aching muscles, alleviate pains and inflammation. It is an especially relaxing treat after strenuous sports activities.

Whitening Wrap with Whitening Body BuffPrepared from a special blend of tomatoes extract and loads of vitamin C to provide moisture and vitamins this buff rejuvenates tired and thirsty skin, lightens pigmentations and gives skin a healthy whitening glow after the wrap. Tomato maintains skin's Ph balance for smoother, firmer skin, tightens pores and provides soothing relief.

Green Tea Body Wrap with Green Tea ScrubGreen tea is known for its anti-oxidant and healing properties. In this wrap it provides the body with powerful detoxifying effects and delays the onset of aging. It will help to remove trapped toxins from the abused body and leave you feeling fresh and hydrated.

Nourishing Body Milk Wrap with Detox Body PolishA delightfully hydrating and nourishing application of milk products and herbs to the body. Milk helps to promote hydration of the skin while herbs help to relieve muscle tension and eliminate excess body fluid, leaving the skin with a wonderful soft feeling.

Aroma Spa Body Masque with Herbal Body Scrub
Thai white mud is known for its high mineral content and firming properties. This wrap contains a unique blend of different ingredients which helps to firm and tighten the skin and reduce water retention. Traditional herbs used in the herbal scrub contains mainly tamarind extract which is great for combination/oily skin as its mild acidity helps to remove dead skin cell. It also serves as an antiseptic and has anti-allergy properties. The turmeric helps in healing, lightening and reducing blemishes, promoting a beautiful complexion.

Contouring Body Wrap with Marine Seasalt ScrubClays have been used traditionally for internal detoxification, skin conditions, stimulation of organs and the body's excretion system. This wrap will help in removing toxins and aid in weight loss by reducing water retention, giving your body a slimmer new contour!

Bath Rituals
A soothingly hot bath is the best way to comfort tired and aching bodies at the end of a long day. Experience hydro-massage at its finest to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Special blends of essential oils used in the 45 jets with chromotherapy during our hydrotherapy treatments vaporize in the warm water and works miracles in your body during inhalation while the bubble soak relaxes and softens skin and speeds up the oil absorption. All baths come complete with luxurious nourishing lotion. The ultimate! For true relaxation, pamper yourself with a long bubble soak. Personalize your bath with choice of special blends.

Spa Samplers Vintage Spa Sampler $248 (u.p.$281.90)
Red Vine Bath
Cabernet Body Buff
Signature Sauvignon Massage
200g Eternal Passion Luxurious Lotion

Sensuous Spa Sampler $199 (u.p.$226.90)
Dreamy Milk Bath
Lavender Salt Glow
Aromatic Bliss Massage
200g Ocean Breeze Luxurious Lotion

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